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9 July 2019 Higher Education Counseling For Study in USA | Offshore Overseas The United States has been the most popular choice of destination for international students across the world because of its unmatched incomparable and high standard facilities. US have been hosting more number of foreign students than any other countries across the globe. About USA:  Capital: Washington D.C.  Population in USA : 323.1 million 2016  Official language : American English  Currency : United States Dollar  Climate: Humid continental: In general terms summers are hot and humid in the plains and southern states while the southwest is very hot and quite dry. LIFE IN USA: Americans love their country and are very patriotic. They also offer great respect to those who serve or have served in the armed forces. The Americans are busier than other countries but they value what they have. Your high class lifestyle reflects your work culture. When they are free they will prefer to spend time doing something for themselves their family or the community. The government of the

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9 July 2019 United States conserves large parcels of land and uses them for the pleasure of all. Weekends and holidays bring many activities. They love outdoor activities during all time. Depending on the region famous activities include hiking mountaineering sailing skiing and camping. Education System in USA: United States hosted a million international students. Do you know what you need and to support network at home feel. American universities for international student decades of experience the world. Our world is more international and understanding of other cultures is the key to the future success of the student. An American university is important for harmony majority of its services to students of all ages and religions of origin countries. This provides an environment that encourages learning and stimulating rich cross-cultural understanding and networking. Most scholars and teachers in classes and not more than 20 on the outside indeed ascertained their sentiments to spend time with the knowledge of the students and the classroom. United States is a mixture of all that culture is to make it interesting to study the living space. Many towns and cities to find varied cuisine and entertainment for all. Fees: The estimated average of tuition is around US 8000 to 30000 per academic year Depends upon University selection.

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9 July 2019 International students in the US can work in a job on campus up to 20 hours a week. Most find that their time is better spent taking internships or Curricular Practical Training which allows students to work for university credit in a job in a related field Types of degrees:  Associate Degree: Usually for two years 60 Credits  B a c he l o r ’s Degree: The duration of the bachelor’s course is 4 years.  M a st e r ’s Degree: Range from a year to two depending on the university specialization.  Doctorate: Range from 3 years to 5 years Entry Requirement: Eligibility  IELTS – With 5.5 or more IELTS Band or Without MOI letter require  Minimum Academic – 10th + ITI 12TH PASS Intake  JAN / MAY / SEP Exams Required:  GMAT for management related subjects / GRE for Engineering science or any other subjects and TOEFL/ IELTS exams for admission. Benefits of Studying in the USA: Quality: U.S. colleges are known worldwide for the quality of their facilities resources and faculty. Accreditation systems ensure that institutions continue to maintain these standards. Choice: The U.S. education system is unrivaled worldwide in its variety institutions academic and social environments entry requirements degree programs and subjects.

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9 July 2019 Flexibility: One of the most distinctive features of U.S. universities and colleges is the choice of courses within a single institution. More importantly students can move between one institution and another with relative ease. It is common to complete the first two years of a degree at one institution usually a community college and then transfer to another. Cost of Living in USA: Cost of living expense in USA may vary according to city region and also the lifestyle of the student. Estimated living cost is 10.000 to 12000 per year. This includes your accommodation travel food clothing some entertainment expense too. International Overseas Education and Student Visa Consultant in Ahmedabad from worldwide chooses to Study in USA because US education is the renowned education in all over the world. Scholarship by government is also provided for Indian students so that their education becomes cheaper. Tuition fee of student is usually 5000- 50000 per year cost. At the same time students are allowed to work 20hr/week during their courses which helps them to earn and learn. Email: Contact Us: 079- 40060102 8141525366 Address: 301 Umiya Vijay shopping center Shivranjani satellite road Ahmedabad -380015 Working Hours: Mon - Sat: 10:00 - 7:00

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