Smart Car Parking revolutionizing the Automobile Industry

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Technology peers on the agenda of needs. Cameras for the identification of the presence of vehicles on individual parking bays results in a trending automotive technological evolution in order to meet the parking necessities.


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Smart Car Parking revolutionizing the Automobile Industry

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Brief Description:  The issues of parking in a populated city is always a headache. This instance is so grave that many times it has resulted in altercations and even loss of lives.  The revolution of smart technology can overcome such instances in the upcoming days.  The automotive application is smart technology in the field of the automobile industry. The application is connected to the different CCTV’s planted in numerous parts of the city.  It provides parking data and status which would assist the user Driver to park their vehicle in a real-time zone.

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Steps can be further explained below:  The User checks in the application for the occupancy/vacant state of parking in a particular area.  The application fetches the real-time data from the CCTV’s attached in the numerous parts of the City.  The User can through the Data check the occupancy status statistics of the parking for the Day/Month as per the intent input.  The User can through the data processed park the car using this smart automotive technology.

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How it Works:  An automotive web application can be developed to assist the drivers in locating a vacant parking space. The main objective of the application is to provide the occupancy status vacant/occupied of the parking spaces and also to get information about the parking history data on any particular date.  The User of the system is a vehicle driver who would be searching for a vacant parking space the application would provide details like checking the parking lot for vacant spaces checking the parking history to find the most occupied and less occupied parking slots.  The UI would be designed in a way where the occupancy statuses of parking slots would be visible by just looking into the colors of the indicators Vacant/Occupied. The user Driver can view the occupancy status in one panel and can see the parking history by scrolling down on the mobile screen in the application.

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Main features of the application would be:  Parking Slot Occupancy: This would be the heads of the application where there would be a dashboard that has occupancy statuses of the parking slots. The dashboard would refresh in every 2 sec and the latest information would be displayed for the user.  Parking History Analysis: This would be an extension to the application where User Driver would be able to see the occupancy status of each parking lot on any particular day in the form of demographic statistics. Using this data the driver can choose the less occupied slot when there is more than one slot available.

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