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As Hannibal said, when there exists no path for success, let’s create one – one that will pave the way for a lifetime of excellence for every citizen and for the country as a whole www.hannibalprep.com Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube

The underlying vision of HannibalPreP:

The underlying vision of HannibalPreP We are a free online multilingual social entrepreneurship academy for high school and university students with the mission to fill the gaps of the Arab countries' educational curricula and the vision to facilitate the emergence of young, critical social entrepreneurs, by fusing the power of critical, lateral, and integrative thinking with various topics and reasoning exams. Our vision is of Arab primary, secondary, and university educational systems that forge students who are critical thinkers and society change-makers. Our mission is that: “Together with the students of the Arab countries , HannibalPrep will create opportunities for students to participate actively in filling the gaps of their education and learning and accelerate the pace of social entrepreneurship across different areas of expertise ”. 2

HannibalPrep’s core values:

HannibalPrep’s core values HannibalPrep , a thought-provoking social venture to promote integrated learning in education and social entrepreneurship Our Values are : Critical thinking and fair-mindedness Rigorous intellectual standards Hard work and meritocracy Inclusiveness and potential to change Resources , and not just constraints Our 5 Core Principles are : Be a Critical Thinker Be Creative Include everyone and flex your assumptions Respect individual differences Teach and learn 3

An explanation of the integrated learning approach of HannibalPrep:

Execution Strategy Integrated Learning across Disciplines Fundamental Skills and Habits Vocalized Problem-Solving ( ex: Case Interviews) Higher-Order Thinking (ex: Critical Thinking; Graduate Management Admissions test) Communication Skills (ex: TOEFL exam) Social, Natural, and Formal Sciences (ex: economics, physics, computer) Humanities (ex: philosophy, art) Creative video making Better Education Systems Professions & Applied Sciences (ex: business, law, military) Top-notch multilingual articles Self-Discovery Tools (ex: Cognitive psychology) Social Entrepreneurship An explanation of the integrated learning approach of HannibalPrep

An introduction to Critical Thinking:

An introduction to Critical Thinking 5

How to write compelling proposals and manage your finances effectively as a Social Activist? كيفية كتابة مقترحات مقنعة وإدارة أموالك بشكل فعال؟ February 1st, 2011 Training for the Arab Foundation For Freedoms and Equality, Amman, Jordan:

How to write compelling proposals and manage your finances effectively as a Social Activist? كيفية كتابة مقترحات مقنعة وإدارة أموالك بشكل فعال؟ February 1 st , 2011 Training for the Arab Foundation For Freedoms and Equality, Amman, Jordan b y Nayim Khemaies , Ashoka Arab World Support Network Member & coach for social entrepreneurs


Plan Training Objectives The fundamentals of good proposal writing The principles of effective money management أهداف التدريب أسس الكتابة الجيدة مبادئ إدارة الأموال فعالة الخطوات المقبلة 7

Training Objectives::

Training Objectives: Having handy and practical tools for thinking through and writing high -impact proposals , at a minimum time, and managing your money for social activists planning to solve challenging social problems . وجود أدوات وعملية للتفكير والكتابة من خلال عالية التأثير المقترحات ، في الحد الأدنى من الوقت، وإدارة  التخطيط الاجتماعي في حل المشاكل الاجتماعية الصعبة. 8

Proposal Writing:

How to write compelling proposals that yield positive acceptance? كيفية كتابة مقترحات دامغة على أن العائد القبول الإيجابي؟ Proposal Writing

Core principles: Disciplined Creativity and Problem-Solving and Concise communication:

