Why ISVs should go offshore


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In this ppt, ISVs will have a clear idea as to why BOMT model is helpful for them to expand their organisation and meet the required goals.


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Why ISVs should go offshore

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Introduction  The Build -Operate -Market- Transfer BOMT Model is one of the newest trends in the Outsourcing Industry which has been designed by Leo TechnoSoft a leading RD IT Offshore Center.  The dynamics of today’s technological environment have driven practically all the organizations to focus their energy and resources on their core business and outsource the additional functions to a partner organization with complementary strengths.  India has established itself as an ideal destination for offshoring with many global organizations establishing themselves and developing relationships with Indian companies.

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 This burgeoning shift has resulted in a growing demand for offshore outsourced services as firms are sending projects offshore in the hopes of saving money reducing time-to-market improving their development processes and improving quality.  The benefits of offshore outsourcing are numerous but the key is carefully selecting the best vendor to meet your needs. In addition the new paradigm is not only about cost now innovation needs to be fostered in order to add real value while still allowing customers to retain control of their IT projects.  To get a free demo CLICK HERE

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 For ISVs Leo TechnoSoft’s BOMT Model is a boon and works wonders for the organization as a local reputable partner handles all the details of establishing your subsidiary and operates it for a defined period of time.  Once that time has expired the entire subsidiary and all its assets are transferred to you along with staffing if needed so that you can take control of the operations.  As a customer you can retain control over the project through interaction over the Internet and regular conference calls status reviews project reports etc.

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 What’s more you’ll discover greater flexibility lower risks lower costs and a faster time to market in addition to the advantages that come from our expertise in the process and your ability to choose to own the facility.  Our institutionalized and proven methodology ensures customer’s comfort level and successful delivery.

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 Our Build-Operate- Market-Transfer Model is best suited for software companies who are interested in globalization and expansion but unaware and apprehensive about the risks involved.  Our dedicated groups of software professionals form a virtual extension of the client’s development team aiding to expand both in size and expertise.  So when you focus on your core business Leo TechnoSoft as your working partner aids you with dedicated facilities control systems security and round-the-clock programming.

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 Benefits of working with our BOMT model: a Rapid scaling of operations b Reduces Management Overhead c Controls Costs for ISVs and Tech companies d Wider service offerings quickly filling business model gaps e Ongoing Hybrid Management Services f Increase in post-transfer management support options g Reduces your attrition with access to the world class resources and amenities h Augments security measures i Flexible Transfer Timing and Round-the-clock services

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About BOMT  BOMTBuild Operate Market and Transform model. It is an innovative hybrid partner product development that offers a low-risk hassle-free cost-effective global sourcing strategy.  BOMT works exceptionally well with StartUps Entrepreneurs and ISVs. It ensures incubation development Gestation and transformation support to increase revenue and maximize ROI in short span of time.  For more details about service i.e. BOMT please click here or write us at– enquiryleosys.net.

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Leo TechnoSoft Snapshot Value offering Industries Overview - Global partner product development provider with delivery centers in Los Angeles Chicago and India Offshore. - Specializes in Cloud SaaS and Enterprise Product Engineering for Startups Entrepreneurs ISVSME.  Technology  Healthcare/Life Sciences  Finance  Retail  Manufacturing  Real Estate  Partnered Product Development  Technical Operation and Sales Management  Expertise SaaS Cloud solutions  Customer Relationship Management  Sales and Marketing  VC Connections and relationships www.leotechnosoft.net 11

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OUR PRESENCE  Adequate infrastructure to scale up at the drop of a hat  Backend Data Center / Infrastructure set up  Global Offices to support 24x7 Client Operations For more information email us at enquiryleosys.net. www.leotechnosoft.net

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