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Y’ello : 




Simpacks/simcards : 

3 Simpacks/simcards simpack/simcard This pack contains a SIM card (your MTN network connection) with your mobile phone number.  The SIM card is loaded with airtime, which gives you instant access to the MTN network They can be obtained at all MTN shops, connect store and service centers A simpack costs 3000/= includes 1k airtime A customer can go to any MTN Service Center/Connect store and obtain a sim swap/replacement.

Simpacks/Simcards : 

4 Simpacks/Simcards Requirements for a swap/replacement Provide any of the following at the any MTN Service Center/Connect and you will be able to obtain a swap/replacement Identification document A police report in case of stolen phone/simcard A receipt or original simpack The damaged/broken simcard 1500/= which is the cost of the swap

Connect stores Location : 

5 Connect stores Location Mbale town. Main Street at the Clock Tower FortPortal, located on plot 12 Rukidi Street Gulu, situated on Plot 10 Nehru Road Main Street Arua, located on plot 31/32 Rhino Camp Road next to Gagga Bus Terminal Wandegeya, opposite Makerere high school SERVICES OFFERED Airtime purchases,sim swaps,puk queries as well as products and services Information access

Network 4 Life : 

6 Network 4 Life A customer will stay connected to the MTN Network 4 Life as long as he or she does any of the following within 90 days;  Make at least one call.  Receive a call.  Send an SMS.  Load any denomination airtime voucher.  Load aY’elloGo voucher. We can now stay together forever with our customers


7 RECHARGING YOUR ACCOUNT You can Purchase airtime from any MTN Dealer/sub dealer shop, MTN Service Center or MTN Connect stores Denominations You can purchase airtime cards of Ugs 500,1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 40000 and 100000 The Customer can use the USSD Loading Using this service you will be able to load airtime or find out their balance without using the voice option i.e. loading using the USSD string by typing from your mobile phone *155* Access Number # and yes or dial 155, listen and follow the voice prompts.

Different Forms of Airtime : 

8 Different Forms of Airtime Pay As You Go Express (EVD) This refers to Electronic voucher distributor is an easy and convenient system enables Pay As You Go customers to load airtime and service fee without scratching a card. This service is available in selected MTN outlets. They can be obtained from any MTN Dealer shop /Service Centers




10 MOBILE PREPAID PACKAGES Pay Go Standard This is the Default prepaid package It is for all prepaid customers who prefer making most of their calls during discount time.


11 SERVICE CLASS CHANGE CODES From Paygo Standard to; Yello per sec-*151*3# yes Yello max-*151*2# yes Late chat-*151*4#yes


12 YELLOMAX This package offers you a flat rate regardless of whether you are calling at peak, off-peak or discount hours, 24/7 For customers who call across all networks at all times and at peak times To activate yellomax When on pay go standard Type *151*2# yes To deactivate yellomax Type *151*1# yes, this switches you to pay go standard then you can change to the service class of choice 2000/= is charged for deactivation.

Yello Per Second : 

13 Yello Per Second It is a tariff plan that charges per second e.g. if one talks for 20 seconds, he or she is charged for 20 seconds It is for customers who make calls for less than 45 seconds To activate yello per second When on pay go standard Type *151*3# yes To deactivate yello per second Type *151*1#yes Tariffs : Peak 12shs Per sec Off Peak / discount 6 shs Per Sec

MTN Late Chat : 

14 MTN Late Chat MTN Late Chat is suitable for people who make lots of late night calls and send lots of SMS rates and discount Tariffs It is for those customers who make late night calls and send lots of SMS To activate dial *151*4# To deactivate dial *151*1#. This tariff change costs 2,000 UShs. Refer to tariffs guide


15 NOTE Y’elloMax can only be activated from PayGo Standard only. Y’elloPerSecond can only be activated from PayGo Standard only. MTN Late Chat can only be activated from PayGo Standard only (for existing customers). Y'elloMax customers must change to PayGo Standard first then type the code to move to Y’ello per second.

