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Neighbors for Wintersburg Wetlands Restoration: 

Neighbors for Wintersburg Wetlands Restoration

The NWWR Vision: 

The NWWR Vision Acquisition and re-integration with the Greater Bolsa Chica ecosystem Restoration of the wetlands, functioning as a natural treatment system Filtration of urban runoff that would otherwise flow into Huntington Harbour

IRWD Treatment Wetlands: 

IRWD Treatment Wetlands Type I -- Offline Type II -- Inline Type III -- Co-located Within Detention Basins

The Shea Parkside Vision: 

The Shea Parkside Vision Increased traffic problems Increased flood threat Increased water pollution Fire response deficiencies Miscellaneous other concerns

Increased Traffic Problems: 

Increased Traffic Problems

Increased Traffic Congestion: 

Increased Traffic Congestion Graham Street already congested at peak periods Congestion will be worsened by: Marine View gym (in progress) Parkside (proposed) Hearthside/Fieldstone (proposed) Circulation Alternative B needed to reduce the additional burden on Graham Street!

Restriping is a fraudulent mitigation that changes nothing!: 

Restriping is a fraudulent mitigation that changes nothing! The EIR proposes left-turn median striping to mitigate Graham congestion But drivers are already using a de-facto left-turn median of their own creation So painting some extra lines in the middle of Graham won’t change anything! How about conditioning for a traffic signal at Graham & Glenstone instead?

Increased Traffic Noise: 

Increased Traffic Noise Moderate traffic noise already from cars “punching it” on northbound Graham to get over the Wintersburg bridge A signal at Parkside will cause the same kind of noise for southbound Graham The EIR only discusses CNEL generalities without mentioning this traffic noise! CNEL inaccurate due to stale traffic study

Left Turn Trouble at Kenilworth: 

Left Turn Trouble at Kenilworth Backups caused by the Parkside signal will create left turn delays when exiting Kenilworth onto northbound Graham Southbound cars waiting at the signal will cause dangerous visibility problems “Keep Intersection Clear” striping won’t solve the visibility problem

EIR Deficiencies – Traffic Data: 

EIR Deficiencies – Traffic Data Warner Ave data collected in 1994 and 1996 Graham Street data collected in 1996 Traffic counts that are 6-8 years stale do not accurately represent current traffic levels! Some projected counts are dubious…

Omitted new commercial traffic: 

Omitted new commercial traffic (Meadowlark Plaza) Opened October 1994 Opened February 1995 Opened August 1998

Omitted Marine View Enrollment Growth of 14%: 

Omitted Marine View Enrollment Growth of 14% Most recent EIR traffic study 698 793 Source: OVSD

Omitted Glenstone U-turn: 

Omitted Glenstone U-turn

No Marine View dropoffs?: 

No Marine View dropoffs? Existing Existing plus Project Glenstone Glenstone Graham Graham

Graham & Glenstone Peak Traffic Thursday, February 14, 2002, 7:35AM – click on picture to start clip: 

Graham & Glenstone Peak Traffic Thursday, February 14, 2002, 7:35AM – click on picture to start clip

Glenstone U-turns September 6, 2002 – 7:33AM: 

Glenstone U-turns September 6, 2002 – 7:33AM

North Graham from Kenilworth September 9, 2002 – 7:31AM: 

North Graham from Kenilworth September 9, 2002 – 7:31AM

South Graham from Kenilworth September 9, 2002 – 7:31AM: 

South Graham from Kenilworth September 9, 2002 – 7:31AM

Increased Flood Threat: 

Increased Flood Threat

City/County Disagreement on Slater Pump Station permits: 

City/County Disagreement on Slater Pump Station permits Pump #5 apparently added illegally Bob Righetti insists no permits are needed for the new Shea pumps But the County insists that permits are REQUIRED! 05/27/98 County letter DEIR comment 09/04/02 County letter to Public Works

A lack of cooperation: 

A lack of cooperation City insists the original 1964 Slater Pump Station permit covers new Shea pumps Even though conditions have changed greatly in the past 4 decades, no new permit will be sought from the County The County has ultimate authority over the Wintersburg and should be consulted

Evading the safety limits?: 

Evading the safety limits? County required an automated stilling well throttle-back sensor for the Shields Pump Station to protect the Wintersburg No County permit and no such sensor planned for the Slater Pump Station The Slater Pump Station should be held to the same modern safety standards as the Shields Pump Station!

Increased Flood Threat: 

Increased Flood Threat Parkside adds to runoff in Slater Channel, so the pump station will be expanded… …but the County may require throttle-back limits to protect the Wintersburg Channel from overflowing Therefore if the Wintersburg is full, the new Slater pumps may not operate, thus increasing the risk of a Slater Channel flood

A Questionable CLOMR: 

A Questionable CLOMR “If the pumps are not operated at full capacity, the changes to the flood hazard information described in the CLOMR may not be accurate. In a separate letter, to Orange County Officials, we are expressing concern over this issue.” -- FEMA letter dated July 29, 2002

Shifting the Flood Risk: 

Shifting the Flood Risk Parkside runoff north of the Wintersburg will be sent south to the Slater Channel Existing Slater neighborhoods will be at risk during El Nino-class storms at Wintersburg high tide Shifting the risk burden to other neighborhoods is bad public policy, and so are single point of failure designs!

