A Statistical Analysis of Contemporary Maritime Pi

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A Statistical Analysis of Contemporary Maritime Piracy: 

A Statistical Analysis of Contemporary Maritime Piracy Robert Easby MRes Technology in the Marine Environment Image source: www.pirateweapons.com


Contents Why Piracy? Types of Piracy Piracy Hot Spots Figures Project Methodology Industrial Collaborators Next Step Image source: www.mayadiscovery.com

Why Piracy?: 

Why Piracy? Serious issue Recent rise in incidences Incidences are becoming increasingly more violent Millions of dollars in revenue are lost every year as a direct result Photograph by Nitin Vadukul

Types of Piracy: 

Types of Piracy

Small scale Piracy: 

Small scale Piracy Rob the crew and depart Attacks usually take place whilst the vessel is at anchor or in port Ship’s safe is often targeted Occasionally the ship is taken to be sold

Large Scale Piracy: 

Large Scale Piracy Rob the crew and steal the cargo Cargo that is easily disposed of is usually targeted, such as timber, metals and minerals Occasionally the ships engines are taken Usually part of a larger criminal organisation


“Phantom-ships” Steal the ship Re-paint, re-name, re-flag and re-register the ship Offer the services of the ship to a shipper Sail to an undisclosed destination Unload the cargo to be sold, then repeat the process Nearly always part of a larger criminal organisation

Piracy Hot Spots: 

Piracy Hot Spots Map source: www.edreams.it


Figures Source: Mark Bruyneel, ‘Modern Day Piracy Statistics’

Project methodology: 

Project methodology Determine which factors influence piracy activity Assign these factors quantitative values Using both these values, and figures for frequency of attacks, construct a multiple linear regression analysis of the situation

Industrial Collaborators: 

Industrial Collaborators International Maritime Organization

Next Step: 

Next Step Continue to read up on the subject Finalise the statistical side of the project - determine the influencing factors - look into how to assign values to these qualitative factors - plan the design


Summary Piracy is a real problem Global issue Aims - draw attention to the problem - go someway to understanding why it occurs. Image source: www.wargamer.com

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