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The first opening sequence that I chose to look at was Monsters Inc and I classified it as a children’s comedy film. : 

The first opening sequence that I chose to look at was Monsters Inc and I classified it as a children’s comedy film. The music to the opening sequence really fitted the genre of the film. It is very cartoonish and the music a light tune. The first thing I noticed was the Walt Disney pictures and Pixar Animation studio right at the begging of the opening sequence. The opening sequence is very representative of the film as it starts with cartoon doors and keyholes that are moving along the air in an array of different colours that catch peoples attention. The Walt Disney is then presented again in door frames and the doors are opening and closing and this is representative of the theme of the film. Overall I liked the opening sequence and it compelled me to watch the film.

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The strangers opening sequence was a very effective opening sequence and the Horror genre is very clear from the begging when Rouge pictures flashes up. The next thing that caught my eye was when ‘What you are about to see is inspired by true events.’ I find this very effective and makes you even more scared because you imagine something actually happening. The music fits the genre perfectly and puts you on edge. The camera moves along a street flashing occasionally showing you what looks to be a quite street and the colour is de-saturated. Overall I think the most effective part of the sequence was when the emergency call was made and you here the screaming and pure terror in the persons voice.

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The first thing I noticed about pirates of the Caribbean was that the title came up really quickly. The sound in the background was wind which I think represents the boat coming out from the mist. The little girl singing, in my opinion, makes the film look as though its going to be scary. The film is rated a 12a

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101 Dalmatians Right at the beginning of the film the Disney Walt pictures shows up. The music is percussion, which is a piano first and then leads into a brass band. The main actors names show up and then the title comes up which is covered in spots, in black and white. I think this is good because it represents the Dalmatians fur and the fact that Crueller Deville wants it. This film was certificated U.

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The Decent There is a good representation right at the beginning as you see clockworks creaking and zooming out and the camera takes you out of a key hole and lions gate comes up. This is very representative of the horror genre. It is a Celador film. The credits are all shown as if a flash light is shining on them, this is good and reveals a part of the plot of the film of them going down into the dark caves. The colour in the opening sequence is de-saturated and shows that it is a dreary place. The film is rated a 18

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