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The Memory Jungle : 

The Memory Jungle


Think of your memory as a vast, overgrown jungle. This memory jungle is thick with wild plants, exotic shrubs, twisted trees, and creeping vines.


In the jungle there are animals, millions of them. The animals represent all the information in your memory.


Imagine what happens as a thought, in this case we'll call it an elephant, tramps across short-term memory and into the jungle. The elephant leaves a trail of broken twigs and footprints that you can follow.


The more well-worn the path, the easier it is to retrieve the thought. In other words, the more often the elephant retraces the path, the clearer the path becomes.


The more often you recall information, and the more often you put the same information into your memory, the easier it is to find.


The second picture you can use to your advantage is the picture of many animals gathering at a clearing—like thoughts gathering at a central location in the memory.


It is easier to retrieve thoughts that are grouped together, just as it is easier to find a herd of animals gathered in a clearing than it is to find one elephant.


Imagine releasing the elephant into the jungle, turning your back on it, and counting to 10. When you turn around, the elephant is gone. This is exactly what happens to most information we receive.


The remedy is simple: Review quickly. Do not take your eyes off the animal as it crosses the short-term memory meadow.


Review it soon after it enters the long-term memory jungle. Wear a path in your memory immediately.


The fourth picture is one with you in it. You are standing at the entrance to the short-term memory meadow, directing herds of animals as they file through the pass, across the meadow, and into your long-term memory.


You are taking an active role in the learning process. You are paying attention.


You are doing more than sitting on a rock and watching the animal traffic file into your brain. You become part of the process, and as you do, you take control of your memory. The End

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