MTN Yello Go : 

16 MTN Yello Go This a prepaid platform that enables you access lower tariffs over a thirty day period on loading a 20,000/= Yello go card It is for Pre paid users who spend not less than shs 150,000 on airtime per month To activate it ,a Yello go card at a cost of shs 20000 is required. This gives access to preferential tariffs for a period of 30 days. To load a yello go type *153*access no #yes After the expiry of the Yello go days, one is automatically switched back to the service class they were on before loading the shs 20,000 Yello go Card after which you they can then change to a service class of choice.


17 CALLING TIME BANDS Peak Monday - Friday, 8:00am to 9:00pm Off Peak Mon - Fri, 06:00 to 08:00hrs, 21:00 to 23:00 hrs, Saturdays, 06:00 to 21:00hrs Discount Weekdays, after 23:00 hrs through to 06:00 hrs the following day Saturdays, after 21:00 hrs through to 06:00 hrs the following day Sunday and Gazetted Public Holidays, ALL DAY Super International Weekends from Saturdays, 21:00hrs to Monday 06:00hrs


18 MTN ME2U This service enables prepaid customers share airtime with family and friends on the MTN network up to a maximum of 50,000/= a day To send /receive airtime You can type ;Give amount of airtime MSISDN and send SMS to 192. The charge is based on peak /discount MTN SMS rates i.e. peak time 110/= and discount 50/= . E.g. Give 2000 0772123546 send SMS to 192 The me2u airtime does not provide access days One can send up to 50,000 shs daily.

Value Added Services (VAS) : 

19 Value Added Services (VAS) Definition These are services that are meant to enhance a customers lifestyle in whatever they do and wherever they are . EXAMPLES:LIST DOWN THE MTN VAS THAT YOU KNOW OF


20 FRIENDS AND FAMILY (FAF) What is MTN Friends and Family? (FAF) Friends & Family (FAF) provides MTN mobile prepaid customers number-based tariff differentiation for voice calls to specific numbers. How does it work? MTN Friends & Family will be available to all MTN mobile prepaid Customers on 077X & 078X ONLY. A maximum of 2 (two) MTN numbers can be registered as MTN Friends & Family numbers to a customer’s account/MSISDN. How do I activate FAF? To activate type FAF space ADD space MSISDN send to 160.You will be charged 1000shs for activation. How do I deactivate FAF? To deactivate type FAF space REMOVE space MSISDN send to 160 – and this is FREE. How do I view my numbers on FAF? Viewing the FAF list is also done by SMS at no charge. Customers will also be able to remove a number and add another number as many times as desired.

Cash Back : 

21 Cash Back MTN Cash Back What is MTN cash back? This is a product that rewards our customers’ usage, to offer the Cash Back to show our appreciation for their continued support. How does it work? The customer will accrue 4K bonus airtime for every 20K worth of their usage per week. Who can get MTN Cash Back? This feature has been activated on the Pay Go Standard, Yello Max, Per Second and Yello Go.

Kwata Cash : 

22 Kwata Cash Kwata Cash is a promotion for the next 10 weeks for our prepaid customers country wide where they stand chances of winning cash prizes of 100k, 500k, 1m, 10m and 50m There’re two ways to Kwata Cash; Connect and win You can buy an MTN Sim Pack or MTN Kabiriti and make the first call to enter the draw Load and win Load MTN airtime of any value, and send an SMS. Type “kwatacash” and send to 170. Each SMS costs 110/-. The more the customers load and SMS, the greater their chances of winning cash! Each of the above activities entitles the customer to a number of entries into the weekly draw. The first draw will take place on 31st March, 2008. Activity No. of entries MTN Sim Pack-5,MTN Kabiriti-10, 2k-1,5k-3,10k-6,20k-12,40k-24 and 100k-40


23 CORPORATE TOP UP Negative balances erased the limitation between post paid and prepaid customers and enabled the prepaid subscriber to enjoy the post paid benefits. Benefits The service allows subscribers to make calls even below zero balance level. Users can retain existing MSISDN ( no need to change). Cost control i.e. credit limit per month (company pays fixed amount per month). Flexibility to load vouchers when one runs out of the allocated credit limit for the month. Itemized call details available for reconciliation purposes. Enables splitting of individual use from company allowance. user is allowed to credit his account using the ordinary Y’ello time vouchers. Deposit aligned with credit limit. Current negative limits (service classes) are: -50,000 -70,000-100,000-150,000-175,000-200,000-250,000-300,000


