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Basics of Seo for beginners by NSDM India


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Introduction to SEO Ready to optimise your website Here’s what you need to know.

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WHAT IS SEO It is the process of optimizing a website to obtain high rankings in search engines which will increase the number of visitors on the website. AN OPTIMIZED WEBSITE... ★ Will rank on the search engine results page for a relevant search query ★ Has a user-friendly interface for desktops mobiles and tablets ★ If optimised well will boost business.

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★ SEARCH QUERY: The word or phrase that has been entered into the searchbar. It contains keywords that tell search engine crawlers use to create results. ★ SERP: This stands for Search Engine Results Page. It is the page of results that is displayed following a search query. ★ PAID LISTINGS: Created with Google Adwords these advertisements appear at the top and bottom of the SERP. Every time a paid listing is clicked on a certain amount of money is deducted from the business owner’s Adwords account.

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★ ORGANIC LISTINGS: The search results that are presented organically by search engine crawlers. Various ranking factors influence the positioning of these organic results. ★ KNOWLEDGE GRAPH: Also created by the search engine algorithm it is a rich card of information presented in an intelligent format. Knowledge graphs can be optimised for with the help of schema. Knowledge graph for search query “friends”

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WHY OPTIMISE FOR GOOGLE ★ GOOGLE’S GOAL: To provide relevant information in the fastest time possible ★ World’s leading search engine with market share of 80.5 as of 2017 ★ Ranking on first page of Google ranking on first page of Bing Yahoo etc.

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SOME GOOGLE TOOLS FOR SEO 1. Google Adwords ➔ An advertising service that allows business owners to advertise on Google ➔ The user can set a budget for their advertising campaign and money will only be deducted when their Ad is clicked on. ➔ Adwords is based on keywords: if a search query has relevant keywords to your Ad it will be shown on the SERP. ➔ WATCH: What is Google Adwords

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SOME GOOGLE TOOLS FOR SEO Why use Adwords ★ Good method to gain exposure for new businesses ★ You can reach the right people and at the right time with advanced and customizable ad settings ★ You are shown exactly how much you earn from each ad which helps you make economical choices for your business ★ Keyword research is facilitated with the keyword planner tool

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SOME GOOGLE TOOLS FOR SEO 2. Google My Business ➔ Puts your business on the Google map ➔ Use this tool to provide Google with relevant information about your business ➔ Boosts the accessibility of your business: customers are more likely to visit your business if they know your office hours your location and can contact you easily ➔ WATCH: How to add or claim your business on Google

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SOME REVENUE MODELS 1. E-commerce: Selling goods and services online is a primary source of revenue for e-commerce businesses. 2. Leads: Generating traffic on your business website is one of the main objectives of SEO. 3. Advertising: Use Google Adwords and Adsense to promote your business on the internet.

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SOME REVENUE MODELS 4. Affiliates: Revenue can also be generated by directing your customers to another website usually an e-commerce website. If a sale is made using your affiliate link you will receive a substantial commission. 5. Freelancing: Goods or services can be provided on freelancing platforms such as fiver guru and freelancer.

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BEFORE YOU BEGIN SEO Before you consider taking your business to the web YOU MUST… 1. Identify business objectives: Do you want to expand your client base to an international scale Do you want to remain local but become more accessible Or do you simply want to pick your business off the ground Knowing your objectives will help you make smart and effective choices when marketing online.

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2. Know your customers: How old are they What are they really interested in And where do they hang out on the internet Answering these questions will give you a comprehensive customer profile to target while carrying out digital marketing. BEFORE YOU BEGIN SEO

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BEFORE YOU BEGIN SEO 3. Know your trends: It is crucial to know what your target customers feel about your business idea. Use Google trends to understand growing and declining trends before making business decisions.

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