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The man with possibly the fourth-highest IQ ever measured says "Once your IQ is 150 or over it stops beings ability and ends up being a special needs." Walter OBrien the boy of a Wexford farmer says he has an IQ of 196. The Irishmans life is now the topic of Scorpion a prime-time TV drama in the US. The program about supergeniuses resolving crimes will quickly be evaluated on RTÉ. His life story as he tells it is as impressive as anything on tv. "Walter OBrien has saved the world a number of times over-- things he cannot even tell us about" the producer stated. "Walter personally caught the Boston Marathon bombers. Its difficult to substantiate such claims. Its even difficult to pin down what having a high IQ indicates. OBriens was determined when he was a kid IQ tests typically takes age into account: a 10-year-old with the intelligence of a 15- year-old is definitely intense but isnt necessarily as clever as a normal 20-year-old. However back to state-of-the-art derring-do. Ask him straight if he has actually ever saved the world and he evades the question with a series of "there are things I cant talk about" responses. Ask him anything else and hell talk you under the table. OBrien who is 39 was born and grew up near Clonroche. "I discovered everything there was to understand about

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this computer system in three days" he says. Now the U.S. government came to call. Walters business Scorpion Computer system Providers was born "as a method to remain out of jail" he quips however likewise as a way of turning his nascent skill into a kind of Geek Squad service that could utilize his analytical abilities to solve useful problems. The U.S. federal government became his client using his mad innovation skills to determine and fix security holes. It took some deal with all sides to obtain him out of Ireland however he is now a U.S. possession who is protected by an EB-11 visa reserved for persons of remarkable capability. The Scorpion Computer system Services group works to protect the military and the companies on NORAD mountain to safeguard U.S. assets on jobs that retrofit government systems where required working backwards to re-insert security where any previous loopholes exist. As a testament to the companys work late in 2015 the genius was separately acknowledged by the Fort Wayne Base Council and the Northeast Indiana Defense Market Association for conserving military lives and granted a Battle Infantry Badge and part of a Fight Dress Uniform from Operation Desert Storm. In the opening scenes of Scorpion Thursday RTÉ 2 kid hacker Walter OBrien is jailed by Robert Patrick from Terminator and extradited to America from what I assumed based upon his accent was a Scottish-speaking area of Latvia. It was really Kilkenny.

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The character is based upon a real-life Irish computer whiz who fixes computer criminal activity for the United States federal government. On the planet of modern-day tv drama you can write about anything as long as its criminal activity. Numerous TELEVISION pitches are just: "a random expert resolves crime.". There have actually been crime-fighting mathematicians physicians archaeologists authors and psychologists. Lots of young people have been tempted into staid careers in the belief that there would be sexy explosions. Well he ends up being a computer technology person who fixes crime. Yeah he computer sciences the hell from criminal activity. He is so goddamn computer system sciencey. If you were to offer him any computer he might science it. We satisfy hunky grown-up American-accented Walter Elyes Gabel as he sets up a broadband router in a restaurant while all at once breaking up with his sweetheart for whom he has made an "emotional spreadsheet". At this moment were implied to think: "Oh Walter you can decipher any computer system and yet you can not decode the most complicated program of all your very

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own heart. How paradoxical". Now when they run around with guns and punch each other out and crash Ferraris we do not do all of that every day" he stated. "Were heavily involved in federal government defense cyber work but obviously its more on the keyboard than it is on a machine gun.". OBrien also stated he consults with producers and writers of the program at the start of the season and provides stories from Scorpions archives that have been de- classified by the federal government or whose non- disclosure agreement has expired.

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