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My Dreams…: 

My Dreams… LIBR 500: Foundations of Information Technology Instructor: Dr. Susie Stephenson By Heather Cai School of Library, Archival and Information Studies University of British Columbia hcai01@interchange.ubc.ca 30 September 2004

The Origin of My Dreams: 

The Origin of My Dreams I was born in Fujian, China. My hometown is a small city in southeast of China. I miss its warm winter and delicious seafood.

Sweet Dreams: 

Sweet Dreams Yes! This little “ugly ducking” was me. Not sure if I had any dreams at that time. Perhaps… toys and candies!

Three Dreams: 

Three Dreams I was born in a big family with four brothers and one sister. My first dream was to have my own room. I became a grade student. My second dream was to be as knowledgeable as a school teacher. I studied geography in a middle school. My third dream was to travel around the world.

Dream of Education: 

Dream of Education As I learned more, I had more to learn. My forth dream was to obtain a higher education. It was also my parents’ dream. They have never got a chance to complete their secondary education.

Dream of Education: 

Dream of Education I completed my undergraduate studies in Fuzhou University in China. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. The Administrative Building of Fuzhong University Photo source: http://www.fzu.edu.cn/fzuimage/xz1.jpg Click on me!

Dream of Professional: 

Dream of Professional Engineering Regional Power Industry Bureau Zhejiang, China Research Research Center for Eco-Environmental Studies Chinese Academy of Sciences Beijing, China Research Center for Chinese Studies University of Michigan Michigan, USA Library Peking University Library Beijing, China Publishing O’Reilly & Associate, Inc. China Branch Beijing, China Since I graduated, I have worked in the following areas:

Canada - Land of Dreams : 

Canada - Land of Dreams Landed in Toronto in 2001. Worked as a computer sales person for two years Wondered where would be my destination in the land of dreams?

Going Back to School: 

Going Back to School My dreams led me here!

Dream of a Career: 

Dream of a Career First choice: Academic Library Second choice: Academic library … Last choice: Academic library e - Resources Web services Digital library … Library setting: Areas:

Dream of Happiness: 

Dream of Happiness I have a small family, my husband, our son and myself. Like me, they both are too shy to be seen, but they are here to say hi to you. We play our favorite card games when we are not too busy. We tell jokes, go out for dinners, and watch movies… Home, sweet home!

Dream of Friendship: 

Dream of Friendship I speak a dialect to friends from my hometown; Mandarin to friends from other places of China; English to friends from other country. Friends are forever Post card received from a friend, 30 September 2004

Dream of Traveling: 

Dream of Traveling Germany: 1991-1992 United States: 1993-1995, 1999, 2000 Malaysia: 1997 Thailand: 2000 Canada: 2001 - Countries stayed or visited:

Dream of Joys: 

Dream of Joys Hobbies: Music Traveling Photographing Cooking Badminton Ping-Pong Card games Photos by Heather Cai Summer 2004 I Love Nature

What Am I Dreaming?: 

What Am I Dreaming? Owning a house with a small garden Visiting as many places in the world as possible Becoming a knowledgeable librarian


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