24 CORPORATE TOP UP A subscriber‘s out going calls are suspended when he uses up the authorised credit limit for the month. To make calls again the subscriber must either settle his outstanding amount or load a Y’ello time voucher to gain credit. A subscriber who fails to settle his outstanding balance within the defined “Grace period” will go into Inactive status. In the inactive state, a subscriber cannot gain credit by loading a voucher. Instead, the loaded voucher will be used to offset any outstanding balance (1st pay the credit). A subscriber can load or make payments beyond the credit limit he has been allocated e.g. X with a credit limit of 100,000/= can make a monthly payment of 120,000/= This will enable him to use more than the credit limit allocated for the given month. The extra amount can be paid as cash/ cheque with the regular payments; or loaded as a voucher Monthly Subscription: The subscriber’s account will be deducted periodically with the subscription fee applicable to the service. The initial service fee deduction will be done at migration to the service and then at the beginning of every cycle i.e. beginning of every month. Incase a user does not have sufficient funds on his account, the subscription fee will be deducted off his next account voucher refill or top-up.


25 WHO CALLED It is a service that notifies you of the numbers that called while your phone was off. It can also alert you when an MTN subscriber has switched their phone back on, if you had previously called and it was unavailable. To activate who called dial **62*190#yes To deactivate Type ##002#yes Note: This code will cancel all diverts activated Lack of Access days, Message Inbox full, balance of less than 100 shs at may lead to failure to receive who called


26 MTN HOME AND AWAY MTN Home & Away enables both our prepaid and postpaid customers to make calls and send SMS at the usual rates, receive calls and SMS for free, as well as enjoy a wide range of MTN value added services whilst using their MTN numbers while in Kenya or Tanzania and Rwanda To make a call to Ugandan, customer dials +256 prefix e.g. +256772123456 GPRS and its related services will not be accessible while on Home and Away If you are a Prepaid customer, on prepaid Roaming in East Africa, you will have to deactivate the service in order to enjoy MTN Home & Away rates i.e. type ‘roam off’ and send to 200.


27 HOME AND AWAY Loading of airtime is done via USSD i.e. *155*Access number # and Press Yes button. MTN airtime will be available to you in select Safaricom and Vodacom outlets Home and away tariffs remain the usual MTN tariffs to all networks within Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, but with preferential tariffs to partner networks Safaricom and Vodacom To call the MTN Call Centre, you will dial +256771231230 if you are a prepaid customer while postpaid customers dial +256771211210. To retrieve voicemail messages dial +256771001000 MTN Home and Away Customer in Kenya or Tanzania will purchase airtime in select Safaricom and Vodacom outlets


28 MTN YELLO CHAT This facility allows a subscriber to connect up to 3 calls simultaneously. The subscriber is charged for all the calls connected MECHANICS Dial the number of the 1st person and Put them on Hold, then dial the 2nd Tel number and also put them on hold, then dial the last person’s number and select the option “Join Calls or Call conference and enjoy the conversation between your three friends or colleagues The initiator of the calls will be charged for all the three different calls Some compatible handset include;nokia 7210,Nokia 8210,The yello phone /sendo but not all handsets are compatible to it

SMS : 

29 SMS Short Message Service is available to all MTN customers. You can send SMS to any number on our network, to any local mobile network or to any of our roaming partners around the world. Receiving SMS is at no cost at all A valid Message Center Number Should be activated before the customer can send a message. +256771100020 or 000256771100020


30 SHORT MAILS Short mails can be sent from both phone to any e-mail address and from email to phone. All MTN phone customers can receive short mail from any e-mail address as well. Your e-mail address is or


31 PREPAID ROAMING This is a service enables MTN Prepaid customers to keep in touch with colleagues ,friends and family when traveling out of the country without having to change their simcards Customers can use prepaid roaming with the following networks Etisalat-UAE MTN SA Wind-Italy T-Mobile-UK Celtel-Kenya


32 PREPAID ROAMING TO ACTIVATE IT Customers should type roam on and send the SMS to 200. To deactivate, customers should type roam off and send the SMS to 200. Customers must activate roaming before leaving Uganda and deactivate it immediately on coming back into the country How to load airtime Customers can load these vouchers using USSD i.e. *155*access number# and check balance using *156#. Me2u while roaming It is possible to use Me2U while roaming, however customers should maintain a minimum balance of 2500/= in order to make calls.


