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Presentation Description, a division of Pro West Wall Products Inc., specializes in the supply of FRP (fiberglass paneling), Stainless Steel panels, laminate paneling, Door and Wall Protection and more. We are very proud to offer these products and services to you with our experienced and professional team. Our devoted team is excited to offer these products at the level of quality and attention to details that is required on commercial construction projects.


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Finish Options FRL ® panels are available in 7 different fnishes designed to enhance the look and texture of any project. For quicker processing of your sample request kindly use the designated fnish code at the end of the pattern code number. Please contact your local Pionite representative or visit for fnish samples grade and sheet availability. Ashwood Z is a fne wood fnish with a cathedral grain. Crystal j is a fne pebble grained fnish with a medium gloss. Line Z oZ is a deeply embossed linear woodgrain fnish. Linen ol is an embossed cloth-like fnish. Soft Leather C is a fnely grained leather fnish. Suede N is a low gloss textured fnish. Wood Essence I is a natural-appearing linear woodgrain fnish. An Addition Al ch Arge Applies Sheet Size Availability Suede N Crystal j Soft Leather C Ashwood Z and Wood Essence I are available in 3 4 5 widths × 8 10 lengths. Linen ol and Line Z oZ are available standard in 4 × 8. Other sizes are available on a project by project basis. All c Arry A five 5 sheet minimum of A color And size. Custom Digital Graphics Panolam can expand your creative vision with in-house custom digital graphics. Whether your design calls for a unique photo company logo or one-of-a- kind illustration Panolam has the skill and technology to bring your ideas to life. Ideal for wall murals feature walls headwalls school logos elevator cabs. Environmental Features Make Pionite FRL ® panels your frst choice when specifying materials. • Low VOCs and GREENGUARD ® certifed • By formulating our own resins we can assure you of an eco-conscious manufacturing process • Manufactured with decorative paper from recycled or renewable sources to help preserve our forests and promote a healthier environment • Distribution centers are strategically located across the country to reduce the use of fossil fuels when delivering our products • Does not support bacterial growth mold/mildew Take a closer look at See what makes our FRL ® panels so unique: FRL ® Fiber Reinforced Laminate is an innovative wall and door surfacing product from Panolam. Engineered and manufactured to exacting standards FRL ® decorative surfaces provides high-impact protection 13 times higher than rigid vinyl and substantially lower smoke and fame spread than other competitive products. This wall panel provides ease of installation job-site workability long lasting style and exceptional durability year-after-year. High Wear Surface Decorative Paper Fire Resistant Substrate Fiber Reinforced Core Fire Resistant Substrate Decorative Paper Overlay Molding Profles Installations can be completed with easy-to-use seam treatments. Available in aluminum and several color coordinated PVC moldings. Color matched silicone caulking is also available. Moldings are sold in 10 lengths. Molding profles are not shown at actual size. X ic-000 Inside Corner 2-piece kit X cr -000 Outside Corner Round 2-piece kit X sc-000 Standard End Cap Xdb-000 Division Bar 2-piece kit X cf -000 Outside Corner Flat X fb-0000 One Piece Flat Division Bar FRL ® Panel Highlights Class A Fire Rated cl Assific Ation bAsed on ul Approved substr Ate And glue being used High-impact strength Available with chemical resistant surface meets SEFA 8 Exceptional cleanability without harsh chemicals Extraordinary wear protection Available in over 200+ Pionite colors and patterns Can be laminated to various substrates NSF approved for horizontal and vertical applications UL/ULC