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A hybrid application (hybrid app) is one that combines elements of both native and Web applications. Native applications are developed for a specific platform and installed on a computing device.


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Hybrid Mobile Application www.northpolewebservice.com

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Mobile App Development A programmer can develop mobile apps based on his skills. If someone has got some serious programming skills he can built some pretty good mobile apps. You are going to need Software Development Tools (SDK) for developing apps. Such SDKs are available for various platforms on internet. So, first of all you need to setup SDK. Now, you need to know what kind of app you should develop. www.northpolewebservice.com

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Native Apps are the apps developed for a completely specific platform or device. Native apps are coded in a specific programming language such as: Java for Android Blackberry, and Objective C for iOS operating system . Native Mobile Apps www.northpolewebservice.com

Pros. of Native Mobile App:

O ffer maximum performance on that specific platform. Provide high degree of reliability due to their high degree of compatibility with the platform. Advanced User Interactions. High Capability. Pros. of Native Mobile App www.northpolewebservice.com

Mobile Web App:

Mobile Web app is not real applications. Web app runs in a browser. These apps are basically websites that look like native app. These apps are typically written in HTML 5. These apps make use of internet. These apps are like a webpage is running in an app. Mobile Web App www.northpolewebservice.com

Pros. of Mobile App Web Development:

Supports Multiple Platforms. Web Apps are much easier to maintain across multiple mobile platforms. Web apps do not require developers to submit their app to any app store for approval. Pros. of Mobile App Web Development www.northpolewebservice.com

Hybrid Mobile Apps:

A hybrid app is basically a blend of both a Native App and Web App Development Technologies. It has advantages of both the App development technologies. Hybrid Mobile Apps www.northpolewebservice.com

Pros of Hybrid Mobile App Development:

These apps allow code to be reused across platform. Hence making it compatible to multiple platform. The app’s interface and logic can be built and debugged in the web browser using and emulation framework. This lowers app development cost. Pros of Hybrid Mobile App Development www.northpolewebservice.com

App Strategy:

Strategizing builds a bridge between what we have and what we want to achieve. And to achieve this we keep the market updates as our friends and explore the latest tools and strategies that are introduced in the market. App Strategy www.northpolewebservice.com

App Designing:

App Designing After strategizing, the framework has to be executed a unique design has to be created that is user-friendly and easily accessible. It should meet the market requirement levels and should be updated with the latest software. www.northpolewebservice.com

App Marketing:

App Marketing A beautiful painting has no value if not bought by anyone, same as after making an app perfect marketing is necessary. We focus on marketing your app and making it stand out the list. We understand the value of marketing. www.northpolewebservice.com

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