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Why Choose Golang for your Next Web Application Have an idea for your next web application development and looking for programming languages with some new cool and trendy features You might also be wondering to choose from any old technology like Java or try out something new. There are multiple timely tested and reliable programming languages are available in market like Java and PHP then why do we need to find and go with any new programming language for the web application development The aim is not to find a new but best fit for our web application development. Released in 2009 as an Open-source Golang attracted many developers as they found it better fit due to its high performance speed simplicity and security. Some of the big companies like Google Drop box Cloud flare use Golang in their project. Let’s discuss these features in details 1. It’s a Morden language: Initially Golang was introduced keeping cloud computing issues in mind and cloud computing is supposed to be future based technology

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for all the web application development. It also had a major impact on hardware architecture related problems hence considered to be a Morden language. 2. It is quicker: Go is fast fast to learn to develop to compile and to run. Many developers find Golang with speed of compiled language but feel like interpreted language. Faster compilation speed provides faster feedback and results. This definitely helps developers in speedy web application development resulting saving time. 3. Support of the Large Community: Golang was introduced by Google to solve complex issues with cloud computing but later adopted as a programming languages for different software’s including system and cloud programming. It is developing a fastest growing community and has more than 90000 repositories. This has helped developers learn Golang easily and quickly. Such large community support has made Golang a popular and widely used programming language. 4. Golang is effective: Use of Golang by large companies for web application programming is not only because of its popularity Golang has made its impact due to its multiple benefits over other programming languages. Web application development with Golang is speedy and reliable. Golang is ideally designed for high performing servers and effective use of memory. It has many built-in features which enable easy cross- platform development. Its clean syntax makes maintainability of code less expensive and application development faster. 5. Go is safe: Go has a very robust syntax mechanism. While developing the application with Golang each variable must have a type associated which help to keep the code bug free. Its strict compiler makes developer very attentive while dealing with errors. Hence application developed with Golang has a clean and secure code. Go also has another safety feature as Garbage collector for automatic memory management and in-built testing which helps to test your code easily and safely.

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6. Go routines in Golang: A Go routine is a light-weight thread managed through the Go runtime. The cost of Go routine is very cheap when compared to thread. They are only some kb in stack size and the stack can develop and shrink according to desires of the software whereas within the case of threads the stack length must be specified and is fixed. Hence it is common for Golang application which is running concurrently Advantages of Go routines over threads. Source : www.scalent.io

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