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1st eBook Seminar in Iran www.iingroups.com/ebook 24 April 2007 Tehran - Simorgh Hotel Hamid Reza Saniie IIN Sales Director: 

1st eBook Seminar in Iran www.iingroups.com/ebook 24 April 2007 Tehran - Simorgh Hotel Hamid Reza Saniie IIN Sales Director


Hamidreza Saniie Sales Director of Integrated Information Network Integrated Information Network


Introducing IIN Our Mission Our Products and Services Our Partner Publishers Our Organization Our Territory: Countries Our Markets Consortiums Digital Library See IIN new site for more Information: www.iingroups.com

What is a real Digital Library?: 

What is a real Digital Library? Scientific Portals Standards & Patent Information Digital Dissertation & Conference Electronic Books Electronic Reference & Hand Books Electronic Journals Central and Core Database

What is next step in Digital Library?: 

What is next step in Digital Library? More than 100,000 E-Books Available from 300 famous publishers

What’s an eBook?: 

What’s an eBook? eBook is an electronic version of a print book that has been enhanced with features such as links from the Table of Contents, an embedded dictionary, keyword searchability, title or page marking and notes and full text searching.

Type of eBooks?: 

Type of eBooks? eBooks Text Books, Monographs, Year Books, Atlases, and more eReference Works Major Reference Works and Handbooks, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Directories eBook Series Book Series, Annual Reviews eAudiobooks Multimedia Books CoursePacks for e-Learning

eBooks Acquisitions Models?: 

eBooks Acquisitions Models? Purchase One time payment and perpetual access Annual Subscription One time payment and one year access

eBooks Acquisitions Models? Continue …: 

eBooks Acquisitions Models? Continue … Buy eBooks by the title (TitleSelect) Pick and Choose individual book titles Collaborative collection development (TitleDirect) Buying a collection of books in collaboration of publishers same as, best selling books, or famous universities collections Sets bundled by subject (Subject sets) Buying publisher’s predefined subject collections Patron-Driven Acquisition Purchasing books based on user statistics Shared collections Buying books via consortium

eBooks Acquisitions Models? New Techniques …: 

eBooks Acquisitions Models? New Techniques … Swapping Model (Safari) Slot Model Swapping eBooks during subscription Custom eBooks Building a new eBook from chapters of various eBooks CoursePacks Text Books A real e-Learning course pack to use in e-Learning programs

eBooks Main Features? : 

eBooks Main Features? Searching - Fully searchable PDFs & HTML Formats Full text searching within all ebooks in the platform New Price Modeling Buying books with various price model Much cheaper than print books Universities can buy eBooks with 10%-%90 discount Concurrent access Users have access to eBooks simultaneously Full archiving rights Availability Anytime 24/7 , Anywhere even out of university

eBooks Main Features? Continue …: 

eBooks Main Features? Continue … No shelf space needed It save a big amount of money that you can spend it on content No shipping & handling cost Invest more on content No risk of damage and theft Universities can buy eBooks until %90 discount Higher usage of content Book usage increase dramatically Usage statistics data Access to usage statistics from department to students level Copyright

eBooks Main Features? Continue …: 

eBooks Main Features? Continue … Searching with other resources Global search with Journals, References and other resources in publisher platform DOI in Chapter level Link from and to other resources Save, download , export and print capabilities MARC record and searchable from OPAC systems Fully integrated in your library catalogue Various authentications method Via IP, User Name and Password and Athens single sign on Reading books on PDA


E-Book Pocket Reader E-Books Features …


More content/service Attractive discounts Saves space Greater usage More transparency Easier to search Convenience (24/7 access ) Easier to cite Wider distribution Increased usage Global readership e-Book Benefits E-Books Features…

eBooks Publishers? : 

eBooks Publishers? Main Publishers Over 10 main publishers. They are publishing their own eBooks in their own platform Aggregators 3 main publisher. They are publishing ebooks from 400 other publishers in one platform

eBooks Publishers? Main Publishers: 

eBooks Publishers? Main Publishers Springer 15,000 eBooks Taylor and Francis 14,000 eBooks Elsevier 4000+ eBooks John Wiley 2200+ eBooks Thomson Gale 1000+ eBooks EI Referex 400+ eBooks CRC Press 1700+ Hand Books Annual Reviews 32 Book Series Thieme 48 Medical Atlas RSC 750+ Chem eBooks

eBooks Publishers? Aggregators: 

eBooks Publishers? Aggregators NetLibrary 125,000 eBooks Safari 5,000+ eBooks MyiLibrary 7000+ Medical eBooks MDConsult 120+ Medical eReference Books ebrary 35000+ e Books

eBooks Publishers? Springer: 

eBooks Publishers? Springer … the world’s largest STM book publisher, publishing more than 3,000 new titles each year … the first STM publisher to offer the complete publishing program online and on one integrated platform …offering an interdisciplinary eBook Collection of more then 15,000 books online and with 3,000 new titles added each year … providing access via SpringerLink … More than %27 academic books market share

