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Office kit HR is a multipurpose human resource management system. Handle employees in a more innovative manner using HR management software in the organization. The cloud-based interface allows you to access on the move. The software has multiple features such as employee self-service, leave and attendance management, document management, payroll management, talent analytics, and additional features for alert and emailing, transfer and promotions, full and final settlement, and shift management feature. To know more details about our Software, visit our website Contact Name: Maneesha Contact No: +91-9061249995 Landline No: 04952353323 Email: Website: Address: M2H Infotech LLP, UL Cyber Park, Calicut – 673016, Kerala, India


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Trust us and we will make your life easy with our HR Management Software solutions Office Kit HR

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Best HR Solutions for your business ØOfficeKit is an End-To-End Human Resource Management Software ØEnables all functionalities of an employee Management from hire to retire process. ØSaaS Model with extensive Talent Analytics and easy to use GUIeasy integration with BiometricsERP.

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üLeave Attendance üRecruitment üEmployee Portal üPayroll Processing üTraining üTravel Office Kit Enables the Following:

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Office Kit HR

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"Officekit HRMS Provides feature to integrate with e-banking " Rich UI Built with crystal clarity UI framework OfficeKit enables interaction conserves attention and ensures that the user is always in control. Limited to one primary action per screen we provide a natural flow to the Users Experience Mobile Compatible Just as we got the interface done right the User Experience is also taken well care of with perfect compatibility to cater to all the functions from a flick-n-click on your mobile. The Management Team can also access the reports on the go

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HR Domain Expert Built from the inputs of domain experts with a collective experience of 95+ years in HR rest ensured anything and everything you might need to make your HR progress easier is included in OfficeKit Cloud Based This On Cloud application ensures that you can access all the features anytime anywhere without having to worry about dropping down to office for each tit-bit Features Conti...

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Employee Self-Service Right from leave request submissions to travel claims to even viewing the request status and wage slips the ESS Portal makes lives easier by bringing in all the necessary requirements under a common roof Security Administration The Security Module in OfficeKit makes sure that only the right ones with authority are given permission to view the required documents and forms. You can create any user/role and determine that only assigned frameworks be made accessible Features Conti...

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Integration OfficeKit lets you explore much more than just our own playground by making possible integrations with 3rd Party ERP Systems Biometric Devices and Social Media platforms to enable you to explore all possibilities available Core HR Modules Staying true to what it has been built for OfficeKit encompasses all essential HR Modules including - feature to manage employee status alerts email document management leave attendance management payroll processing asset management and much more Features Conti...

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Travel Management The lives of your Marketing Head just got easier. OfficeKits Travel Management Module provides facilities for the user to initiate travel requests get approvals state claims and apply for reimbursement all in a few clicks without having to go through the whole usual process of tedious paper works Recruitment Module The complete process of an employee joining your team - right from requisition to posting to tabulating scores at interview to short-listing and job offer - are all recorded in a neat manner both to make the recruitment process smoother and for future reference Features Conti...

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Reports Gallery The reports created by our in-built system are real works of art for the data frenzy ones. Reports for all sorts of data with measurable X Y Axis the reports can be exported in either Word .doc or Excel .xls format Talent Analytics A single efficient employee can change the whole face of the company. 100 ones can change the future itself. The Talent Analytic Module helps provide in-depth analysis for Talent Retention and Productivity Factor of an employee thus helping you understand the weaknesses identify the strengths and focus on profitability Features Conti...

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PRODUCT Officekit is an End-To-End Human Resource Management Software with all functionalities of Employee Management - from hire to retire. OfficeKit HRMS It is a strong combination of different sub-modules each s u b m o d u l e s u p p o r t i n g a p a r t i c u l a r t y p e o f practice/application/methodology. The HRMS takes care of the imperative and complex process of management of human capital by reducing the manual workload of administrative activities in an organization. OfficeKit also merges the employee and employer details required for Wage Protection System Report and generate SIF Salary Information File in a compatible format as mandated by the Central Bank of UAE.

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Employee Portal OfficeKit’s avant-garde ESS Employee Self-Service Portal allows the employee to perform most of the employee related tasks by themselves like – managing leave application viewing status of application Performance appraisal view and generate pay slips status of travel request reimbursement status etc. This helps ensure that important working hours are saved working on the project and not in administrative works. Importantly this also provides the employee access to various company policies based on one’s security level.

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Social Platforms All endeavours in HR have grown by leaps and bounds ever since the advent of Social Media. OfficeKit HRMS allows employees to integrates their various Social Media profiles like Facebook Twitter LinkedIn etc to enable them connect with others within the company and involve in relevant discussions with people of similar interest. Employees can endorse/recommend each other and involve in forums answering the queries of others thus enabling the HR Team to gauging the overall performance of an individual with this added data. This enables the organization to identify strong points of each individual and thus result in improved progress.

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PRICING BLUE : Rs. 2499/ Month SILVER : Rs. 4999/ Month GOLD : Rs. 7499/ Month

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MODULES Employee Profile management Leave Attendance Management Document Management Security Administration Shift Management Reports Dashboards Payroll Full Final Settlements Multi Division Statutory Management Transfers Promotions Alerts Emailing Category A BLUE Rs. 2499/ Month

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MODULES Employee Self Service Training Travel Management Claims Asset Management Intergration with Biometric Device Loans Advances Intergration with e-banking + Category A Category B SILVER Rs.4999/ Month

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MODULES Recruitment Performance Management Integration with ERP Multi Company Multiple Level Approval Rewards Reconginition Customization Options + Category A B Category C GOLD Rs. 7499/ Month

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