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The Law Office of Nhan Nguyen, MD, JD, MSF has been serving injured clients for over 13 years. With extensive knowledge of both law, medicine and business finance, lead attorney, Nhan H. Nguyen, MD, JD, MSF has the skill and experience to help clients navigate the complex areas of personal injury and insurance claims to help maximize damages in recovery - he has done this successfully for hundreds of clients for millions of dollars in settlement.


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Nader Rabie | Nhan Nguyen | What If Lawyers Were Paid Like Medical professionals?


We are continuously pestered with stories concerning how inefficient our United States health care system is as well as just how much it sets you back. From the media reports and short articles it is clear that lots of people outside the healthcare world have no suggestion how tough, untidy and also inconsistent the globe of payment within medical care can be (and frequently is).  


Suppose Attorneys were paid like Medical professionals?   I chose to do a little tongue in cheek contrast with another career which probably has the simplest invoicing technique, our friends in the legal fraternity. No violation is meant to my buddies in the lawful profession by this article and also all common please notes are pled for ... (so please do not file a claim against).


Let's take into consideration an easy workplace see:.   A brand-new customer has a 40 minute consultation to talk about a straightforward agreement dispute with a proprietor. A beautiful average procedure including a review of the lease contract and supporting records. After half an hour of discussion with the client a strategy is consented to as well as a lawful assistant takes the client into an additional area to complete an action letter to the property owner. Nader Rabie


Now the enjoyable starts ...   Based on the intricacy of the review (being a simple agreement) as well as the moment involved our attorney pal is going to bill a new client level 3 browse through (99203 ). So here we go:.


The attorneys front workdesk personnel has actually currently filled the clients insurance policy right into a payment system and also verified the advantages. The good news is this commercial insurance coverage had on line verification so really did not require a 15 min phone call (with 10 minutes on hold).


The see should be plainly documented. Not simply the letter however the outline of the thirty minutes discussion and also key elements of the conversation. Don't forget to sign as well as date it . The letter must be finished then reviewed and also authorized by the attorney with a copy mosting likely to the client in addition to going along with documentation describing any various other actions gone over throughout the check out.


Once every one of this is done a digital bill should be sent out to the insurer via the clearinghouse with all the required electronic codes appropriately filled and names spelled correctly . All working out the insurer will certainly process the charge as well as put into their pending repayment folder so they can hold the repayment for one month. If anything is missed on the digital case our attorney can expect to get an obscure rejection of some kind which will require 15-20 minutes additional job by a special invoicing team to take care of as well as resubmit (starting the thirty day settlement clock once again).


Nhan Nguyen Thirty days later our legal representatives gets a payment of $200 for all the job ... However wait ... Two months later on our buddy is encouraged that the patients insurance policy has been retro described and also the insurance coverage plan repossesses its $200.


Currently the lawyers unique billing staff is included once again as well as with another thirty minutes of job they find the client had actually changed to Medicaid without informing the front workdesk so they need to bill them. They get to resubmit the expense again to the Medicaid insurance provider and also wait 30 more days.


Woohoo , the payment comes via in a month ... Our legal representative close friend gets to bank the $78.61 for all that job. How quickly we would have less Legal representatives than Medical professionals.

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