certifcation Can be ordered as IMO Certifed FRL ® surfaces have been tested in accordance with the international Maritime Organization IMO A.65316 and meets Parts 2 and 5 of Annex 1 of the IMO FTP Code. Facilities Airports Daycare centers Hospitals Hotels/Casinos/Resorts Lab/Clean rooms Nursing homes/Assisted living Restaurants/Dining halls Retail environments Schools/Universities Spas/Health clubs Supermarkets Uses Boat/RV interiors Commercial kitchens Corridors Doors/Kickplates Elevator cabs Headwalls in patient rooms Lobbies Restrooms/Toilet partitions Retail areas/Checkout areas Transit systems: bus subway rail Wainscoting/Wall cladding FRL® fIber re INfor Ced lam INate

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1.888.FRL.WALL 1.888.375.9255 Pionite’s FRL ® decorative surface provides the durability cleanability and Fire Class A rating needed for the most challenging installations without compromising aesthetics or safety. The quality and versatility of the FRL ® panels make them the ideal wall surfacing solution in almost any environment. Available in 200+ colors and patterns. How to Specify: EXAMPLE Color Name Graphite talc Color Reference Number Fa502 Texture Suede N Size 3 × 8 or 3× 10 4× 8 or 4× 10 5× 8 or 5× 10 f A812 Rock On f A197 Rocky Road f A796 Viola f A134 Louise f A239 Hazel f A413 Theodore f A439 Abraham f A455 Candela f A777 Frederick f A402 Wilhelmina f A012 Shooting Star f A637 Harold f A494 Black Granite f A758 Arctic Flash f A821 Pyrenees Marble f A166 White Fiesta f A522 Rock of Ages f A362 Polar Cap f A883 Natural Limestone f A420 Rock Around the Clock f A338 City of Lights f A764 Rocky Mountain High f A799 Santiago f A898 Agatha f A819 Bernard f A433 Rose Granite f A784 Cornwall f A813 Hedgerow f A333 Estella f A208 Upland Stone denotes the iN dul GeN ce collectio N ™ denotes new from the Quarry collectio N ™ f A320 Mineral Talc f A805 IL Palio Papel f A709 Streets of San Francisco f A120 Connected Cubes f A477 Cardamom Fiber ™ f A007 Macadamia Nut f A382 Beige Linen fw946 Mocha Almond Fudge f A419 Manila Linen f A159 Ginger Snap f A634 Star of the West f A366 Here Comes the Sun f A890 Chamomile Fiber ™ f A107 Cinnamon Fiber ™ f A155 Moroccan Fresco f A849 Oasis in the Desert f A245 Mellow Marron f A037 Mud Pie f A435 Cressida f A518 Olive Organix f A284 Passin Through f A196 Gold Pannin f A339 Groundswell f A385 Grandiose Grid f A023 Phoenix f A581 Graveyard of the Atlantic f A854 Storm Cirrus f A201 Kale Fiber ™ f A599 Agean Fresco f A017 Emerald Santos f A653 Thyme Fiber ™ f A803 Tropical Getaway f A469 Gateway to the Future f A577 Sage Coral f A901 Olive Serenity f A702 Azzurra f A326 Bride of the Sea f A018 Cradle of Liberty f A542 Baltic Fresco f A140 Meteoric Metallo fw692 Black Forest Cake f A977 First N Main f A461 Slate Element fA668 Sable f A897 Indigo Organix f A332 Graphite Spektrum f A502 Graphite Talc f A996 Charcoal Chromatix fs 760 Black fs 482 Nubian Brown fs 355 Tutti Frutti fs 305 Blueberry Hill fs 125 Royal Blue fs 931 Indigo Blue fs 740 Navy Blue fs 178 Moss Gray fs 217 Greige fs 812 Ingot Gray fs 784 Slate fs 656 Royal Burgundy ThruColor ™ HPL Your choice of over 200 styles. Our continuous color to the edge. Custom Digital Your artwork. Our surfaces. f A207 Cubicle Papel f A127 Vanilla Fiber ™ f A238 Celery Fiber ™ f A025 Cavalcade South f A721 Crisscross f A344 Oatmeal Fiber ™ fw 299 Ice Fishin f A914 Ivory Cirrus f A414 Ivory Kid f A240 Bridal Blanco f A840 Neutral Santos fw 444 Vana f A660 Wheat Fiber ™ f A594 Beige Crepe f A125 Woven Weave f A043 Cake Batter f A750 Negotiating in Geneva f A845 Pearl of the Orient f A529 Cinder Gray Concrete f A388 Stonedust Crepe f A942 Moonlighting Papel f A778 White Spektrum f A636 Gray Santos f A323 Gray Linen fA133 Tea Party in Boston f A521 Travelin Light f A970 Gridlock in L.A. f A235 Coriander Fiber ™ f A067 Sugar Pie f A056 Cookies Cream fs 524 Iris fs 966 French Blue fs 643 Surfn’ USA fs 864 Springtime fs 978 Primary Yellow fs 300 Forsythia fs 617 