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Guinness Relationship Marketing : 

Guinness Relationship Marketing Nourhan Ali @26777 Fatima Suwaidi @26951 Yara Alnisani @27065 Iman Fawaz @26813 Leena Kaziz @27735 Ghazal @27351

Background : 

Background Trends in the Irish alcohol market created a challenge for the Guinness’s market position Smoking ban was one of the reasons for less in-pub drinking, increasing the at-home drinking Customer loyalty rapidly decreased

Target Audience : 

Target Audience Loyal male Guinness drinkers age 21-60 Have a unique and emotional attachment to the brand “Unspoken” drinking ritual

Marketing Strategy : 

Marketing Strategy Maximize the value of the relationship between the customers and their pubs Cross-selling cans of Guinness Draught to those who drink at home

Objectives : 

Objectives Major: Gain 100k Guinness drinkers to the database To regain customer loyalty by the end of the first year Minor: Increase sales Convert 20% of loyal consumers to drink Guinness Draught at home

Solution : 

Solution “The Big Black Book” Pubs were willing to participate Point-of- sale posters Sign- up forms available at pubs Invitation to sign- up friends to watch matches of favorite sport

Results : 

Results “The campaign was a winner!” After three months, pub sign-ups increased by 8% and 70k customers were obtained Pub owners were satisfied with the campaign 73% of hosts participated The brand’s favorability rate was approx. 20% higher than the targeted rate

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