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Why an Industrial Fan Manufacturer Must Have an In-House Fan Testing Facility? Neel Rao Writes on Reitz India forced draft fan & Reitz India Industrial centrifugal fans manufacturer .


In-house fan testing facility is very important for delivering reliable industrial fans that are durable, performing to the required capability with optimal power consumption. When the testing facility is in-house, it is a lot easier to get the fan tested. When the facility is a 3rd party outside service, it is logistically, commercially, quality wise and transportation wise many challenges are there. As a result, the testing may be avoided by some manufacturers who do not have an in-house fan testing facility. This could create a fan that may be performing as per design expectation.


When an in-house fan testing facility is not available, there is also no scope to retest the corrected fan to revalidate the fan quality. All this leads to the inferior quality of the fan and creates an unreliable quality for fans manufactured in plants that do not have an in-house testing facility. This lower quality fan production is not because of skill or intention; we just need to realize that without the proper tools it is not possible to deliver superior quality. While without an in-house fan testing facility, some simple tests can be conducted on the factory floor including visual inspections. The quality of the custom built fan in terms of ability to create a fan volume and pressure and the power consumption can be known accurately only with an in-house testing facility.


In-house testing facility is not a single type of test but rather the capability to run a range of tests to check the industrial fans on various parameters and standards. There is an investment that needs to be set aside to buy the required fan testing equipment and then both space and people need to be made available to run the fan testing facility. However, the investment is a small price to pay to ensure high quality, reliable and durable fans than do the required function.


One of the important things to do for an industrial fan is to balance the impellers and rotors to ensure the fan meets the performance specifications. This requires a balancing machine in the in-house fan testing facility. After testing the fans, the required weights need to add as per the protocol. An unbalanced fan may cause much damage to the fan, foundations and factory buildings. Rather than shipping the industrial fans which are huge in size to the client site and discovering an issue with the fans, the better solution is to test for the fans within the fan manufacturer’s facility.


One of the key criteria for choosing a process fan manufacturer should be the presence of an in-house fan testing facility. Without that facility, the quality of the industrial fan would be unreliable. As mentioned earlier, the in-house testing facility allows each critical fan to be inspected and validated to comply with many design specifications and parameters. These include those on performance and power consumption. Installing an unreliable, poorly constructed or designed fan could cause inefficiencies, halts or hindrances during the production time in an industrial process. The best option for a buyer of industrial fans is to install a high-quality reliable fan at the time of the factory construction or plant expansion itself. Such a reliable industrial fan will come only from a manufacturing facility that has an in-house fan testing facility.


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