eBooks Publishers? Elsevier eBooks offered in 18 subject areas: 

eBooks Publishers? Elsevier eBooks offered in 18 subject areas Agricultural and Biological Sciences ~ 220 books Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology ~ 290 books Chemical Engineering ~ 250 books Chemistry ~ 370 books Computer Science ~ 100 books Earth and Planetary Sciences ~ 250 books Energy ~ 40 books Engineering ~ 220 books + Environmental Science ~ 100 books Immunology and Microbiology ~ 115 books Material Sciences ~ 160 books Mathematics ~ 185 books Medicine and Dentistry ~ 80 books Neuroscience ~ 110 books Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmaceutical Sc. ~ 70 books Physics and Astronomy ~ 180 books Psychology ~ 190 books Veterinary Science and Veterinary Medicine ~20 books

eBooks Publishers? Taylor and Francis: 

eBooks Publishers? Taylor and Francis

eBooks Publishers? Taylor and Francis: 

eBooks Publishers? Taylor and Francis

eBooks Publishers? John Wiley: 

eBooks Publishers? John Wiley Currently over 2200 titles available Approximately 30-50 new titles published online each month Alerting service for Librarians – coming in 2007 Improved search functionality – coming in 2007 Improvements to book information (e.g. author information; book reviews) Flexible pricing models: One-Time Fee or Flexi-Subscription

eBooks Publishers? Thomson Gale GVRL: 

eBooks Publishers? Thomson Gale GVRL 1000 plus titles! Gale titles plus eBooks from an additional 24 publishers Cambridge, McGraw-Hill, Sage, Wiley No subscription model – you own the eBooks you purchase No minimum purchase required Searching across and within eBooks Results are delivered at the entry/article level Print or email an entire article, not just a page No ‘checkout’ – GVRL is always accessible Puts your reference content into circulation List of sources Search history MARC records Usage statistics

eBooks Publishers? Thomson Gale GVRL: 

eBooks Publishers? Thomson Gale GVRL + 450 encyclopedias, reference titles and almanacs Continuous simultaneous publication of new content in print / eBook formats Content from our various imprints will be included: St. James Press, Macmillan, Scribner, UXL, Schirmer, Lucent and K.G Saur Content from third party publishers Sage Publications: Encyclopedia of Terrorism Wiley: Encyclopedia of Telecommunications; Encyclopedia of Aquaculture; Encyclopedia of Global Environmental Change; Encyclopedia of Ethical, Legal and Policy Issues in Biotechnology Cambridge University Press: Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy, Cambridge World History of Food, Cambridge Dictionary of Scientists

eBooks Publishers? NetLibrary Academic Subjects: 

eBooks Publishers? NetLibrary Academic Subjects Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing 4% History: World and General 4% Education 6% Literature 10% Computers 12% Religion 4% Psychology 4% Business, Economics and Management 25% Social Sciences: General 18% Medicine 13%

eBooks Publishers? NetLibrary Academic Subjects: 

eBooks Publishers? NetLibrary Academic Subjects

eBooks Publishers? MyiLibrary: 

eBooks Publishers? MyiLibrary Thousands of doctors, medical students and nurses in libraries worldwide including: Amigos Consortium, USA National Health Service, England University of Toronto, Canada Solinet Consortium, USA Houston Academy of Medicine, USA Cover more than 7000 Medical Text Books, Reference Books and other Medical Resources

eBooks Publishers? MyiLibrary: 

eBooks Publishers? MyiLibrary Selected examples of key titles available in the latest edition follow; please ask for a copy of the title list and price calculator Surgery: 160+ titles Paediatrics: 250+ titles Nursing: 100+ titles Obstetrics and Gynaecology: 160+ titles Psychology: 600+ titles Pharmacology: 250+ titles

What’s 1st eBooks Festival and Virtual Exhibition?: 

What’s 1st eBooks Festival and Virtual Exhibition? Visit our Virtual Exhibition at www.iingroups.com/ebook

New news in IIN?: 

New news in IIN? New IIN Web Site (www.iingroups.com) IDL (Integrated Digital Library) Athens Federated Search Consortium News (MSRT, MOH, AZAD, …) Dissertations Full Text

For more information contact our product managers : 

For more information contact our product managers Springer Hamid Sheikholeslami Taylor and Francis Parvaneh Behrouzian John Wiley Hamid Sheikholeslami Elsevier Tina Karimian Thomson Gale Narges Saniei EI Referex Kamal Mahmoudi CRC Press Parvaneh Behrouzian Annual Reviews Parvaneh Behrouzian Thieme Parvaneh Behrouzian RSC Abuzar Ghaffari NetLibrary Hamidreza Saniie Safari Hamidreza Saniie MyiLibrary Hamidreza Saniie MDConsult Parvaneh Behrouzian ebrary Hamidreza Saniie

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