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Timber Wolf:

Timber Wolf By:Danielle

Timber Wolf’s Body:

Timber Wolf’s Body The Timber Wolf is furry with a silvery fur color and it has long legs and a slick body . A Timber Wolf moves by using its legs, ears, tail, and mouth. The Timber Wolf eats anything smaller than itself such as rodents, birds, and even smaller wolves.

Timber Wolf’s Habitat:

Timber Wolf’s Habitat Timber Wolves can live in many places like desserts, Antarctic, and woodlands. A Timber Wolf will find or build a den on the outside it is sticks, mud, and dirt. On the inside it is sticks, soil, and straw. Timber Wolves live in packs(a group of Timber Wolves)sometimes Timber Wolves live alone these are called lone wolves .

Timber Wolf’s Way Of Life:

Timber Wolf’s Way Of Life A Timber Wolf has a special defense of very sharp claws and a speed of 22mph and with a bite force of 200 pounds it is one of the most feared creatures. Timber Wolves have 3 enemies bears, other wolves, and hunters. When a Timber Wolf gives birth to a baby it is called a pup due to it being related to dogs .

Timber Wolf’s Importance:

Timber Wolf’s Importance Timber Wolves are helpful to man. Native Americans credit the wolves in teaching them the importance of family and how to hunt and forage for food. Native tribes believed that the Timber Wolves were spiritual beings that gave magical powers. I picked the Timber Wolf because I knew very little about them and wanted to learn more about them and what they did. The most interesting thing I learned is that a pack of howling wolves can be heard from 10 miles away .

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