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Design of Eco HouseMaldives: 

Design of Eco House Maldives Training Program for Architects on eco-design 08/08/05 – 13/08/05 Bangkok, Thailand Hussain Naeem Mohamed Ali Ismail Rasheedh Ibrahim Farih Ahmed Tholhath



Site Analysis: 

Site Analysis Climatic Conditions South West Monsoon (May – Nov) North East Monsoon (Jan – Mar) Average Temp : 28˚C Humidity : 73 – 85 % Annual Rainfall : 1948 mm Wind : 7 – 12 Knots Vegetation Beach

Potential Design: 

Potential Design Concept - Zero Emission Building Eco Design Philosophy Form Light Ventilation Efficiency and Management External Environment Control

Potential Design – Ground Floor: 

Potential Design – Ground Floor Sitting Room Office Patio Swimming Pool Shower Dining Backyard Seating Kitchenette Pump Room Male Toilet Ladies Toilet Store Meeting Room Reception/Lobby Sub Terra Drive way

Potential Design – First Floor: 

Potential Design – First Floor Terrace Bed room Toilet Balcony Atrium

Potential Design: 

Potential Design

Current Status of the Demonstration: 

Current Status of the Demonstration Workshop in the Maldives on eco housing Identification of Eco House design team Identification of Scope of Works Site visit and site selection Seeking Financing GoM funds Seeking external funds Participation at Eco Housing Training Programme


Cost Ground Floor Area: 350 sqm First Floor Area: 350 sqm Pool Area: 90 sqm Building cost: US $ 430000 Excluding Major Building Components Solar Cell Wind Mill Integrated Cooling System Technologies Interlocking blocks Finishes

Action Plan: 

Action Plan Design of Eco House at Hanimaadhoo : GoM Consult with regional experts on proposed design Finalise Design and Costing Secure funding Transfer of required technology and training Construct Eco House Conduct awareness programmes on eco house Commission and monitor project Evaluate feed back from eco house project

Expectations from the regional experts: 

Expectations from the regional experts Continual consultation during the design process Recommend and help transfer technology and know how regarding eco friendly housing Evaluate and comment of final proposed eco house design Provide consultation during the construction phase of eco house Assist in the commissioning and production of a manual on building management for the eco house Assist in the evaluation of data feedback from the eco house project

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