33 MTN MEET ME This chat service will enable you to have a meeting of 6 people at the same time, including international callers MECHANICS A meeting may have a maximum of 6 people simultaneously (including international participants) Decide on a date and time of the ‘meeting’. Choose any 4 digit pin code - The meeting is accessible only by this pin code.


34 MTN MEET ME At the agreed time each conferee dials the MTN MEET ME number 0312 777 000 or +256 312 777 000 During set up, you will be guided by announcements. CHARGES All participants are charged individually at the prevailing rates to the MTN Fixed line Network.

Call Holding : 

35 Call Holding What is call Holding? With this service a customer is able to place a caller on Hold and attend to other functions on the menu. How do I activate the service ? You can get the service by activating call holding under the call settings function on the phone button


36 CALL WAITING This feature enable you to know if someone else is trying to get through to you while you are already on the Phone. When another call comes through, you will hear short beeps to alert you You can activate this service on your handset under the call settings Options You can type*43#yes


37 MTN SERVICES This is a menu option on the new MTN 32k SIM cards. This option gives you direct access to SMS Info . Some handsets may not be compatible with the 32k SIM Card


38 SMS INFO SMS Info is a service that avails instant information to subscribers on request. 7197 True African and 8198 SMS Media are the information providers that MTN partnered with to supply the information. The categories of the messages include but are not limited to; News Ringtones Logos Forex Commodity Prices Horoscope


39 SMS INFO To request for information simply type in the relevant keyword and then send it to either 7197 or 8198. Or better still, scroll to MTN Services on your phone menu and select the desired category. E.g. to request for a ringtone sub types Ringtone (space) code and sends the message to 7197/8198

MTN SMS -Helpline : 

40 MTN SMS -Helpline This is a SMS helpline that our customers can use to query for information on some of our products and services without having to wait in long call centre queues Currently MTN customers can query activation procedures for the following: Pay Go Standard, YelloMax , Y’ello Per Second MTN Late Chat ,Yello Go ,Who Called , Call Waiting ,Me2U Prepaid Roaming Mechanics; E.g. To find out how to activate YelloMax, a customer should for example type the keyword Help leave a space, YelloMax and send the SMS to 200. An SMS with the YelloMax activation procedure will then be sent to the customer’s phone.

Monitor Mobile : 

41 Monitor Mobile Monitor Mobile is a subscription based information service being offered from the Daily Monitor and offered by 7197. The service is billed per SMS delivered and the content of the SMS is breaking news – local and international. To get Monitor Mobile simply send a text Start alerts to 7197. (Normal SMSinfo rate) To stop receiving alerts send the SMS Stop alerts to 7197 (Normal SMSinfo rate) Each news alert will cost you 300 UShs. There is a 7 day free trial for all new customers where all alerts received in the 1st seven days of subscription are free.


42 MOBILE2EMAIL Mobile 2 E-mail is an MTN service that enables you to send a brief message from your mobile phone to an e-mail address. The message has to be 160 characters long including the e-mail address of the person you are sending the message to i.e. messages> create message>type your sms>sending options>send as email>then put the email address


43 CALLING LINE IDENTITY This service restricts the number display, so that the recipient of the call is unable to know who is calling . It is available on request to mtn subscribers


44 MTN VOICEMAIL This refers to a personal answering service. Whenever your MTN phone is unanswered, unavailable or off, callers can leave a message on you personal voicemail, which you can retrieve later. Calls to your mailbox from your phone are free of charge.   Customers are required to call 123 in order to have the service activated Alternatively a customer can activate his voicemail diverts.


