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Understanding Consumer Behavior: 

Understanding Consumer Behavior To conceptualize social and psychological influences on consumer behavior Part 2 of 3 Social Influences Situational Influences PsychologicalInfluences Marketing Strategy

Simplified Model of Buyer Behavior: 

Simplified Model of Buyer Behavior


Target Audience Responses Expanded Model of The 'Black Box' (Complex (Mental) Decision Processes)


Perception . . The process of interpreting andamp; giving meaning to stimuli Selective Exposure Selective Interpretation Selective Retention Closure That fish was at least 8 pounds Reality is what you perceive Perception Influences Buying Behavior


Buy Large BLOCKS of Advertising Bookend Ads yada, yada, yada Bookend Ads Putting Ads in . . . . Unconventional Places Creating Contrast Sensory Receptors Stimuli Perception

Influences on Perception : 

Influences on Perception Mental andamp; Physical abilities to experience sensation (ex. IQ-height) Stimulus Intensity and Context in which the stimulus was encountered. The person’s personality, moods, needs, and wants.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: 

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Motivation Influences Buying Behavior (Majority)


Hidden Motives (S. Freud) Behavior is not simple, there are Hidden motives to all situations (subconscious) Buyers are motivated by symbolic product concerns (andamp; economic-functional) Hidden motives require motivation research

1970 Retro Toys are Back: 

1970 Retro Toys are Back 1st created in 1970’s, The Strawberry Shortcake and Care Bear brands were dormant for years. Re-launched in 2002, it now reaches a larger demographic audience andamp; is projected to grow to $100 mil. over next 4-5 yrs. People enjoy recalling their childhood years Retailers feel merchandise is viewed as 'timeless and ageless' – a classic look Applied Marketing

Learning Influences Buying Behavior: 

Cognitive learning Theory produces 'changes in one’s knowledge or behavior caused by information or interpretation of experiences.' Repetition = Reinforcement (+ andamp; -) Satisfying behaviors are likely to be repeated. Learning Influences Buying Behavior

Classical Conditioning:(Pairing of Two Unrelated Stimuli): 

Classical Conditioning: (Pairing of Two Unrelated Stimuli) Unconditioned Stimulus Conditioned Stimulus Conditioned Response Repeat Pairings over time to condition association Decay (wear out) - Association weakens if not reinforced Song = Happy Pairing a stimulus that elicits the desired response A neutral stimulus


Observational Learning – watching the behavior of others and noting the benefits received (Reference group Influence)


Multiple Levels of Product Learning Product Class Brand Product Form Model/Feature Coffee Ground Instant Folgers Maxwell House 1-pound can 8-ounce jar Tea Regular Decaf Lipton Celestial $1 regular $2 Herbal Flavors


Operant Conditioning – rewards andamp; punishment for behavior (positive/negative reinforcement)


Attitude: a pre disposition to act toward X …your evaluation of and behavioral tendencies toward a product Product Beliefs X Evaluations Cognitions: Knowledge of product attributes Affect (liking/disliking) toward attributes (feelings andamp; emotions) Learning product attributes leads to product attitudes Attitude may be a weak predictor of behavior due to attitude centrality or mediators (good diagnostic tool) Beliefs Evaluation


Attitude toward Pizza Hut Ao Feedback (time andamp; situation specific) Beliefs about Pizza Hut Behaviors toward Pizza Hut Has pan pizzas Has super supreme pizzas Has a salad bar Serves beer Is more expensive than Domino’s Has convenient location Has free parking Has pleasant employees Has nice atmosphere Go to Pizza Hut on Friday night Order a large pan pizza Complain to manager Ignore Pizza Hut ad on TV Use a Pizza Hut coupon for a free soft drink Recommend Pizza Hut to boss Read Pizza Hut menu Beliefs, Attitude, and Behaviors


Comes in a pump Gets teeth clean Is more expensive than store brands Has a red, white, and blue package Freshens breath Has a tartar-control formula Has fluoride Prevents cavities Is made by Procter andamp; Gamble Approved by the American Dental Association Is what my parents use Has mint flavor Comes in a gel Crest Comes in tubes No mess Tastes good Salient beliefs and Attitude


Means-End Chain: A Product is a Means to an End BRAND ATTRIBUTES CONSEQUENCES VALUES (Benefits) GilletteSensor Razor Spring suspension for twin blades Lubricating strip Close shave Smooth, soft shave Be well groomed Be comfortable A means – end chain is a consumer’s knowledge structure that connects consumer meanings about product attributes, consequences, and values.


Product attributes can be evaluated differently leading to more than one means-end chain Means-End Chain High Price Spend too much Good quality Have less to spend on other things Last a long time Waste of money Good value To Be well groomed To Be comfortable

Personality & Self Concept: 

Personality andamp; Self Concept Personality A set of internal traits and distinct behavioral tendencies that result in consistent patterns of behavior in certain situations (extrovert – introvert) Self-concept (self-image) Perception or view of oneself Lifestyles An individual’s pattern of living expressed through activities, interests, and opinions

Personality types influence the small business buying : 

Personality types influence the small business buying Idealists (24%) Optimizers (21%) Hard Workers (20%) Jugglers (20%) Sustainers (15%) Small Business Owners (2000)

Psychological Influences help explain the decision process leading to behavior : 

Psychological Influences help explain the decision process leading to behavior Problem Recognition Information Search Evaluation of Alternatives Purchase Decision Post Purchase Behavior Expectations

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