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New York Sports & Joints 110 Duane Street New York, New York 10007 (347) 695-0036 At New York Sports and Joints, we make an attempt to supply the most effective orthopaedic care in a professional and personal fashion. From a health point of view, the areas of orthopedic surgery and sports medicine are concerned with the care and treatment of bone, jointand musculoskeletal system injuries. At New York Sports and Joints, we specialize in both areas. As the premier New York orthopedics and New York sports medicine facility, we are committed to providing every patient with all the care and personalized attention they need for a broad array of conditions and injuries.


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Are Orthopedic Doctors Consulted On New York Sports Medicine There are countless sports known to men and almost every one of them which involves a lot of physical activities can lead to some potential injuries. This is why New York Sports Medicine is one of the most lucrative businesses nowadays. United States of America are home to one great sport – the American football. Fortunately for those who are developing and working in the field of New York Sports Medicinethis is one of the most dangerous sports which are currently played. This means that there are going to be a lot of traumas and injuries which would require medical attention. Actually as part of statutory legislation every professional and non professional team should have a doctor who is available for regular checkups and scheduled appointments. The condition of the players should be monitored almost constantly because of the high pressure they are put through. This also includes monitoring of the training periods as they are as hard as the time spent actually playing on the professional scene. Every sign of injury should be taken care of immediately as it is possible that it would translate to some further complication which may prevent the player from missing games. Of course this is not the worst thing that could happen – some injuries may leave some one handicapped for the rest of his life so the necessary caution has to be exercised. Immediate attention is provided by these doctors as they understand all aspects of long term issues that the sportsperson may suffer with if ignored. New York Sports Medicine includes a variety of medications which are used to boost the health factors of the players. It includes different substances which would enhance the immune system and the bone structure of the players. However there is a fine line between what’s allowed and what’s illegal so doctors should tread lightly. However most of the experienced doctors are conversant with the medical laws and ensure only legal medication is given when needed. New York Sports Medicine also includes taking care of orthopedic injuries such as broken limbs thorn muscle dislocated joints and many more to list. Whenever an orthopedic injury occurs the player has to be taken off the field and he has to be subjected to immediate medical supervision. The necessary tests have to be done in order to determine the exact type of the injury as well as to implement the proper treatment. This is incredibly important as it would ultimately determine how long the player would be unable to play and whether or not this would have an impact on his professional athletic capabilities. Millions of dollars are directed towards this industry every year. American football is the most popular sport in the States and as such it is generating billions in revenue. Each of the players is earning substantial amounts of money so their health status should be at its peak at all times. Timely medical supervision is essential to this.

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Why Resort To Orthopedic Surgery In New York If you are suffering from some sort of orthopedic injury like an injured knee broken limb dislocated hip or joint or anything else and if you are experiencing any kind of pain that is going on for a longer period of time you might as well need an Orthopedic Surgery in New York. Ignoring the issue does not help.You need to consult with the bestsurgeon in the city so that optimized treatment can be provided. Orthopedic Surgery in New York generally deals with the rehabilitation of injuries and deformations of the muscular-skeletal system as well as the attachments of it such as bones joints tendons ligaments and especially connective tissues. Orthopedics is generally going to encompass a large range of different surgical as well as non-surgical treatments for injuries and conditions regarding the mentioned body parts. Some of the most common orthopedic operations are generally including arthroscopic surgery for knee injuries different sorts of replacement of hips and knees partially replacing knees as well as different shoulder and spine surgeries. Orthopedic Surgery in New York has taken a significant leap forward and today most of the operations in this field of expertise are generally performed by the surgeon making a tiny incision and he would afterwards use specifically designated instruments in order to exercise the actual repairs. Most of the symptoms for an orthopedic injury would include pain as well as soreness discomfort and cramps and other forms of limitations of your movement. Interestingly enough more than 25 of the population of the States is actually living with an injury that they simply ignore. Even though the Orthopedic Surgery in New York can be the perfect answer to variety of dislocations and fractures they also tend to carry a certain amount of risk. These risk factors commonly include excessive bleeding as well as allergic reaction to the anesthesia and different infections. However in the spirit of full disclosure allergic reactions to anesthesia should be actually excluded because the medical record of the patient should clearly state if he is allergic to the ingredients in the anesthesia. However there are also some complications that may arise after the operation is actually finished. These may include persistent pain as well as swelling and redness of the spot of the surgery. Make sure to visit the doctor as soon as possible in order to get checked up once again and to get a re-evaluation of your condition. Leaving such a condition untreated is incredibly dangerous. These symptoms are most commonly a sign that something hasn’t gone as intended or that your bones are starting to grow again but in an inappropriate and abnormal manner. This should be handled immediately if you don’t want to be left with the injury for the rest of your life. Of course you should be willing to fully cooperate throughout the entire rehabilitation process.

