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If you would take a look at the top trends of today, you will never realize that a Harley-Davidson can exist for almost 115 years but was never behind in the evolution and it happened to keep its trademark as it is during the transition period from centennial to millennial time.


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slide 1: Page 1 From a Centennial Harley-Davidson getting better to Millennial Harley-Davidson If you would take a look at the top trends of today you will never realize that a Harley- Davidson can exist for almost 115 years but was never behind in the evolution and it happened to keep its trademark as it is during the transition period from centennial to millennial time. If you are someone who desires to own a motorcycle what specifications and qualities are you looking for Do you want a heavy but vigorous bike with a loud appealing sound and a modern classic look that distinguishes itself among others If yes then you’re one of the many people that are enticed with the features present in each motorcycle that the Harley-Davidson Inc. manufactures. The Harley-Davidson is well-known for its trademark sound vintage look and its enduring power. This motorcycle don’t just have customers they have fans and patrons. This proves that Harley-Davidson is a brand with a very strong personality that appeals to all motorcycle-enthusiasts out there. Aside from motorcycles the company also has their own line of merchandised items like clothing collectibles from toys and scale-figures and even video games based on their motorcycles and they are being licensed under the Harley-Davidson brand. What made Harley-Davidson a Harley Davidson In 1903 William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson introduced the first production of a Harley- Davidson motorcycle to the public. They built a motorized bike with a 3-1/8 inch bore and 3-1/2 inch stroke. The factory in which they worked was a 10 x 15-foot wooden shed. Arthurs brother Walter later joined their efforts and on 17 th of September 1907 William Davidson joined the force too. Harley-Davidson motorcycle won a 15-mile race on 4 th of July in 1905 with a time of 19:02. And in 1908 Walter Davidson scored a perfect 1000 points at the 7th Annual Federation of American Motorcyclists Endurance and Reliability Contest. Harley-Davidson outshined their competitors both in sales and racing. In 1909 they introduced the first V-twin powered motorcycle. With a displacement of 49.5 cubic inches the bike produces seven horsepower. The image of two cylinders in a 45-degree configuration would fast become one of the most enduring icons of Harley-Davidson history.

slide 2: Page 2 Other manufactured items like the twin-cam V-twins overhead-cam V-twins and 4-valve V- twins built by the company before 1920 were all based from their first V-twin engine. In 1912 the company introduced their product to overseas during their first motorcycle export to Japan. Four years later they began to publish a magazine called “The Enthusiast” for their customers and is considered as the longest published motorcycle magazine in the world. A fact that proves Harley-Davidson is one of the strongest and powerful motorcycle brand in the world is that Harley-Davidson produced 90000 motorcycles for United States Military during World Wars I and II. For that they received an Army-Navy “E” Award for Recognition of the Great Performance for this reliable Machine in 1943 and 1945. The company resumed in their production of motorcycles available for civilians before Thanksgiving in 1945. that survived the toll of the Great Depression. The company has survived numerous ownership arrangements subsidiary arrangements periods of poor economic health and marketplace. Product quality as well as intense global competition during the Great Depression. The company also has protected the integrity of its trade name and other trademarks in the In the early 1930s Harley-Davidson and Indian were the only motorcycle manufacturers in AmericaHarley-Davidson overcame successfully many infringement cases in federal courtrooms across the country. Rising up from such a devastating trials Harley-Davidson was advertised through tremendous movie production used by the most prominent actors. Here are some to mention 1. Ghost Rider Rider: Nicholas Cage Bike Name: Panhead-based Chopper 2. Robocop 2 Rider: Peter Weller Bike Name: FXSTC Softail Custom 3. Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man Rider: Mickey Rourke Bike Name: 1989 FXR 4. Terminator 2: Judgment Day Rider: Arnold Schwarzenegger Bike Name: 1990 Fat Boy 5. The Expendables Rider: Mickey Rourke and Sylvester Stallone Bike Name: Harley-based Chopper

slide 3: Page 3 Millennial time as today the Harley-Davidson grew and has upgraded for the better. Harley- Davidson introduces eight new lineup models for 2018 which was loaded up with plenty of awesome upgrades that are fit with today’s technological trends and demands. Keyless ignition USB ports and LED headlights will now be standard on all models. Other features such as ABS and cruise control come standard on some models but are available as an option on every model and the chassis will also weigh up to 35 pounds less than the previous models. “The motorcycle manufacturer has wholly embraced its identity as the vehicular embodiment of ‘freedom’ ‘individualism’ ‘rebellion’ and the ‘American way’” Hydar Saharudin states in his blog post called How Harley-Davidson Rode To Iconic Brand Status Through Word-of-Mouth. Gearing up from generation to generation the Harley-Davidson has created a community of Harley- Davidson riders that has more than a million members in 25 countries today. Matthew S. Levatich current CEO and President of Harley-Davidson Inc. stated that their goal over the next 10 years is to build the next generation of Harley-Davidson riders worldwide and their long-term strategy is all about growing ridership in the U.S. growing reach and impact internationally and growing share and profit in every market we serve.

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