How Fractional Lasers Work

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Fractional laser therapy and skin care


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How Fractional Lasers Work :

How Fractional Lasers Work Norman J. Pastorek MD, FACS 12 East 88 th St New York City, NY 10128

The Process:

The Process Laser beam divides into thousand microscopic beams Penetrates epidermis, pass through dermis Targets just a fraction of skin at a time

Your Skin:

Your Skin Laser creates treated tissue surronded by untreated tissue Result: most patients experience quicker healing with factional laser therapy than with traditionnal laser therapies Procedure stimulates skin’s own natural healing process, including production of collagen Production increases, skin looks younger and fresher

Ablative vs. Non-Ablative:

Ablative vs. Non-Ablative Ablative Does targeted damage to outer layer of skin Subsequent healing process creates smoother, softer skin Non-Ablative Heats skin but less aggressive No damage to surface Results: fresher skin but may require multiple treatments


Treatment Conditions Wrinkles Scars Age spots Skin Discoloration Textural discrepancies Areas Treated Any area of body from: Face Neck Chest Back Arms Legs

Our Practice:

Our Practice Attractive option for patients with range of skin issues Obtaining wonderful results with gentle non-ablative fractional Clear + Brilliant laser Develop personalized combo of nonsrugical treatments to meet unique concerns

Janice Pastorek, RN, BSN:

Janice Pastorek , RN, BSN Dedicated many years understanding and advancing skin rejuvenation therapies Constantly seeking new therapies, technologies and therapies Passion- helping you achieve our self-image aspirations

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