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In this presentation you will get the difference between BOMT model and historical BOT model. How BOMT is much better with respect to BOT.


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Introduction ➢ With changing global marketplace offshore outsourcing has turned into a viable business solution for corporate needs. ➢ Offshore providers have local knowledge and relationships that most companies do not have internally. ➢ Through using the offshore partner relationships companies do not have to learn the local intricacies of doing business hiring or finding office space. ➢ Instead the company focuses on their core business while the offshore partner company oversees the development of the offshore operation and only transfers ownership back to the company when the company is ready for it.

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➢ Let us understand two such offshoring models namely the BOT BOMT which are ruling the roost in the present scenario. ➢ While the traditional BOT is popular the new entrant BOMT is the latest offering from Leo TechnoSoft which is bound to be a revolution in the present scenario. To know more CLICK HERE To get a free demo CLICK HERE

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BUILD ➢ An appropriate infrastructure facility and team form the foundation of a project. ➢ Understanding business objectives vision goals studying the process for product development planning and creation of a team with right skills needed for a product involve the build phase. ➢ Planning a new venture isn’t easy and we take this burden off your shoulder by creating the plan of action on your behalf. ➢ Leo TechnoSoft performs the analysis of your company’s needs cost involved strategic requirements and staffing needs.

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➢ We work from scratch to build a profitable business plan for you. An offshore center is set-up as per your requirements specifications in a phased manner. ➢ Our team of business analyst plans the infrastructure resources to be deployed on project hardware software needs and other operational requirements of the new project.

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OPERATE ➢ Operate phase involves staffing training implementation of project plan planning communication performance measurement eventually making the project live. ➢ Leo TechnoSoft takes care of all your operations for the fixed time period. ➢ Our team of dedicated resources for your new set-up is explained about the entire process and specific targets are set for project completion. ➢ We take care of everything from process management to performance management utilities development quality assurance team supervision and target achievement.

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TRANSFER ➢ Transfer is the last phase of BOT solutions. After the new process is completely established the operation ownership will be subsequently transferred to the client. ➢ Finally what a customer gets in return is an already operational facility that is backed by a team of experts. ➢ After the minimal length of operational phase you can decide to extend the operational phase disengage or perform the transfer. ➢ The key difference between a BOT BOMT relationship is expansion phase categorically termed as the “Market” phase.

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MARKET ➢ With B-O-T the offshore vendor will establish the team infrastructure and operations and then transfer the entire set- up back to the client company who will own operate and integrate the ODC into their corporate culture. ➢ But a crucial phase to stretch its presence in the industry remains void. To overcome this situation Leo TechnoSoft’s Build- Operate-Market-Transfer BOMT model comes handy. ➢ The Market phase of is the crux exclusively offered by Leo TechnoSoft. We help to expand and then transfer organization in a healthy manner.

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➢ Our USP lies in the fact that we set up model in a cost-to-cost manner. ➢ Our profit goes into expansion to be on board to investment in the company. ➢ Our involvement to make things happen just adds to the success factor.

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The clients see the following advantages by working with this model: • Model acts like ready to use venture for Start-ups that do not require additional investment or local knowledge to get a subsidiary working in offshore location • Faster Time to Market with lower operational costs • Helps start-ups expand their technology introduce innovation and develop new ideas • Risk Diminution • Flexibility • Process Expertise • Setup your own Company in India • Knowledge Preservation • 24 x 7 Technical Support

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Leo TechnoSoft Snapshot Value offering Industries Overview - Global partner product development provider with delivery centers in Los Angeles Chicago and India Offshore. - Specializes in Cloud SaaS and Enterprise Product Engineering for Startups Entrepreneurs ISVSME. ❑ Technology ❑ Healthcare/Life Sciences ❑ Finance ❑ Retail ❑ Manufacturing ❑ Real Estate ❑ Partnered Product Development ❑ Technical Operation and Sales Management ❑ Expertise SaaS Cloud solutions ❑ Customer Relationship Management ❑ Sales and Marketing ❑ VC Connections and relationships 11

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OUR PRESENCE ✓ Adequate infrastructure to scale up at the drop of a hat ✓ Backend Data Center / Infrastructure set up ✓ Global Offices to support 24x7 Client Operations For more information email us at

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