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Software testing is the medium by which application brilliance is enhanced. Software testing is used to do in each segment of the product life cycle i.e. from obligation specifications, design, coding, to the user acceptance.


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SOFTWARE TESTING is an investigation conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the product or service under test. Software T esting can also provide an objective independent view of the software to allow the business to appreciate and understand the risks of software implementation. T est techniques include the process of executing a program or application with the intent of finding software bugs.

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Software Testing involves the execution of a software component or system component to evaluate one or more properties of interest. In general these properties indicate the extent to which the component or system under test: meets the requirements that guided its design and development responds correctly to all kinds of inputs performs its functions within an acceptable time is sufficiently usable can be installed and run in its intended environments and achieves the general result its stakeholders desire.

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Testing could be done in two ways MANUAL TESTING It is the self-explaining test which is done manually. Manual testing is the most basic but most important form of software testing in which each function is observed through human vision. The person performs all those functions which are to b performed by the user in order to check all the functions as well malfunctions of the software. Then also the final product is not ready but is prepared to be ready for automation testing. AUTOMATION TESTING After the manual testing a final testing procedure is required to check whether all the debugging done through manual efforts is up to the mark or not. In order to do that software is required which could find all the errors missed my human efforts. Basically it is an automatic version of manual testing. It is time efficient and effective software with zero chances of mistakes.

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Some Career Tracks as a Software Tester When you have got the statistics of manual testing you can go for following specializations in the software testing: •Automation Testing: As an Automation Test Engineer the person will be responsible for automating manual test case execution otherwise it could be time-consuming in the process of testing. •Performance Testing: As a performance test engineer a person will be likely responsible for checking application responsiveness while in the process like how much time is taken to load the maximum load application can handle etc. The Tools used are WEBLoad LoadRunner. •Business Analyst: The advantages that Testers have over Developers is that they have an end to end business knowledge as well. Clear career progression for testers is to become a Business Analyst in the organizations. As a Business Analyst the person will do analysis and measure the company’s business model and workflows and particularly how to mix with technology. On this basis the remark person will suggest and drive method improvements in the process.

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THE SCOPE OF SOFTWARE TESTING Software T esting as a profession in which the software tester profile has seen strange growth. Software T esting has become mandatory for several application/products implementations and businesses have begun to do the testing of applications before their publication in the market. In recent times software testing is seen as a good profession for many. In the profession of a software tester from being a test engineer a person can become a senior test engineer from a test lead to a test manager and on the other hand a persona can become a QA lead or QA Manager in the end.

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Following are some of the key areas for Specialization in Software Testing: 1. The Domain Knowledge 2. The Automation Testing Tools Knowledge 3. Some Professional Certifications 4. Niche Areas in Testing. Software Testers are paid good salaries it is depending upon their level of experience and knowledge. Software Testers are paid as well as developers in most companies and firms and in the case of some minor firms they may even get paid more than the developers sometimes. Sometimes it is hard to find a good tester and the growth prospects are massive. Look out for software testing jobs you can contact us for more information if you want to be a software tester.

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