Core principles : Disciplined Creativity and Problem - Solving and Concise communication Seeing the same thing as others do but seeing something different. Thinking what no else is thinking Thinking about the same thing as others do but in a different way . Thinking fluently : quantity and quality of ideas . Breaking problems down into component parts: slicing then dicing Discipline and rigor of logic Concision of communication: clarity رؤية الشيء نفسه كما يفعل الآخرون ولكن رؤية شيء مختلفالتفكير في ما لم يفكر آخر التفكير في نفس الشيء كما يفعل الآخرون ولكن بطريقة مختلفة. التفكير بطلاقة : كمية ونوعية الأفكار. كسر المشاكل أسفل إلى الأجزاء المكونة : تشريح ثم التكعيب الانضباط والصرامة والمنطق الإيجاز البلاغ : الوضوح 10

Empowering a positive mindset: a creative yet disciplined mood?:

Empowering a positive mindset : a creative yet disciplined mood? Being passioned about solving challenging problems Being proactive and sensitive Being positive Being confident Being analytical Good prioritization Listen and paraphrase what you hear to test accuracy and check intentions Don’t worry about bringing your own perspective to the table but back it up Use different communication channels يجري حول حل المشاكل الصعبة استباقها وحساسة يجري إيجابية يجري واثق يجري التحليلية حسن ترتيب الأولويات استمع وإعادة صياغة ما تسمع لاختبار دقة والتحقق من نوايا لا تقلق إحداث منظور الخاصة بك إلى الجدول ولكن احتياطية منه استخدام قنوات اتصال مختلفة 11

How to proceed? :

How to proceed? Define the core aspects of your problem as broadly and specifically as possible Ex: In what ways might we balance your private and work life ? Split your problem into manageable parts Ex: Time, Friends, Leisures… Come up with different types of ideas that will put your project in the best light Ex : Sports with Colleagues ? Build a foundation ?... Select the best ideas Ex . Sport at lunch time Recommend / Communicate / implement them as needed Ex . Suscribe! 12

To put it in a nutschell:

To put it in a nutschell Define the problem clearly (questioning...) Generate new ideas ( techniques…) Select the best ideas to convey The problem-solving process as described: But how to go from a problem or opportunity to getting our ideas implemented when it is about getting a funding or support for our idea? The mind tends to see things as a single entity rather than discrete events. The more you dig into one aspect of your problem at a time, the greater your chances to find unique aspects 13

The pyramid framework: Your tool for persuasion :

The pyramid framework: Your tool for persuasion Synthesis “So what?” New question in the reader’s mind: What? Why? How ? Coherence “Mutually Exclusive, Collectively Exhaustive” Pyramid of stones… Attributes? Only one stone at the top Every stone supported by at least two other stones Strong structure, surviving centuries Check that you are answering the question in the reader’s mind Understand the reader’s needs and mindset Single Governing Thought Action or reason Action or reason Action or reason Fact/Analysis 14 Subject/ Situation: My AIDS campaign Complication: I need funding and support Question: Is this a good opportunity to support? How do you know that? Adapt the presentation of your arguments to the nature of your audience: receptive or resistant?

Translating the pyramid into an outline on Word:

Translating the pyramid into an outline on Word Introduction : situation – complication – question – resolution (summary of the 3 main points) Major point Minor point Facts/Analysis Major point Minor point Facts/Analysis….. N.B: Make sure your reference backward when you start new section and summarize each major point at the end of its section ********** Conclusion: Aristotle recommends restates your main points and creates an appropriate emotion in the reader about it (e.g., next steps) Then sanity check: tell me a story! مقدمة : الوضع -- المضاعفات -- السؤال -- القرار (ملخص للنقاط الرئيسية 3) نقطة رئيسية قاصر نقطة حقائق / تحليل نقطة رئيسية قاصر نقطة حقائق / التحليل... ملاحظة : تأكد من رجوع اليها الى الوراء عند بدء تشغيل القسم الجديد وتلخيص كل النقاط الرئيسية في نهاية قسمها ********** والخلاصة : أرسطو توصي يكرر النقاط الرئيسية الخاصة بك ويخلق العاطفة المناسب في القارئ عن ذلك (على سبيل المثال، الخطوات القادمة) ثم التحقق من سلامة العقل : قل لي قصة! 15

