Quick & Easy Personal Loan Online


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Get quick and easy Personal loan for salaried employees at low-interest rates from Nitstone Finserv. Check your eligibility and apply for an instant personal loan with quick approval.


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Quick & Easy Personal Loan Online:

Quick & Easy Personal Loan Online

What is Personal Loan? :

What is Personal Loan? Secured Loan A loan that is backed or secured by collateral which could be repossessed if the lender defaulted on the loan Unsecured Loan Unsecured loan: a loan that is not backed by collateral A personal loan is a type of debt which is made for personal, family, or household use, and which is neither a business loan nor a long-term mortgage loan.

Sources of loans:

Sources of loans

Detailed Process:

Detailed Process

Documents required For Self Employed:

Documents required For Self Employed

Documents required For Salaried:

Documents required For Salaried

Key Factors To Analyse:

Key Factors To Analyse “A contract that specifies the terms of a loan, as agreed to by the borrower and the Lender.” Know Your Customer (KYC) Amount of the loan Interest rate Tenure

Loan Repayment Schedule:

Loan Repayment Schedule EMI – Estimated Monthly Installment/Equated Monthly Installment EMI = (P * R/12) * [ (1+R/12)^N] / [ (1+R/12)^N-1], Where; P = Principal (loan amount); R = Annual Interest Rate; N = No. of Monthly Instalments Number of Installments Interest: Rate and Type

For Your Knowledge:

For Your Knowledge

Most Important To Remember!!:

Most Important To Remember!! Credit Information Bureau of India Limited (CIBIL) Credit Information Company: rates all loans taken from banks. 90% of loans sanctioned are to individuals with a credit score of 700 and higher!


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