A Brief Guide to A Successful Manaslu Trek


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There are no shortages of trekking destination in Nepal and the Mansaslu trek is definitely one of the crowd pullers.


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Is trekking adventure what fascinates you the most If yes then it ’ s time to move Nepal – the ultimate trekking destination. There are no shortages of trekking destination in Nepal and the Mansaslu trek is definitely one of the crowd pullers. So let’ s talk about Manaslu trekabitbriefly. Who’d relish the Manaslu Trek Possibly a majority of tourists would relish the trek but particularly those w h o ’re fascinated in culture want to avoid the heavy crowd and are ok to negotiate on comforts to explore the authentic Nepal.For those missed the Everest base camp trekor Langtang theywill love this trekfor sure.

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What permits do you require for the Manaslu trek •RestrictedArea Permit:US70perweek and10perdayextra. •ManasluConservationArea ProjectMCAP permit:NRs. 2000 •Annapurna ConservationArea ProjectACAP per:US10mit: NRs. 2000 How much it will cost to trek Manaslu •As mentioned earlier the permit will cost Rs 4000 for MCAP and ACAP per personandforrestrictedareaUS70perweek. •Atrekking guidemay costatleast15perdayaporteratleast10perday •Food accommodation are generally merged in the bill and can cost anywhere fromRs1000atlower altitudeanduptoRs2000atLarkya Phedi.

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Can I trek Manaslu alone/independently As per the guidelines you should hike as a group of at least 2 and be escorted by a licensed guide. Tourists often purchase an additional permit for a “ g h o st trek k e r” and then go independently with their guide. To accomplish this you require a true passport from a true person. Is it tough to trek Manaslu Climbing Manaslu is no longer a tough trek as it used to before. There have been new routes that considerably decrease the hiking involved and diminish the exposure. Whilst some routes are fantastically open high above the Budi Gandaki River the tracks are ideal for hiking. Nonetheless you need to be fit enough since there will be loads of up down but th e re ’ snothingtoworry about. When to trek Manaslu The chief hiking seasons are from Mar to May and Sep to Nov. This is because of the monsoon season aphaseofnever stopping precipitation that sinks the area fromJune through Aug. The frosty Himalayan winter also make traveling this province despondent if not unfeasible throughout the early months of the year. Due to this fact more than half of the annualtwothousandtouriststoManaslumake theirtouringinOctober

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