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Chinchilla By Matthew

Chinchilla’s Body:

Chinchilla’s Body . It moves by it’s front and hind legs. And it’s joints in An chinchilla’s body is small and it’s really only grey and white no stripe’s. Its hind leg’s help the chinchilla’s body move. It’s back leg joint’s really help the chinchilla’s body move .

Chinchilla’s Habitat:

Chinchilla’s Habitat The chinchilla’s habitat is at a desert or at mountains . It looks like mountains and inside mountains. And it shares it’s home with nobody .

Chinchilla’s Way Of Life:

Chinchilla’s Way Of Life It’s only way of life is for the old one’s to bite or scratch any predators to protect their young. It’s only food is the predator’s that attack . Usually they don’t get that much food but in the summer it’s like a fiesta.

Chinchilla’s Importance:

Chinchilla’s Importance It’s importance is that there not harmful to man so they shouldn't be destroyed. The only reason why that they attack human’s is because either there attacking them or taking there home. Sometimes they only attack because there just scared of them.

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