The 5 Universal Laws of Effective Facebook Marketing

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The 5 Universal Laws of Effective Facebook Marketing:

The 5 Universal Laws of Effective Facebook Marketing

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Facebook is a marketer's dream platform when it comes to reaching consumers. But it can also be a nightmare unless you follow the crucial universal laws that govern effective social media marketing... especially for Facebook. So here's the question: are you following the laws? If not, or if you need a quick reminder on how to be a successful Facebook marketer for your business, pay attention:

The Law of Targeting:

The Law of Targeting If you've got a Fan Page up on Facebook, you likely have some fans and followers. Right? Well it may be nice to have your sisters and your brother and your aunts like your page... but unless the subject of your business is important to them, they won't be active on your page - and that will look very bad to Facebook. The lesson of this law is to target the right people (through ads and invitations) to become fans.

The Law of Relevant Content:

The Law of Relevant Content What you post on your Fan Page should matter. Not to you, but to your fans. Keep it relevant to them, their needs, wants, and problems. Your content is about them, not about you. So unless your fans will care about it (and can see how it applies to them) don't even think about posting the latest paper issued at your industry's most recent conference.

The Law of Fun:

The Law of Fun Facebook is not about business, it's about connections. It's about being social. So if you want to be appreciated by your followers, make it fun to interact with you.

The Law of Community:

The Law of Community Did you notice that word: "interact" in the previous law? Facebook is about being social in a community. Your page and your content isn't a one way street. Make sure you encourage participation by asking questions, soliciting opinions, and being responsive when others chime in. Remember, Facebook is a huge community, and not everything about your business needs to happen on your page. Get out of your world and participate with others in groups and even on other pages. The more you participate, the more you'll be appreciated in your community and in others.

The Law of Action:

The Law of Action You can't expect your fans and followers to take action and start spending their time and money with you unless you ask the to do so. Be sure to include calls to action in your posts if you want to see real benefit from the time you are investing on Facebook.

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