Increased Water Pollution: 

Increased Water Pollution

Increased Water Pollution: 

Increased Water Pollution Slater Channel is essentially an urban runoff detention basin Water evaporation results in concentrated pollution left behind in the channel Parkside will increase the number of pumping days where this concentrated brew is sent down the Wintersburg This scenario NOT mentioned in the EIR!

Leading edge or bleeding edge?: 

Leading edge or bleeding edge? Shea’s enhanced urban runoff water treatment won’t be finalized until the grading permit is issued so that the best future technology may be selected No opportunity for public input on this critical matter! Today’s “tried & true” can be better than tomorrow’s “bleeding edge”

What’s that awful smell???: 

What’s that awful smell???

Water Pollutant TMDLs are Coming for Huntington Harbour: 

Water Pollutant TMDLs are Coming for Huntington Harbour 303(d) pollutant limits will be established in the 2006-2010 timeframe, according to the Santa Ana RWQCB Adding Parkside pollution today will make it harder and more expensive to meet these limits tomorrow HB will be stuck paying the clean-up bill, not Shea!

The Parkside EIR Errata Proposal: 

"The City also proposes to remove the fire station designation and descriptions of a fire station on the site, found within the General Plan; since no lowland development was approved as part of the Bolsa Chica project and since Station #6 is currently operational, the City has determined that a fire station at this location is unnecessary." (Parkside EIR Errata) The Parkside EIR Errata Proposal

Response Time Testing: 

Response Time Testing “Station 6 has a consistent response time of 4 mintue 30 seconds to the intersection of Slater and Graham.” (F.D. Memo 9/4/02) Estimates consist of driving under normal conditions + one (1) minute of firefighter preparation. (per conversation 9/6/02 with Fire Division Chief Burney)

Response Time Testing (cont.): 

Response Time Testing (cont.) Response tests conducted from Edwards Station are only “to the intersection of Slater and Graham. This intersection is at the northerly boundary of the deficient area.” (F.D. Memo 9/4/02) “Tests conducted by the Fire Department demonstrate that Station #6 is capable of meeting the 5 minutes emergency response time for the project.” (Parkside EIR Errata)

The City has not studied estimated response times to actual existing homes…: 

The City has not studied estimated response times to actual existing homes…

Edwards Response Time Estimates: 

Edwards Response Time Estimates 6:00 - Greenleaf 5:15 - Glenstone 4:30 - Grhm/Slater 6:00 - Bates 5:45 - Candle 5:45 - Felson Hearthside/Fieldstone ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Cumulative Impact: Relocation of Heil Station: 

Cumulative Impact: Relocation of Heil Station Relocation proposed since the 1970’s. Desire for relocation is to better serve the northern, industrial end of the city. Even the EIR Errata still admits, “Additional impacts to current response times are anticipated with relocation of the fire station.”

Cumulative Impact: Relocated Heil Estimates: 

Cumulative Impact: Relocated Heil Estimates Production Station response time to Felson Circle (SE of Graham/Slater) is about 5 minutes 15 seconds. Production Station response time to Bates Circle (SW of Graham/Slater) is about 5 minutes 25 seconds.

Summary of Projections:: 

Summary of Projections: Warner Station does not meet response times. Edwards Station is “confident” that it can meet response times, but that is not yet official—still collecting real response data—and we feel is questionable based upon our tests. When Heil Station relocates, more doubt enters the time response picture for South Graham/Slater residents. EIR hasn’t fully addressed the impact to nearby residents caused by altering the General Plan.

What’s this still doing here?: 

What’s this still doing here? “concluded that the proposal is acceptable from a fire safety standpoint as long as a traffic signal is installed at the Graham access (refer to traffic mitigation) and Mitigation Measure 1 of this section is implemented. Implementation of Mitigation Measure 1 will reduce impacts related to the need for adequate response times and additional fire protection services to a level less than significant.” (Parkside Errata EIR) Why are mitigation measures still necessary if the development supposedly no longer has a response problem?

Your Guess is as Good as Mine: 

Your Guess is as Good as Mine There are just too many uncertainties whether response times to the ENTIRE deficient area are acceptable, either now or once Heil is relocated.

It’s truly a life-or-death decision.: 

It’s truly a life-or-death decision.



Accuracy Counts!: 

Accuracy Counts! Invalid maps at study sessions Missing sections from final EIR Egregious typos (“4 miles to Marine View”) Half-baked fire response testing Stale, fantasy traffic data Botched staff report distribution Staff in denial regarding County permit requirements for Slater Pump Station

It’s Simply a Bad Project!: 

It’s Simply a Bad Project! Too many negative impacts on existing neighborhoods Too many omitted impacts and non-mitigations in the very deficient EIR A failure of vision not in keeping with the forward-looking city that Huntington Beach ought to be!

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