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Outsourced product development model by LeoTechnoSoft, as BOMT - Partner Product Development. This model is primarily for StartUps, entrepreneurs and ISVs.


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BOMT Model

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Introduction ➢ BOMT model is an innovative hybrid partner product development services that offers a low-risk hassle-free cost- effective global sourcing strategy which blends the advantages of traditional outsourcing trends. ➢ This business model is for Startups Entrepreneurs and ISVs that creates opportunities for increasing revenue and maximizing ROI thus enabling them to achieve business transformation together. ➢ The business model feasibility of BOMT explains how much it can be helpful for Startups. The gestation of a business idea results in the incubation of a product or service that the business will offer.

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BUILD ➢ Gestation of an idea evolves into a list of activities that are needed to create a product and service that the business idea lays the foundation of. We work from scratch to build a profitable business plan for you. ➢ Leo TechnoSoft performs the analysis of your companys needs cost involved strategic requirements and staffing needs infrastructure facilities and team. ➢ Planning a new venture isnt easy and we take this burden off your shoulder by creating the plan of action on your behalf. ➢ Our teams of business analysts plan the infrastructure resources to be deployed on project hardware and software needs and other operational requirements of the new project.

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Advantages Benefits ➢ Advantages : • Focus on product development • Flexibility ➢ Benefits : • Stay focused on your core business area • Lower Organization Costs • No worry of hiring talent • No concern for maintaining infrastructure

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OPERATE ➢ We will take care of all your operations as well The Operate phase solely means establishing the operational management services. ➢ It includes taking care of SaaS clustering and monitoring the servers 24 ×7. ➢ We take care of everything from process management to performance management quality assurance and target achievement. ➢ The team of dedicated resources for your new set-up is explained about the entire process and specific targets are set for project completion.

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Advantages Benefits. ➢ Advantages : • Process Expertise • Knowledge Preservation • Enables the team ready for productive work ➢ Benefits : • Team supervision • Infrastructure management • Server management • Technical support • Development processes all versions

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MARKET ➢ ‘Market’ is the USP as well as exclusivity offered by only Leo TechnoSoft in the industry. ➢ With the traditional B-O-T Model a crucial phase to stretch an organization’s presence i.e. expansion in the industry remains void. ➢ To overcome this situation Leo TechnoSoft’s Build-Operate-Market- Transfer BOMT model comes handy. ➢ The Market phase of is the crux exclusively offered by us. We help in expansion of the actual Sales to generate revenue brand through by Setting sales and Pre Sales channels. ➢ Our USP lies in the fact that we set up model in a cost-to-cost manner. Our profit goes into expansion to be on board to investment in the company. Our involvement to make things happen just adds to the success factor.

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Advantages Benefits ➢ Advantages: • Building Distribution and Value Added Resellers Channels • Sales to generate revenue • Pre Sales ➢ Benefits : • Establishing Market connection to generate revenue • Focus on meeting customer demand and selling • Exclusive focus on branding and lead generation

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TRANSFORM ➢ After the new process to take forward your business has been established the process ownership is subsequently transferred to you and it helps your business to raise next level of funding. ➢ This next phase of business aims at IT Acceleration aims to enhance the features or scopes of services offered by the product developed by the business organization. ➢ Finally what you get in return is an already operational facility that is backed by a team of experts. ➢ “Transform” part of BOMT model also includes with necessary patents in relation to your business that you need to register. We help you achieve those registrations.

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Advantages Benefits ➢ Advantages : • Owning a superior product with established sales and operation process. • Talented expertise to solve future hitches • Risk Diminution ➢ Benefits: • You can also easily market your product at low operational costs. • Leveraging process and procedural expertise • Future option to own facilities

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Leo TechnoSoft Snapshot Value offering Industries Overview - Global partner product development provider with delivery centers in Los Angeles Chicago and India Offshore. - Specializes in Cloud SaaS and Enterprise Product Engineering for Startups Entrepreneurs ISVSME. ❑ Technology ❑ Healthcare/Life Sciences ❑ Finance ❑ Retail ❑ Manufacturing ❑ Real Estate ❑ Partnered Product Development ❑ Technical Operation and Sales Management ❑ Expertise SaaS Cloud solutions ❑ Customer Relationship Management ❑ Sales and Marketing ❑ VC Connections and relationships 11

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OUR PRESENCE ✓ Adequate infrastructure to scale up at the drop of a hat ✓ Backend Data Center / Infrastructure set up ✓ Global Offices to support 24x7 Client Operations For more information email us at

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