45 ACTIVATING VM DIVERTS All callsDial **21*771742CLI# yes/okCancel the diverts #21# yes/okNo AnswerDial **61*771742CLI# yes/okCancel #61# yes/okUnreachableDial **62*771742CLI# yes/okCancel #62# yes/okBusyDial **67*771742CLI# yes/okCancel #67# yes/okCancel all diverts ##002# yes/okThis service is available to prepaid mobile postpaid mobile and village phones and Euro sets


46 VOICEMAIL-BENEFITS Listen to and delete your messages Fast-forward to the next message or rewind to the beginning Password access for confidentiality from a fixed line Unplayed messages will be stored for 7 days Up to 30 messages at a time can be left in your mailbox Text notification of voicemail messages Played messages will be stored for 2 days Each recorded message can be up to 60 seconds longRecord your personal greeting


47 RETREIVING VOICEMAIL There are 4 ways of retrieving your messages once the diverts have been activated Dial 100 to listen to the main menuDial 111 for speedy mail retrievalFrom a fixed line dial 0771001000 enter the last 7 digits of your mobile followed by a # then enter your password from a mobile dial 0771002-123456 or 0771004-123456 (The fault password is 1234 if you have not set up your own password) You can also retrieve your messages from abroad by dialing the international dialing out code followed by +25677100 enter the last 6 digits of your mobile followed by a # then enter your password.


48 MTN MOBILE POST PAID /TALKTIME MTN's talk TIME is a postpaid mobile contract service particularly suitable for users who make frequent calls and wish to enjoy preferential call charges. With talk TIME you have the flexibility and convenience of being in touch while on the move. Each month you will receive a statement as well as a detailed itemized bill for easy verification of all your call charges.


49 BENEFITS OF TALKTIME Payment of bills in arrears. Make calls through out the month and receive a bill at the end of the month Itemized bills. Receive detailed itemized bills each month showing all calls made enabling you to reconcile your bills. No loading of cards. No worries of running out of airtime at anytime through out the month Cost effective. Affordable rates making it cost effective especially for those who make lots of calls.


50 REQUIREMENTS FOR TALKTIME The Customer is required to fill out a contract form Must present a copy of his/her valid passport for individuals, Certificate of Incorporation for companies, Two passport size photographs to the two signatories, Initial payment must be by cheque, standard (National calling) deposit of 240,000/= Standard and International Dialing deposit of 480,000/- or Standard, International and Roaming deposit of 840,000/-. Contracts can be obtained at all our service centers and the sales points at both crested towers and MTN towers .




52 TALKTIME STANDARD This is the base price plan on the Y'ello network for talkTime customers. It is best suited for those who make the bulk of their calls over the weekends due to it's special rate.


53 TALKTIME MAX This package offers a flat rate for talktime subscribers regardless of whether they are calling at peak, off-peak or discount hours. It is beneficial for customers who call on all networks 24/7 To activate Talktime max fill in a form and indicate that you would like the Talk time Max Option if you are a new Customer. For existing customers wishing to join, you will be required to write in before end of month and the changes are done just before the new month for effective billing of the new month


54 NUMBER FOR LIFE Number -4-Life is a term coined to describe the process by which pay as you go customers can maintain your phone numbers even when they change platforms The customer fills contract forms and submits other requirements as per Talktime subscribers.


55 POSTPAID ROAMING International roaming with MTN provides means by which customers keep in touch and connected with contacts in Uganda and around the world. MTN has international roaming agreements with over 200 GSM operators in 105 countries. In most countries, MTN offers roaming with more than one partner It is for Postpaid Customers who wish to travel with their number A written request for the service, which should include the duration of stay overseas A deposit is required for both international Access (shs 240,000) and international roaming (shs 360,000)A 24hr notice


56 POSTPAID ROAMING A Customer is charged for receiving calls, retrieving voicemail and receiving sms. To retrieve voicemail dial +256771001000 To call the helpline they dial +256 77 2121 121 or +256 77 2123 123 - the international call rate is charged. Provide link to list of Roaming countries


57 VIDEO CONFERENCING MTN offers you an affordable video conferencing solution that is as personal and confidential as a face to face meeting. Our solution enables you to see, talk and share information simultaneously with other participants across the globe. You can now share images as well as text screens via an electronic medium. You have the option of installing your own video conferencing facility or make use of the state-of-the-art facilities at the MTN Business Solutions Centre. Typical applications are project management and consulting, surveillance and distance learning.


