Variety of Ab Exercises for Men

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Variety of Ab Exercises for Men

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Ab exercises for men include variation of upper, lower and oblique abs exercises. They can help build muscles for a healthy and well-shaped abdomen and body.

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Upper abdominal exercises are crunches, butterfly crunches, arm extension and supported crunches. Lower exercises for the abdomen includes pelvic tilt and knee up crunches. In pelvic tilt, you need to lift your lower body or torso while your body is reclined on the floor and your knees are bent apart. Stay on that position for one or two seconds. Repeat the exercise for 15 to 20 minutes depending on your capability to lift your body.

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An oblique abdominal exercise to include as one of the ab exercises for men is to place a wooden rod at the back of your head while you sat on the floor with legs spread apart. Slowly twist your body from left to right as you feel the effect on your muscles. Repeat the procedure for around 20 times to reduce excess fat on the hips and legs.

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In performing ab exercises for men, you can make use of a Swiss ball. Sit on the ball with feet wide apart on the floor. Lean back and stretch your arm pointing them to the ceiling. Tighten your abs like your crunch exercise as you try to reach the ceiling. Maintain in that position for around three seconds and then straighten your body again similar to the original position. Do this exercise for ten times.

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