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Penn Med’s Spring Leaders Summit: 

Penn Med’s Spring Leaders Summit 6th Annual – February 2007

Spring Training: 

Spring Training A little history Introductions Leadership Handbook Overview Breakout Sessions Evaluations

Leaders Summit History: 

Leaders Summit History First Leaders Summit: Fall 2001 Creation of Leaders Handbook: 2003 Function: Introduce resources, Collaboration among groups, Transitions Future Goals: Leadership Retreats & Development Seminars, Guest Speakers


Introductions Hilda Luiggi, Suite 100 Student Organizations Liaison – Rachel S.O.C. Members – David, Andrea, Jessica MSG President – Jeremy MSG Vice-President – Tim MSG Treasurer – Mike Helene Weinberg, Suite 100

Leadership Handbook: 

Leadership Handbook Overview of the Pentad: 1. Penn Med Administration 2. Budget and Reimbursements 3. Event Planning Resources 4. Publicity at Penn Med 5. Specific Group Needs

#1 – Administration: 

#1 – Administration Updating New Leadership Contact Info New Group Registration Biannual Registration People in Your Neighborhood

Leaders Resource Webpage: 

Leaders Resource Webpage

Group Registration: 

Group Registration EXISTING GROUP Sign up online to assume leadership or update contact info. NEW GROUP Check database to see if already exists. Meet with Hilda. Complete form on site. S.O.C. approval If approved, email all four MS classes

Biannual Registration: 

Biannual Registration Necessary for MSG funding Submit prior to fall & spring leaders summits On MSG Student leader’s website

People in the Neighborhood…: 

People in the Neighborhood…

Suite 100: 

Suite 100 Hilda Luiggi Associate Director, Office for Diversity and Community Outreach Director, Student Leadership Development

Suite 100: 

Suite 100 Christa Chaffinch Room Reservations

Suite 100: 

Suite 100 Helene Weinberg Registrar & wearer of many hats!

#2 – Budget and $$: 

#2 – Budget and $$ Leaders Resource Webpage Budget Requests (Annual – June) Budget Reimbursements Approved Vendors List Other funding alternatives?

MSG Binder: 

MSG Binder Required for ALL groups receiving MSG funding Complete event forms Track budget Subject to budget and organization committees audit Required for future MSG budgets


Liver metabolism chart New budget procedure The good old days event Complete Reimbursement Form reimbursed

Leaders Resource Webpage: 

Leaders Resource Webpage

Annual Budget Requests: 

Annual Budget Requests Annual – due in June Allocations will be announced the following fall

Budget Reimbursements: 

Budget Reimbursements


PRIOR TO EVENT – #1: Purchase Order Form Groups with MSG Budget Only for approved vendors Complete and submit at least 3 business days prior to event Submit electronically to MSG Treasurer Confirmation e-mail from Anna (Suite 100)


PRIOR TO EVENT - #2: Emergency Fund Request For groups with an MSG budget who spent everything already!! Submit electronically to MSG Treasurer 5 days prior to event Considered on a case to case basis Max: $75 per event Confirmation email from Anna (Suite 100)


PRIOR TO EVENT - #3: Purchase Order Form for New Student Groups Groups without MSG Budget who have registered with Hilda Max: $75 per event May apply twice per academic year Submit electronically to MSG treasurer at least 2 business days prior to event Confirmation e-mail from Anna (Suite 100)

Approved Vendors List: 

Approved Vendors List

Approved Vendors List: 

Approved Vendors List To do list: Purchase Orders require an approved Vendor! Call vendor for quote Place order Write down Supplier ID and cost


AFTER EVENT: Reimbursement Form For groups with an MSG budget Submit to MSG Treasurer, Box 720 Within 30 days after event Need names of attendees Attach ALL receipts to a separate piece of paper “Unapproved” vendors okay Will NOT reimburse taxes

#3 – Event Planning: 

#3 – Event Planning Find a Date Reserve a Room Room and AV Options: Student Lounge Inviting Speakers Catering and other Services

Find a Date: 

Find a Date

Find a Date: 

Find a Date Check the “Events Calendar” for potential conflicts!

Reserve a Room: 

Reserve a Room The Student Lounge John Morgan Lecture Halls & Wood conference room Stemmler Labs Lookout BRB Auditorium & Rooms Stellar Chance Conference Room Dunlop & Austrian Auditoriums Penn facilities: Logan Hall, Houston Hall

Student Lounge: 

Student Lounge Stellar-Chance Security Office A/V Box with Black Key and Remotes Student Lounge A/V Closet Black Key Socket

Student Lounge: 

Student Lounge

Student Lounge: 

Student Lounge

Reserve a Room: 

Reserve a Room Penn Med rooms: Room Request Form for room and AV requests Black shelf in Suite 100 Turn in to Christa Chaffinch U Penn rooms: Nancy Wright (898-6535) http://www.vpul.upenn.edu/perelmanquad/reserve.html

Inviting Speakers: 

Inviting Speakers Please notify Hilda of any outside speakers so that Penn Med can give your guest the “Red Carpet” treatment!

Catering, DJs, Bartenders, etc.: 

Catering, DJs, Bartenders, etc. Refer to the on-line Leadership Handbook for ideas and “how-to’s”

#4 – Publicity: 

#4 – Publicity MS1-4 Listserves Nursing School Listserve GAPSA listerve UPHS Web Calendar School of Medicine Flyers Leaders Listserve: Student Org Directory

How do I find out more about these listserves and calendars?: 

How do I find out more about these listserves and calendars? Refer to the online leadership handbook for more details!

Student Org Directory: 

Student Org Directory

Your Own Lil Web Page: 

Your Own Lil Web Page Option 1: Do it yourself. Request an account and put it online. 30MB quota per account. http://www.med.upenn.edu/somiswebteam/ Option 2: Put the content together. Ask the SOMIS team for help. http://www.med.upenn.edu/somiswebteam/

Your Own Lil Listserve: 

Your Own Lil Listserve Anyone with a mail.med account can create up to 25 mailing lists Mailing lists can be announce-only or discussion lists Directions can be found in the online leadership handbook

#5 – Your Group’s Needs: 

#5 – Your Group’s Needs Q: How do I ensure that future leaders of my group don’t have to reinvent the wheel? A: Folders! Q: Where may I store things for my group? A: Stemmler Basement; Contact MSG Treasurer Mike Guo.



Breakout/Collaboration Sessions: 

Breakout/Collaboration Sessions Community Service / Political Cultural / Ethnic / Religious Career Development Recreation

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