58 MULTIPARTY CONFERENCING This is a personal, private and secure service which allows for a 3-to-8 way conference call enabling up to 8 people to talk to each other at the same time. The conference leader (the person initiating the conference) calls participants, and picks up the conference charges. This feature is available to clients with particular customer premise equipment such as BP 250.


59 MTN FIXED LINES Prepaid Fixed Lines Postpaid Fixed Lines


60 FIXED LINE TECHNOLOGIES CDMA This can be prepaid or postpaid. easy to manage and instant. This is a location based. E.g. 031 for Kampala, 038 for Masaka etc FCT (They are GSM fixed equipment that can be used to originate voice, fax or data calls.) FIBRE/WLL (This is a digital point to multi-point system to provide reliable, high quality services.) They are glass fibers, usually about 120 micrometers in diameter, which carry signals in the form of pulses of light over distances up to 50km without needing repeaters. The signals can be coded voice communications or data. Services delivered via the Fiber Optic network is available in Kampala city centre while wireless local loop system covers wider Kampala. WLL service availability depends on line of sight.


61 FIXED LINE TECHNOLOGY RESELLER (may be defined as public pay phone operators who operate by the wayside owning the equipment as a major source of income or may refer to capitalist resellers who own 2 or 3 units of equipment and employ people to run them collecting a fee at the end of the day and paying the operators either a daily or weekly wage.)


62 POST PAID FIXED LINE ISDN 2(ISDN is a very powerful and flexible service, providing support for solutions as diverse as PC connectivity, burglar alarm monitoring, and virtual PBX telephone services. Some of the innovative features available with ISDN are) ISDN 30 0800 TOLL FREE NUMBERS 0902 PREMIUM NUMBERS


63 PABX MTN provides BP 250 Ericsson which contains advanced call processing features such as speed dialing, call transfer and voicemail; to corporate clients.  Smaller key systems are available for small to medium businesses with smaller requirements.


64 DATA AND FAX One can send e-mails, faxes and access the internet using MTN's Fax & Data Service. No monthly subscription – payments are only for calls made.




66 MTN INTERNET LITE (MOBILE) With this service The customer stays connected to the internet wherever they are and are only charged for what they receive. How does it work? Using the general packet radio services or GPRS technology as the data bearer, the service in effect divides files into small data packets that are then transmitted across the MTN network. What can I use MTNinternet Lite (Mobile) for? Connect your laptop and PC to the Internet via a GPRS enabled phone or GSM/GPRS modem. Monitor remote services such as alarm systems and tracking devices.

MTNinternet lite-CDMA DIAL UP : 

67 MTNinternet lite-CDMA DIAL UP MTNinternet Lite, MTN’s instant internet access is also available with MTN Fixedline/ My yelloline. The customers enjoy unlimited access for 30 days at a flat rate of only 90,000 Ushs. COST OF THE LINE: 109,000/= accompanied with 5,000/= airtime Prepaid customers Dial 155 free of charge to manage their accounts and load airtime. NB The service is not being sold at the moment within Kampala


68 MTN INTERNET LITE MTNinternet Lite is MTN's internet access package that goes hand in hand with our popular MTN Fixedline solution (CDMA). For a flat rate of 90,000 Ushs, one gets unlimited access to the internet for 30 days, and a maximum pre-activation period of 180 days. Customers get activated by calling the helpline 121 or Customers can request to get activated by having their mobile numbers registered Type Data phone no months send message to 192 ( Data 0312----- 4 send to 192)


69 GPRS Using the general packet radio services or GPRS technology as the data bearer, the service in effect divides files into small data packets that are then transmitted across the MTN network.


70 USING GPRS ON COMPUTER/LAPTOP Connect your laptop and PC to the Internet via a GPRS enabled phone or GSM/GPRS modem/PCMCIA CARD NB: The Modem costs 350,000/= and 320,000/= for PC Card Monitor remote services such as alarm systems and tracking devices can also be used.


71 GPRS Some Benefits Web/WAP browsing MMS Access to MTN Loaded Email access


72 MTN INTERNET EASY MTN Internet Easy is convenient for small and medium businesses want fast and easy access to the World Wide Web without that hassle of signing up with an ISP. Simply acquire an MTN Fixed or Talk Time Line, select an Internet Service Provider, and you are connected.




