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Scalent is Golang Specialized Development Company that helps start-ups and companies to develop and deploy the applications.


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Major Reasons to use Golang for IoT Platform Golang as it is often called as Go Programming Language which is an open source programming language created at Google. Golang has its own concurrency mechanisms which makes it easy to write programs and fully utilize the advantages of hardware where other programming languages fail to do so. Its a fast compiled language statically typed that feels like a dynamically typed interpreted language. Golang for IoT Platform: Go Programming Language plays a major role while developing IoT Platform. There are number of programming language present that can be used to develop IoT Platform but Golang has inbuilt concurrency and great performance features maximizing the hardware utilization. This makes Golang for IoT as most compatible language. It can easily support millions of connected IoT devices and by using various cutting edge technologies along with Golang we can create effective real-time reports. Golang also helps you to build highly-scalable systems and which can serve a large number of users smoothly and continuously. It helps to ship faster with clean code due to lots of inbuilt feature coding is neat and clean. It is free from mess which helps code to compile and run faster without any interruption. This also helps developers to build robust programs and manage them effectively. Following are 5 Reasons Why Golang for IoT is most preferred: 1. 100 Utilization of Hardware 2. Inbuilt Concurrency 3. Help to developers scale up 4. Good cloud Community support 5. Compatible with large number of Platforms Get to know more about the 5 major points in detail :

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1. 100 Utilization of Hardware: This is most important feature as utilization plays a major role in application development and performance. Golang will help you to fully utilize the CPU and provide fast outcome. 2. Inbuilt concurrency: These features make Golang a compatible language for developing IoT Platform. This allows Golang to support the requirement of large number of connected devices in IoT application to work concurrently. 3. Help to developers scale up – Golang helps to achieve higher Scalability to application and so help developer scale up. This also makes Golang developed application enables with ability to scale based on any sudden change in connected devices in IoT network. 4. Good cloud Community support: This is also an important feature or we can say major factor that makes Golang more preferable by developer. 5. Compatible with large number of Platforms: This is because of the in built concurrency feature as well as scalability of Golang makes it compatible with numerous platforms. Go supports huge number of simultaneous connections corresponding to requirements of large number of connected devices in IoT network. Source:

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