Decorate Your House with Dried Star Fish

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The dried star fish is the best option for gift wrapping. Using the starfish on the gift wrap is the coolest way to highlight your gift wrapping.


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DECORATE YOUR HOUSE WITH DRIED STAR FISH The real starfish are dried to decorate your home. There are many varieties of starfish that are available to give a stylish look to the interiors of your home. Sugar Starfish Dried Decorating Your Home with Dried Star Fish A large selection of decorative starfish is available for art and craft projects as well as for home decor. Either you have a beach themed wedding or a themed party at your home the colorful dried starfish will add beauty to the occasion. For an elegant look the starfish can be decorated with glitter and ribbon attached to make it look beautiful.Starfish adds detail to the project and make it look more authentic. The dried star fish is the best option for gift wrapping. Using the starfishon the gift wrap is the coolest way to high light your gift wrapping. A ribbon wrapped with the starfish will give an ocean theme to your gift as well as impress the recipient of the gift. A collection of starfish will bind the attention of the guest when it is keptin the center of the dining table. It will create an ocean-themedcenterpiece for your table. When they are placed in the glass bowl on thetable it will remind you of the beautiful beach you visited. The size of the starfish varies from 1”+ to 10”+ which is available in the bags of 3 6 12 25 and 50. There is no specific size available with thestarfish. There can be larger as well as the smaller size available according to the request. The starfish are dried naturally without any chemical treatment and they are available in bulk. The bags or boxes of starfish are imported from Mexico.

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The box may contain small or big starfish with some of them still alive in the bag. When you treat them with a chemical spray they will die. When they are packed in the bag they may have broken points or legs. The sizes are not exact and there is no any specific color available as they are a natural product from nature. So get ready to give a perfect look to your house on special occasions.

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