74 MTN MOBILE OFFICE MTN Mobile Office enables MTN customers to access their email accounts, calendars, company LAN applications, contacts as well as surf the internet from anywhere at anytime using a wide range of devices including any “Smart” Mobile phone ((e.g. Nokia E61, E50, E65, Sony Ericson P990, P990i, Samsung i320, i600, i710, Motorola Q and imate) , PDAs, laptops and or PCs.


75 SERVICES OFFERED Existing  MTN Mobile Office builds on MTN’s existing GPRS services that MTN customers are already enjoying using MTN GPRS cards and modems for laptops or desktops. You are able to communicate and connect at the office when out on the road. Its made up of a combination of effective new software solutions. Mobile Remote Access; provides remote access to company LAN applications & services, fleet management services such as car tracking etc. NewMobile Internet; Access to MTN Portal, send & receive internet email, read current news on CNN, BBC etc. Mobile Business Email; Send and instantly receive business email when on the move using a smart device that you can also use for making and receiving calls.


76 MOBILE OFFICE Cost; Customers will enjoy the service for either a flat monthly fee or pay for only what is downloaded;  Flat monthly Fee  Ushs 90,000/-   Or Per size of download Ushs 2.5/- per kb downloaded   Where to purchase the service;  Interested customers are welcome to the MTN Business Solutions Centre at the Crested Towers (Short Tower) or to the Corporate Sales Department on ground Floor of MTN Towers or the nearest service centre

BlackBerry : 

77 BlackBerry What is BlackBerry? The BlackBerry is a wireless handheld device which supports push e-mail, mobile telephone, text messaging, internet faxing, web browsing and other wireless information services. It delivers information over the wireless data networks of mobile phone service companies. How to get connected to the BlackBerry service? Talk time customers: contact your account manager so that you can sign up for the service Prepaid Customers: the BlackBerry can be obtained from the Service Centre for the service t How much does it cost? Please refer to tariff reference book

Available options : 

78 Available options BlackBerry Enterprise Server for the Corporate and SME clients BlackBerry Internet Solution for the Individual Service is available on MTN talk Time and for the first time on PayGo.




80 PUBLICOM MTN publiCom payphones are easily identified by bright yellow booths and are situated conveniently across the country. Customers can make calls either with the MTN publiCom payphone cards or with Uganda shilling coins. The easily recognizable cards come in 3 different denominations; Ush 5,000; Ush 10,000 and Ush 25,000. All payphones offer direct international calling


81 VILLAGE PHONES In partnership with Uganda's leading microfinance institutions, villagePhone creates opportunities for poor rural individuals to become "Village Phone Operators".  These villagePhone businesses can be established in areas where electricity is unavailable and in areas where the MTN network can only be accessed with a booster antenna.




83 SHARED PHONE The MTN shared phone is a business in a box,enabling entrepreneurs to flexibly sell call units on the streets. Features A portable motorola handset Business tariffs


84 SHARED PHONE ME2U/Dealer me2u There are two types Me2U: Voice and Dealer Me2u Voice Me2u is driven by physical airtime vouchers that are loaded in 2000, 5000, 10000, 20000, 40000 and 100000 ush denominations. Dealer Me2u is driven by electronic airtime purchased from the Dealer network (the payphone is automatically set up as a sub-dealer) and message sent to 200 Personalized pin code Security cable Ability to input exact amount of airtime to use on the phone


85 SHARED PHONE You can sell airtime from both your Voice and Dealer Accounts. However, from your Voice account only you will be charged a 90Ush fee for the SMS Access Days: Both accounts are governed by Access days. Once airtime is loaded onto your Voice Account, this account is activated with a specific number Access days which allow you to make and receive calls When your access days expire no calls will be able to be made until a new physical airtime voucher is loaded onto the Voice account Also, no Airtime will be allowed to be sold from your Dealer Account until you have loaded Airtime onto your Voice account from a physical airtime vouchers


86 SHARED PHONE Setting your Dealer password, requesting a balance enquiry will result in a 90ush SMS charge being applied to the Voice account



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