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O-Live & Co. run a certified carbon neutral operation, they offset their carbon emissions by reducing, reusing, and recycling.


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Extra Virgin Olive:

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Olive oil has many great benefits for your skin. However, in order to get the full benefits, people should use a good Extra Virgin first cold pressed olive oil exclusively. Extra Virgin olive oil is made from the highest quality of olives and it has also been minimally processed and is not adulterated with other oils. This means that the vitamins and rich anti-oxidants found in the olives remain in the oil after pressing them. Have a look at Extra Virgin Olive for more info on this. Extra Virgin olive oil, also known as EVOO, has been called a "beauty secret." The beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, with many high end, expensive creams being sold. EVOO is an important ingredient in many of these potions and lotions. People can get the benefits of EVOO by using it alone and skipping the expensive creams. Extra Virgin oil, all by itself, will be your skin's best friend.

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First of all, Extra Virgin olive oil is an outstanding skin moisturizer. It is naturally hypoallergenic, and it penetrates deeply into the skin and provides protective moisture layers. The antioxidants in EVOO repair and renew skin: Vitamins A and E are veritable "work horses" when it comes to repairing and renewing skin. These antioxidants stimulate cell repair for smoother and firmer skin. Extra Virgin olive oil as a moisturizer is best applied to damp skin. In addition to being a topical moisturizer, people can add EVOO to bath water; they will emerge with smooth and silky skin. People can add a tad of their favorite essential oils to the bath water-the possible combinations are limitless!

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EVOO is also a great (and inexpensive) exfoliant . The ancient Greeks used it as a cleanser and exfoliant : young men applied the oil to their skin and then scraped it off with a special instrument. This made their skin beautiful and shiny. Carol Firenze, author of The Passionate Olive, says that Sea Salt added to Extra Virgin olive oil is a wonderful, natural and gentle exfoliant . Sugar added to EVOO is also a great scrub, and people can also add a few drops of lavender to help get rid of dead skin. Many people mistakenly believe that Extra Virgin olive oil will clog pores because it's an oil. This is a false belief. The beauty of using this liquid gold as a face scrub and exfoliate is that it is close to the oil found naturally in the skin. Many people make the mistake of harshly stripping that layer of oil off, which makes skin problems such as acne even worse. Extra Virgin olive oil helps get rid of acne.

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Extra Virgin olive oil is a wonderful make-up remover because not only does it gently remove make-up, but repeated use will benefit the skin. It can smooth skin and ease the appearance of fine wrinkles. People who want to minimize the appearance of wrinkles just need a couple of dabs daily. There is no reason to spend a lot of money on a skin treatment that is not as effective as simple Extra Virgin olive oil. For the creams that ARE as effective, it is likely because EVOO is a major ingredient. You may want to check out Oil from Chile for more.  

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There is one area of skin on the human body that is notoriously difficult to moisturize: calloused feet. Olive oil is a simple remedy that is, again, less expensive than other, less effective treatments. Calloused feet are the toughest job for any moisturizer, and this precious oil performs brilliantly. Since only small amounts are needed at a time, some people decide to buy tiny amounts. Others will want to buy more and share it with friends and family. If you choose this latter route, however, be sure to put the oil in dark containers, since light can damage it. Because of all its skin benefits, there should be some of this precious liquid gold in every bathroom.

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Summary O-Live & Co. run a certified carbon neutral operation, they offset their carbon emissions by reducing, reusing, and recycling. Visit this site to learn more: https://us.o-liveandco.com/

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