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CheckinAsyst is an automated patient check in system, available in modules, which helps in flexibility and scalibility. Check in is done through tablets, kiosks and a mobile app with configurable workflows using electronic consent forms. https://www.healthasyst.com/Products/checkinasyst-automated-patient-check-in-system-modules/


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5 Reasons Why Electronic Consent Forms Are A Better Choice In The Patient Check-in Process What do you first do when a patient comes to your hospital or clinic for treatment Your receptionist or front office person may probably give them a form and ask the person to fill out all the pertinent details. Sometimes the details are clear while at other times it may be illegible. So there are many chances for you to enter wrong data into your system. Secondly you need to manually collate the forms and stack them for future reference – the entire process is time consuming tedious and labor intensive. Technology has brought about an efficient alternative to manual forms. Here are 5 reasons why electronic consent forms are a better choice in the patient check-in process not only at the healthcare facility but even from the comfort of where-ever the patient may be via an app. 1. Improved patient compliance One of the most important areas in providing healthcare is ensuring patient compliance. Even if the right treatment and drugs are provided the patient may not follow it correctly. Hence the expected results may not be achieved. In some cases incorrectly or improperly following instructions could lead to adverse effects. Electronic consent forms clearly details the patients medical history and other information of the medical procedures to be followed. So in case of any event you will have clear records of the complete treatment and follow-up procedure. Moreover an electronic form is not easily lost like a paper form. So both the patient and the healthcare provider can refer to this form at any point of time greatly enhancing patient compliance. For healthcare providers and facilities - the clear detailed information on the treatment history decrease the possibility of adverse legal proceedings. 2. Control access A paper form can be accessed by anyone copied or destroyed. This is difficult in case of an electronic form where controls can be placed over who has access to the information and who has the authority to change / update the details in the form. Even if any changes or updates are made it can be easily traced back to the person who has made the changes. The patient check in app not only ensures patient confidentiality but also safety of critical patient data. So access control for patient provider and facility can be pre-programmed into the software depending on the specific requirements of the facility.

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3. Data accuracy As mentioned earlier the probability of errors are greatly reduced by digitizing the patient entry form. Moreover as all the data is digitized it can be easily transferred to the different departments without worrying about loss or modification of data. 4. Streamlined documentation The patient check in app brings all the work flow of all the departments on to one platform. So from the time a patient checks in to the time the encounter is completed the entire medical procedure can be streamlined using this software application. It reduces multiple or duplicate documentation and makes the entire procedure transparent for all parties involved. 5. Efficient pre and post treatment monitoring If the patient has to come in for a test or consultation before the actual treatment or if there are follow up tests consultations physio or more which needs to be done the healthcare provider and the patient can be informed as all the details will be available in the electronic consent forms. The software application can be programed to automatically send reminder emails and notification messages to patients ensuring better response and compliance. After the treatment is completed patients can also be asked to send their feedback and experience with the healthcare provider. All these features can be programmed into the patient check in app based on requirement.

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