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A Presentation on Excel Crop Care Ltd. : 

A Presentation on Excel Crop Care Ltd. Guidance From: Prepare by: Rupal Desai Nilesh Gusai

Manpower : 

Manpower If the company have modern technology but company does not have sufficient worker then company can not achieve its goal. Findings: There are 300 employee working in the organization out of them 96 employee are working fulltime. Company has 4 swifts. While offering the job company made contract which has the period of 1 year by making the contract company has great impact on organization.

Recruitment : 

Recruitment As the company is producing fertilizer company need special staff to run company smoothly. So to find special staff the company is doing recruitment as the main part of function of company. Findings: Excel has unique recruitment process first of all company verifying vacancies, finding candidates, selecting by interviewing and taking health test at last. Excel recruiting worker from local only. The company providing to facility to candidates apply online. While there is any vacancy in company giving advertisement in newspaper and internet.

Training & Development : 

Training & Development Manpower is important for any organization but not only the manpower is needed to achieve the goal company must have well trained worker with them to achieve goal easily and effectively. Findings: First company assign work to candidates then every day supervision is made over the worker to see the strength and weakness of the worker upon this evaluation the training is given. Excel do placement permanent or temporary upon the requirement of the company.

Training & Development : 

Training & Development To give training company has training department. Company uses on the job training. It is depend upon the workers capabilities. Company has special trainer which is insider and outsider. If the promotion is made then company give again training to the promoted worker.

Performance Appraisal : 

Performance Appraisal Every unit pay salary and extra facilities to attract new employee. As the same Excel pay good amount of salary and extra facilities. Findings: Excel make performance appraisal every 1 year. The appraisal is made on the basis of the performance. Company has special raters which called assessee, assessor and observer.

Performance appraisal : 

Performance appraisal Performance appraisal is achievement oriented. Rating is given as per the achievement. For rating 4 : Achievement above the target 3 :Achievement equal to target 2 :Achievement below target above standard output 1 :Achievement below the standard on this rating performance appraisal is given

Motivation : 

Motivation For any organization to maintain the people in organization and to decrease the labor turn over rate motivation is the main instrument. Findings: Excel company also motivate employee give bonus , do cultural activity like playing holy. Enjoying surprise birthday. All the employee have 13 live in the year in this day salary is not cut.

Social Welfare : 

Social Welfare Excel knows that without employee it would not have been possible for them to realize their dream.  Hence employee’s wellbeing and welfare is their foremost concern. company provides employee to the best working conditions, thinks about their growth, safeguards their interests and carries out its social responsibilities towards employee.

Conclusion : 


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