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INTRODUCTION The Maldives is a place to be, probably the one place you ought to go to, if you must spend your holidays on an Island. So full of luxury and just the life everyone dreams to have. So sunny, full of natural beauty, and an excellent view of her sea. Not to mention the resorts, hotels, liveaboards that tourists keep talking of and would always want to return to, leaving the Maldives is killing a dream come true The definition of relaxation

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The republic is particularly known for Tourism, from which It makes a large percentage of its economic revenue. Luxury hotels, resorts and beach bungalows have been built up with very inspiring innovations like the underwater luxury dinner restaurant. The Maldives is also known for the palm beach which is a very beautiful sight from a height What then is the problem, Why was it then referred to in the topic as the man on the ground?

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The Maldives Today The Islamic, Divehi speaking Republic of Maldives with a population of 309,000 (UN, 2009) is faced with a problem like never before. Everyday is another day for a fight against the fear factor; fear of death, fear of leaving everything they ever had when they get evacuated, and the fear of having to settle else-where where the do not know yet. OR They are even beginning to think about leaving under water in their beloved beautiful cities. In the capital city of Malé, the president and his Cabinet recently had a meeting under water

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The Maldives Today Most of the time, elevation above sea level does not matter to countries, but it occasionally matters a big deal. The Republic of Maldives is one of the occasional cases. “The Maldives is made up of a chain of nearly 1,200 islands, most of them uninhabited, which lie off the Indian sub-continent. None of the coral islands measures more than 1.8 metres (six feet) above sea level, making the country vulnerable to a rise in sea levels associated with global warming.” ( _profiles/1166511.stm)

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An example to apply to the world This Beautiful chain of islands suffer a great threat from Global warming which is alleged to bring about even higher sea levels. The resulting high tides will act like a tsunami on the low height island. This tragic effect could happen to the whole world as a result of global warming (if not prevented) and this will not be the exceptional case of low elevation. (See next slide)

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The government has taken a few measures trying to curb the situation but the Maldives government cannot do this on its own, it has appealed to foreign help and especially to the United Nations. Other measures like the decarbonisation of the economy have been implemented by the authorities The Maldivians are dredging sand from the lagoon to build temporary defences to prevent excess sea waves from accessing the island but even so The vice president of the Maldives mentioned that they all have just about 20 more years to live, then leave the cities. They are also building higher artificial islands which could be the locations to which their whole population will be evacuated to. The solutions provided by the Maldivian President and his cabinet might work for the Maldives but not for the world so preventive and not curative measures should be taken by all.

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Conclusion The Maldives in this presentation is an example for the whole world. The disaster faced by the Maldives, here, are possible minor examples of what will happen to the whole planet Earth. We should all preemptively fight global warming before he knocks us all down As Christians, we should be concerned about our effect on our environment. God appointed man to be the steward of this world (Genesis 1:28), not the destroyer of it. However, we should not allow environmentalism to become a form of idolatry, where the “rights” of an inanimate planet and its non-human creatures are held in higher esteem than God (Romans 1:25) and man created in His image. With global warming, as with any other topic, it is crucial to understand what the facts are, who those facts come from, how they are interpreted, and what the spiritual implications should be. I:\Global warming\How should a Christian view global warming.mht

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Reference I:\Global warming\How should a Christian view global warming.mht _profiles/1166511.stm

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