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Simulation Presented by: Bulbul Sharma Tanvi Gupta


Contents Simulation-meaning Steps in simulation process Advantages Disadvantages Comparison of simulation system with programming languages


Simulation-Meaning Simulation is a process of designing a model of real system conducting experiments with this model purpose of understanding the behavior for the operation of the system.

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System: Collection of entities, ex- people and the machines that act and interact towards the accomplishment. State: Collection of variables necessary to describe a system at a particular time relative to the objective of study. -System can be discrete and continuous.

Steps in Simulation Process:

Steps in Simulation Process Formulate the problem and plan the study - problem of interest is stated by manager - meeting conducted -overall objective of study and other issues discussed -time frame for the study and required resources

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Collect the data and define the model -collect information on the system layout and operating procedures -Is the conceptual model valid? Construct a computer programs and Verify -in programming languages( c ++ or FORTRAN -Simulation software (WITNESS, STELLA)

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Make Pilot Run Is the Programmed Model Valid Design experiments Make production run Analyze output data. Document, present and use result


Advantages Estimates the performance of existing system Maintain much better control Allows to study a system with long time frame Useful for sensitivity analyses Used as pre-test to try new policies and decision rule


Disadvantages Some simulation may take longer period of time to develop Produce different result in repeated run Does not generate optimal solution User has to provide all constraint

Simulation packages Vs. programming languages:

Simulation packages Vs. programming languages Provide most of the features Result significant decrease in time and production cost Provide natural framework for simulation modeling Easier to modify and maintain Detection of error and automatically checked

Advantage of programming languages over Simulation software:

Advantage of programming languages over Simulation software Most modelers already know programming languages but not simulation software require less execution time Greater flexibility User friendly Cost should be low

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