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How Does Orthopedic Surgery Help In Treatment Orthopedic Surgery in NYC is particularly designated to take a hold of disorders which may arise in the musculoskeletal system. They most commonly result from sports injuries as well as from a variety of different incidents. Common conditions include broken limbs extended connective tissue thorn muscles as well as dislocated joints and many many more. One of the most common Orthopedic Surgery in NYC which is being done is to rectify significant injuries to the knee which may result from both trauma and stress which is the consequence of some sort of sports activities. This kind of surgery is also incredibly effective when it comes to repairing hip injuries which may be caused from different traumas as well as fractures and also arthritis. It is incredibly important to understand that during the past some of those conditions were almost impossible to treat because the medicine wasn’t advanced enough. However the truth is that right now we live on the verge of a technological revolution which has its strong impact on the medicine industry. New machines and instruments are invented every day and this means that the surgeons who can carry out Orthopedic Surgery in NYC are in disposal of everything they need to fix even some of the most incredibly severe conditions which were impossible to be treated in the past. Some of the most common problems which demand Orthopedic Surgery in NYC include:  Osteoarthritis  Arthritis  Gout  Tumors  Problems with the spine  Problems with your elbows and shoulders  Replacement of hips  Knee replacements and partial replacements Conditions Evaluated Before Surgery Of course these are just the tip of the iceberg and there are many more conditions which could be repaired through a surgery. It’s important to know that not every orthopedic trauma can lead to a mandatory surgery. In fact it is highly recommended that everything is taken into account prior to the surgery and if there is a way to treat the condition without this aggressive and invasive operation it should be most surely taken. However as it was mentioned above technology is incredibly advanced. This allows NYC surgeons to exercise the operation with the slightest incision. They would use complex but at the same time incredibly designed laser operated instruments in order to handle the repair of the trauma. In most cases you are going to be under the effect of anesthesia which means that you won’t feel any kind of pain. However it’s important to note that local anesthesia is always preferable because if you endure a full-body anesthesia you would have to recover from it for quite some time. Also the substances in the anesthesia have negative impact on the brain so it’s highly preferable to avoid full body anesthesia. Most of the surgeons evaluate your current medical conditions apart from orthopedic injuries to check for the needed treatments.

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How To Be Compensated With The Help of Workers Comp Orthopedic Surgeon In New York The Workers Comp Orthopedic Surgeon in New York has a very tight relation to a specific area of the law referred to as injury law. However the important thing here is that this particular endeavor could be approached from two different sides – the right of the worker to get compensated by the Workers Comp Orthopedic Surgeon in New York in terms of getting a free operation. This is the first side the second one involves getting a compensation for the injury that he has incurred and that has led to the surgery itself. Orthopedics is a large specialty of medicine and it involves a wide variety of different disorders as well as deformations. They are related to a lot of different parts of the body such as muscles connective tissue tendons ligaments limbs joints and many more to begin with. Some of the most common surgeries which would require the attention of Workers Comp Orthopedic Surgeon in New York include hip replacement shoulder dislocation knee replacement of partial replacements dislocated joint and last but not least – broken limbs. In fact there are many more injuries that may lead to a surgery but these are likely to be the most common ones of them. However in order for this to be a matter of compensation the injury that requires the involvement of Workers Comp Orthopedic Surgeon in New York should have occurred on the work place. This includes all the places where the worker normally provides his work force as well as the general way that he takes from and to work. If the injury has occurred within this location limits then he is entitled to compensation. However this also has to be included as a part of the contract. This means that if there is no clause in the contract saying that the employer is actually required to provide compensation for such injuries then the employee would have no right to ask for it. It’s also possible that the employee is medically insured which is also going to cover a lot of the orthopedic surgeries. It’s impossible to cover the entire cost of the operation but the chances are that you are going to pay substantially less than what you would have paid if you weren’t insured or you weren’t entitled to compensation. This is an important consideration. However legal matters aside it’s absolutely vital that you pay attention to the symptoms of an orthopedic injury. Those may include persistent pain soreness swelling and a variety of other uncomfortable conditions. It’s important to note this as more than 25 of the people in the United States are ignoring it and it undeniably leads to further complications which occur later on and would demand even more serious treatment. Thus if you have been injured at the workplace there is redressal and immediate medical attention is needed.

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