How to Build Cloud Skills with AWS Training and Certification

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How to Build Cloud Skills with AWS Training and Certification The COVID-19 pandemic has brought human tragedy a slowdown in commercial activities and adversely impacted businesses across industries. However it has also reiterated the relevance of cloud computing cloud skills AWS training and certification. Organizations of all sizes are moving employees to the cloud. The goal Enable work-and-learn-from-home instead of physical offices. While the coronavirus- induced restrictions could be shortlived the growing cloud adoption numbers are here to stay and the cloud usage is expected to go up. • 94 of all enterprises are already using a cloud service. • 67 of enterprise infrastructure will be cloud-based and 83 of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by the year-end. • Manufacturing professional services and banking could be the top three sectors planning to spend most on cloud computing services. • The public cloud service market could reach 623.3 billion by 2023. “Cloud is now what we call the new normal. It’s no longer an experiment it’s no longer an after-thought.”- AWS.

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Cloud computing is already mainstream. There is no denying that the cloud is expanding it is the present and the future. Acquiring in-demand cloud skills prepares you for various career opportunities. As a business owner or a manager it provides you with improved security stability reduces costs and ensures greater flexibility. Why Choose AWS: Amazon Web Services AWS an Amazon subsidiary is the undisputed leader that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to individuals organizations and governments on a paid subscription basis. It allows organizations to use web services for building sophisticated and scalable applications. • The top public cloud provider for enterprises. • The largest market share of 32.4. • 9.95 billion revenue in Q4 2019 with a 34 growth rate. AWS means faster economical cloud computing services and diverse solutions for start-ups small or large businesses. Benefits of AWS Training and Certification • AWS is the most widely accepted cloud platform and a frontrunner with a substantial lead. • Expanding at a rate faster than the growth of all its rivals combined. • A remarkable acceleration in its adoption is expected. • Organizations value skilled well trained and AWS certified professionals for efficiently implementing cloud infrastructures. • AWS-certified professionals can earn average annual salaries of around 129000. • Those with Solutions Architect AWS certification can potentially earn 148000+ every year. • Salaries could go as high as 173719.

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Get AWS Certified AWS Certifications: • Role-based certifications: Cloud Practitioner Architect Developer and Operations. • Specialty certifications: Specific technical areas. Foundation-level Certification: • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. Associate-level Certifications: • AWS Certified Solutions Architect–Associate. • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator-Associate. • AWS Certified Developer-Associate. Professional-level Certifications: • AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Professional. • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer-Professional. Specialty Certifications: • AWS Certified Advanced Networking-Specialty. • AWS Certified Security-Specialty. • AWS Certified Machine Learning–Specialty. • AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder-Specialty. • AWS Certified Data Analytics-Specialty. • AWS Certified Database - Specialty. One must go through the official AWS website for up-to-date information. Conclusion Why NetCom Learning

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LinkedIn describes cloud computing as the most in-demand hard skill. A recent survey revealed that 59 of enterprises expect cloud usage to exceed their prior estimates due to COVID-19. The cloud is now being defined as a digital transformation engine necessary for improving business continuity. AWS attracts at least half of the early-stage cloud users. It is also one of the two choices for 93 of cloud beginners. Multiple global enterprises run a part of or their entire software environments in the AWS cloud. More companies are migrating to AWS by every passing day. There is an urgent demand for intelligent technically trained and certified individuals capable of realizing AWSs cost savings and scalability benefits. An AWS certification is always a smart investment. Three AWS certifications rank amongst the top ten highest-paying ones in North America. A logical step to boost employability in today’s cloud-oriented IT world is to get AWS certified. An AWS certification establishes your expertise while improving your credibility amongst employers and peers. There are definite rewards for spending resources on getting your existing employees AWS certified. Such employees identify skilled team members and reduce risks while implementing AWS projects. The AWS-certified workforce helps you grow your business as it is one of the criteria for achieving higher tiers of APN AWS Partner Network membership. APN membership lets you access a range of benefits including training subsidies usage credits and marketing support. You could be an entry-level learner a seasoned professional willing to grow his/her cloud computing career a manager or a decision-maker interested in seamlessly managing cloud workloads. Irrespective AWS training and certification can help you gain the most-recent skills and contribute to your organization’s success. NetCom Learning the official AWS Partner Network APN training partner offers AWS training and certification courses for Technical Essentials to developing skills following your job roles. One can choose from the instructor-led classroom online blended training custom private group and onsite options.

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