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The Web development lifecycle Web development involves the creation of a website. Web development done by the best web development company in Gurgaon would follow a typical lifecycle. This lifecycle is the standard development life cycle followed for all development activities whether it is for developing software or websites. The web development life cycle contains five stages – Planning and Analysis Design Development Implementation and Maintenance. The details of these stages are as follows: 1 Planning and analysis This is the first phase of the web development process. Here the entire activity is planned by finding out the requirement of the work analysing it to understand its specifications getting it approved from the client and making a detailed timeline for completion of the work. 2 Design The requirements of the client are translated into a functional design. The web development company in Gurgaonwould create a design that includes the layout of the website navigation user interface color text and other elements. Also the number of pages to be created the length of each page title etc. are finalized. This design is what makes the website attractive and plays a very important role in website creation. 3 Development

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This is the phase of the cycle where the design of the website is actually converted into a workable website. A website development company in Gurgaon entrusted with the development work would make use of structured methods to carry out the development work. Web development is done using a tool or scripting language. Based on the type of website the necessary tool would be selected by the developers. The content to be added in the website is also finalized. Developed is followed by testing where the website is tested thoroughly to find out if it meets requirements and is working fine. 4 Implementation The website would need to be implemented or launched so that users can visit it. A trial website would be created and the client would be asked to go through and give his feedback so any changes can be made. Once this is done the website would be uploaded to the server. 5 Maintenance The best website development company in Gurgaon would also regularly maintain the website. This involves updating content making changes in the site and solving any issues that may crop up. The above lifecycle is followed by website creation by most development companies. Depending on the type of website some tailoring in the cycle may be done. But by and large this is the standard process followed.

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