Bittersweet fs 768 Navajo Red fs 269 Primary Red fs 336 Plum fs 646 Bankers Gray fs 826 Opti Gray fs 781 Dolphin Gray fs 674 Mercury fs 831 Folkstone Gray fs172 Stonedust fs 920 Taupe fs 151 Putty Gray fs 937 Pebble fs 746 Beige fs 942 Almond fs 805 Tawny White fs 387 Pumice fs 150 Limestone fs 690 Eggshell White fw193 Oatmeal Cookie fw493 Wedding Cake fw364 Looks Likatre fw627 Leave Likatre fs680 Ash Gray fs573 Winter White fs672 Carnation White fs593 Angel White fs853 Ice White fs587 White fw586 Licorice Stick fw225 Crackle Crunch f A151 Chocolate Malt fw119 Toasted Coconut fw458 Appears Likatre fw591 White Elm fw327 Hardrock Maple fw455 Sugar Maple II fw159 Amber Curly Maple fw644 Clear Ash fw467 Peach Cobbler f A260 Ornate Oak fw 250 Absolute Acajou fw448 Butter Toffee fw176 Pralines Cream fw510 Acadia Beech fw852 Anigre fw655 Summit Ash fw004 Sherwood Oak fw 350 Silvio fw 376 Fine Oak fw342 Select Butcher Block fw665 Millwork Cherry fw569 Honey Maple fw391 Pearwood FRL ® Fiber Reinforced Laminate Your color palette. Our extra impact protection. fw258 Cinnamon Noce fw571 Taj Teak fw624 Oiled Cherry fw997 Wanderer fw939 Wisconsin Oak f A695 Smooth Paddlin fw313 Seems Likatre fw146 Kingsley f A903 Hearth Oak fw346 Afternoon Showers fw320 Spice Walnut fw439 Sunset fw523 Peanut Brittle fw214 Shaker Cherry fw141 Victorian Cherry fw519 Tiramisu fw 220 Aimtoo Savatre f A569 Alive in Memphis fw522 Molten Lava fw282 Gunstock Savoy Walnut fw426 Opto Printatre fw106 Sipping Seattle Java fw600 Yorkshire Cherry fw344 Formal Mahogany fw555 Jewel Mahogany fw306 Thunderstorm fw437 Singing the Chicago Blues fw360 Lunar Legno fw815 Witchcraft fw055 S’mores Please note: • Printed patterns are shown at a reduced scale from representative segments of large sheets • Colors may differ slightly from the actual product • Ideal for vertical applications in all commercial environments • Available in 7 different fnishes • Please contact Pionite or your local distributor for samples before specifying • Minimum quantities are required for special orders. • For additional information on FRL ® Fiber Reinforced Laminate please contact your Pionite sales representative or local distributor. FRL® fIber re INfor Ced lam INate

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Scan for more information. Learn more at The Pionite ® Surface Systems story © 2015 pA nol A m industries intern A tion A l inc. smpbrfrl -001-4/15 20 progress drive shelton ct 06484 877.726.6526 p A nol A ThruColor ™ HPL provides continuous color to the edge of the finished product. Panolam ® TFL is a durable surface with excellent HPL color and pattern coordination. HPL is a perfect surface for almost any horizontal or vertical application. FRL ® Fiber Reinforced Laminate is the ideal high-impact surfacing solution for high-traffic environments. phys ICal property test staNdard-typ ICal frl Nominal Thickness NEMA LD 3-2005 3.13 N ot A pp L ic A b LE .075" Surface Burning Characteristics AS t M E84 cLASS c cLASS A Wear Resistance cycles NEMA 3.13 ≥ 400 3500 Flexural Strength AS t M D790 ≥ 12000 p S i 22000 p S i cl Assific Ation bAsed on ul Approved substr Ate And glue being used. Technical Information Technical information listed below applies to Pionite FRL ® panels. PDF fles of specifcation sheets/technical data are also available at Refer to technical bulletin for fabrication requirements and other updated information. For additional information contact your sales/specifcation representative or your local distributor. For additional information on FRL ® Fiber Reinforced Laminate please contact your Pionite sales representative or local distributor. How it all works together: Multiple surfaces. One system. For over 70 years we have developed materials that meet the aesthetic criteria of the most demanding architects and designers. The Pionite ® family of products have been developed to withstand the friction impact and ever- changing conditions of life.

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