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Heading for China, Hong Kong, Taiwan – market overviews: 

Heading for China, Hong Kong, Taiwan – market overviews


Fukuoka Nagoya Sendai Sapporo Kunming Chengdu Hong Kong Ho Chi Minh City Hanoi Guangzhou Taipei Kaohsiung Hangzhou Shanghai Nanjing Beijing Dalian Seoul Osaka Tokyo NORTH EAST ASIA hub office regional office Austrade Locations in North East Asia Qingdao Wuhan Xian 6 markets 26 offices 40 points of presence Japan Korea China Hong Kong Taiwan Vietnam Ningbo Macau Shenzhen


Kunming Chengdu Guangzhou Hangzhou Shanghai Nanjing Beijing Dalian Office Sub-office Wuhan Qingdao   Hong Kong Shenzhen Tianjin  Trade Correspondent         Xiamen Macao Chongqing Xian Harbin Shenyang Ningbo Wuxi Kunming Chengdu Guangzhou Hangzhou Shanghai Nanjing Beijing Dalian 5 hub offices 12 regional offices Wuhan Qingdao Hong Kong Shenzhen Macau Ningbo Austrade’s Greater China network Xian ~ 120 staff Taipei Kaohsiung The largest network of any foreign government in China


North China – key facts Bohai Bay Rim - Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong, Liaoning Population - 230 million (17.5% of national total Rival to Yangtze and Pearl River Deltas as FDI magnet Austrade offices – Beijing, Dalian, Qingdao, Xia’an Trade Correspondents - Tianjin, Harbin and Shijiazhuang Beijing Major infrastructure upgrades for 2008 Beijing Olympics. Key focus for government related or dependent business. Mining & Energy Agribusiness Building & Construction Technology & Expertise Services Beijing Olympics 2008


Dalian Key gateway seaport with a population of 42 million Government’s ‘Revitalisation’ policy a major driver of economic activity Urban planning and Design Services Environmental Management Agribusiness Automotive Components and Service Industries Education Qingdao Capital of Shandong province (pop 91 million) – key eastern seaport Strong in agribusiness, electronics, consumer durables and chemicals Marine Building Materials and Technology Services Agribusiness Olympic related (Qingdao is venue for key sailing competition in China)


Xian Capital of Shaanxi province (pop 37 million). Key hub for west China and Government’s ‘Western Development’ strategy Incubator centre for software and associated information technology R&D Mining & energy Agribusiness Education Tourism Services ICT, software development


East China – key facts Yangtze River Delta (YRD) - Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces 15 cities with a population of 130 million Austrade offices – Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wuhan Trade correspondents - Nanchang, Hefei, Wuxi, Suzhou, Hongqiao Shanghai China’s largest city with a population - 17 million. Central to China's economy and gateway for foreign trade and investment. 50% of Australia's exports enter through Shanghai port - China's largest Telecommunications and related products and services Education/training Infrastructure, building & construction Environmental services and technolog Food and beverages Consumer, fashion, luxury items Marine related


Nanjing Capital of Jiangsu province (pop 74 million) Jiangsu - 2nd highest GDP in China Automotive components, dies & moulds Tourism, leisure (hotel development, management and marinas) Corporate, vocational training (preferrably offered in Australia) Building and construction Hangzhou Capital of Zhejiang province (pop 46.8 million). Hangzhou - voted by Forbes magazine - # 1 city in China for business Financial services (huge pool of private wealth) Tourism, leisure (hotel development, management and marinas) Luxury fashion and cosmetics Professional training (preferrably in-market) Sophisticated architectural design and environmental building materials Technology, brand uplift (high demand for growing private companies)


Ningbo Seaport in sub-provincial city of Zhejiang (pop 5.5 million) Ranked by Forbes in 2004 as second best commercial city in China By 2008 linked to Shanghai by world’s longest bridge (40 kms plus) Medical, natural, health products Arts, culture, performance related products and services Environmental infrastructure, building and construction Architectural and landscape design Tourism, leisure (hotel development and marine/marinas sector) Education and training, professional services Wuhan Capital of Hubei province (pop 59.8 million) Education Building, construction Automotive components Architectural design, urban planning Food and beverage (wine)


South China – key facts Pearl River Delta (PRD) – fasting growing economy in China Guangzhou the richest city in China Austrade offices – Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Kunming Trade correspondents -Changsha, Chongqing, Xiamen, Haikou and Nanning Guangzhou Capital of Guangdong province (pop 79.5 million) 25% of all Australian exports to China Agribusiness, food and beverages Building materials, architecture and construction services Education, training and professional services Consumer products (fashion, jewellery) Medical and natural health products Automobile – OEM and after market products Environmental protection Marine – yacht and training services


Shenzhen Sub provincial city of Guangdong China’s highest per capita income & 14% of China’s total exports Agribusiness, food & beverages, seafood Building materials & architecture design Education and Training High technology, ICT Logistics Chengdu Capital of Sichuan province (pop 87 million) Significant retail market and FDI magnet, centre of IT and finance Agribusiness, food and beverage Infrastructure & building materials Pharmaceutical ICT


Kunming Capital of Yunnan Province (pop 43.7 million) 10th highest annual per capita living expenditure on food Mining Horticulture Animal husbandry & agribusiness Food & beverage Biotech (particularly plant, animal husbandry and pharmaceutical)


Hong Kong – key facts Population of 7 Million (plus 22 million tourists) The world’s freest economy & a level playing field for foreign business 4,500 Australian companies exported to Hong Kong last year The most impulsive shoppers in Asia If it sells in Australia, it’ll probably sell in Hong Kong Food & beverages - A$ 7.6 billion market – Australia’s 2nd largest in Asia Importers, gourmet and major retailers always seeking new products Most restaurants per capita worldwide – 11,094 and growing! Health/Lifestyle - health conscious buyers seeking quality health products Vitamins, organics, supplements, cosmetics, natural products Technology Artworks, lifestyle products Fashion, jewellery Education and training services Building & construction materials and services


Macau Asia’s “Las Vegas” 500,000 people & 21 million tourists An import dependent market The fastest growing economy in Asia Food & beverages Gaming products and services Training and management services Hospitality products and services Building & construction materials, design, services


Taiwan – key facts Population of 22.6 million Australia’s 9th largest trading partner and 8th largest export market ‘Westernised’ consumer preferences & high spending power New market opportunities in niche sectors and specialty items Austrade offices – Taipei, Kaohsiung Taiwan’s average disposable income is one of the highest in Asia Help Taiwanese consumers spend their cash! Food and Alcoholic Beverages Biggest consumer expenditure sector New retail outlets for gourmet and imported foods Australian wine – imports up from A$4m to A$7.5m (2003 to 2004. Health/Lifestyle Consumers health conscious with money to spend on wellbeing Vitamins, supplementary products, organics, natural ingredients Lifestyle products.


Consumer Products Trendy young adults - strong purchasing power for imported goods. Single women, high disposable incomes Appetite for skincare, cosmetics, international luxury brands, fashion ICT/Biotechnology Global leader in leading-edge technologies manufacture ICT production exceeded A$80b in 2005 Natural partner for Australian innovation and commercialisation of R&D Services Financial services Education & training Management, consulting Building and Construction Major opportunity sector Design services, materials “Green” building products and technologies

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