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Why walk alone when you can have a companion. Leotechnosoft becomes your companion in your journey to become a successful startup. In this event you will be handed a free demo which will cover our BOMT model and how it can help you in your venture.


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Why a Start-up Company should adopt BOMT Model

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About BOMT  BOMTBuild Operate Market and Transform model It is an innovative hybrid partner product development that offers a low- risk hassle-free cost-effective global sourcing strategy.  BOMT works exceptionally well with StartUps Entrepreneurs and ISVs. It ensures incubation development Gestation and transformation support to increase revenue and maximize ROI in short span of time.

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Part 1 Times are changing real fast. A few years back establishing a new company was cumbersome and time consuming process. Further it was difficult to make a start-up profitable. Starting up is really difficult especially because of numerous types of risks associated with starting a new business. While beginning a new company altogether entrepreneurs are required to consider many things right from establishing a new brand staffing up generating leads etc.

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Entrepreneurs find it difficult to establish an operation start a new company and grow over while fighting competition. Start-ups are even concerned about attracting the right talent that shares the same enthusiasm as the owners. Above all start-ups need to manage the high overhead costs too.

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Part 2  If the start-ups adopt the newly introduced BOMT Model by Leo TechnoSoft they can change their outlook towards beginning a new business.  The Build-Operate-Market-Transfer Model has been changing the way people think about starting-up. In fact with such a profitable model available the number of start- ups will only grow in coming times.  Leo TechnoSoft has years of experience in offering comprehensive and innovative IT solutions based on in- depth research and development.

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 The newly introduced BOMT Model is the result of such research.  Start-ups who adopt the model get a ready enterprise without investing much effort.  Leo TechnoSoft develops infrastructure for start-ups offering a brand new identity in addition to several facilities.  With such a strong foundation start-ups can look forward to various projects.

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Part 3  BOMT Model can be availed by start-ups at affordable rates in comparison to huge sums of investment required to build a company on their own.  This model is much better than the conventional BOT Model in many ways.  This model is a complete package.  It offers everything right from hardware and software support to an experienced and professional team.

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 Leo TechnoSoft studies even the objectives designs the process and plans the activities in addition to offering setting up the team with right skills needed for a product.  Hence establishing a new venture i.e. building a product becomes much easy as Leo TechnoSoft becomes a partner in a way for the start-ups.  Leo TechnoSoft even provides operational and technical support to HR Department.  Start-ups are even represented in numerous promotional activities helping them to expand their market for future.

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Part 4  Leo TechnoSoft differentiates the model by offering the Marketing edge. Professionals at Leo TechnoSoft help start- ups by representing them in numerous promotional activities helping them to expand their market for future.  With this start-ups can be rest assured of expanding their presence in the industry as Leo T ec hn oS oft’s professionals get involved in the marketing activities themselves.  The client is neither required to handle operations nor the marketing which gives them more time to concentrate on core business.

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 When the business is established and marketed the ownership of the new business venture is transferred to the client. Above all the BOMT Model helps in expanding technology and innovative ideas as well.  Start-ups can own a venture within their budget without investing much effort and time.  Gone are the days when starting a new venture required years of experience tons of investment teams of professionals and the confidence to share the risks thanks to BOMT Model by Leo TechnoSoft.

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Leo TechnoSoft Snapshot Value offering Industries Overview - Global partner product development provider with delivery centers in Los Angeles Chicago and India Offshore. - Specializes in Cloud SaaS and Enterprise Product Engineering for Startups Entrepreneurs ISVSME.  Technology  Healthcare/Life Sciences  Finance  Retail  Manufacturing  Real Estate  Partnered Product Development  Technical Operation and Sales Management  Expertise SaaS Cloud solutions  Customer Relationship Management  Sales and Marketing  VC Connections and relationships 11

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OUR PRESENCE  Adequate infrastructure to scale up at the drop of a hat  Backend Data Center / Infrastructure set up  Global Offices to support 24x7 Client Operations For more information email us at

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