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I was hoping that you can share this presentation (Jesus Builds the Church) to us.. but then when i clicked on the presentation it was not available anymore.. too bad! why put this presentation here if you cant share it with others. its useless!!!

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The Church That Jesus Builds: 

The Church That Jesus Builds Understanding the Basic Purpose and Nature of the Church. Matthew 16:18

Church Basics: 

Church Basics Matthew 16:18 Jesus builds His church Jesus uses people as his 'building blocks' Jesus’ church is an 'attacking' church Jesus’ church is a victorious church

Jesus Builds His Church: 

Jesus Builds His Church 'I will build …' = Jesus is the 'builder' 'I will build …' = Jesus is going to succeed 'I will build …' = It is a process and it takes time '… My church' = Jesus is the 'owner' of the church

Jesus Uses People to Build With: 

Jesus Uses People to Build With ' … upon this rock, I will build …' Peter = 'Petros' = 'rock or stone' 'Petra' = large projecting rock, cliff, worthy of a foundation C.f. Matthew 7:24f.; 27:51, 60 'living stones' … 1 Peter 2:4-5 Ephesians 2:19-22  4:16 Buildings and structures must never become more important than people

Jesus’ Leads Us into Warfare: 

Jesus’ Leads Us into Warfare Jesus is not building a 'retirement center' but a highly trained war machine … Who are they attacking, invading, or defending themselves from? 'the gates of hades' … Ephesians 6:10f. 2 Corinthians 10:3f. They are 'superior in strength' … Luke 23:23

Jesus’ Builds a Victorious Church: 

Jesus’ Builds a Victorious Church '… shall not prevail against it' (NKJV) ' … will not overpower it' (NASB) Foundation for confidence … Romans 12:13-21 Guaranteed victory … with guaranteed results  Acts 2:41, 47; 4:4; 5:14, 28

Our Response?: 

Our Response? Let Jesus build you into His body … Accept Jesus … Assemble together (house church) Pray, worship, learn together Wait for the Holy Spirit’s power Evangelize – move out and attack with love Take risks and expect victory …

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