Now let’s get some practice on your social projects:

Now let’s get some practice on your social projects New question in the reader’s mind: What ? Why? How? How do you know that? Subject/ Situation: Complication: Question: How do you know that? 16

Money matters:

How to effectively manage your money and fiduciary duties? كيفية إدارة أموالك بشكل فعال والواجبات الائتمانية؟ Money matters

Having someone else money embodies your social mission and makes your funders and regulators “happy”:

Having someone else money embodies your social mission and makes your funders and regulators “happy” Record all and any expense to income / expenses, assets / liabilities Accountability and credibility towards your board, volunteers and funders Transparency to ensure continued money pooling Planning to carry out activities وسجل كل حساب أي على الدخل والمصاريف والموجودات / المطلوبات المساءلة والمصداقية تجاه المتطوعين الخاص، ومجلس والممولين الشفافية لضمان استمرار تجميع الأموال التخطيط للقيام بأنشطة 18

Planning best practices:

Planning best practices Overspending is bad. But under-spending is also a problem – if you have over-estimated what you need, you've tied up money which could have been used for other projects Planning – estimating a reasonable budget and negotiating the final amount. Discipline – committing to work within the budget by assessing and reassigning funds as needed. Use zero-based strategic budgeting : start with no dollars in your budget and build a case for the money you intend to spend and Start with your savings (surplus) to minimize risks Minimal income and maximal expenses projections Provide documentation to justify your rationale. Include estimates, assumptions and calculations you used Monitor spending against your budget regularly. Know what you are spending, and if an invoice comes in that you aren't expecting, deal with it immediately . Align your budget and expenses to your social mission and expansion plan Investigate persistent overspends (variances) as soon as you notice them. Try to fix the source of the over-spending before looking for money elsewhere. الاسراف في الانفاق هو سيئ. ولكن في ظل الإنفاق هو أيضا € مشكلة "إذا كان لديك أكثر من التي تقدر ما تحتاج إليه، وكنت قد وظفت الأموال التي كان يمكن استخدامها لمشاريع أخرى € التخطيط "تقدير ميزانية معقولة والتفاوض على النهائي الانضباط € "التزامه بالعمل في حدود الميزانية عن طريق تقييم وإعادة توزيع الأموال حسب الحاجة. استخدام الميزنة الاستراتيجية الصفرية : لا تبدأ دولار في ميزانيتك وبناء قضية للحصول على المال كنت تنوي قضاء و الحد الأدنى من الدخل والنفقات أقصى التوقعات تقديم وثائق لتبرير المنطق الخاص. وتشمل التقديرات والافتراضات والحسابات التي استخدمتها رصد الانفاق من الميزانية بشكل منتظم. تعرف ماذا يجري الإنفاق، وإذا فاتورة يأتي في أنك لا تتوقع، والتعامل معه محاذاة ميزانيتك والنفقات لمهمتكم الاجتماعية وخطة التوسع بالتحقيق المستمرة بمجرد إشعار لهم. محاولة لإصلاح مصدر الإنفاق الزائد قبل يبحث عن المال في مكان آخر. 19

How to build your money management capabilities?:

How to build your money management capabilities? Melt your regulatory and strategic financial system: Add value! Use managerial accounting to make data-driven decisions Audit and financial reports just meet regulatory needs ذوبان النظام المالي التنظيمية والاستراتيجية : إضافة قيمة! استخدام المحاسبة الإدارية في اتخاذ القرارات التي تعتمد على البيانات مراجعة الحسابات والتقارير المالية تلبية احتياجات تنظيمية فقط 20

How to ensure short term financial survival and long term financial health?:

How to ensure short term financial survival and long term financial health? Fact 1: Most social organizations don’t spend enough money on capacity building and systems because these are expensive overhead costs Fact 2: Most social organizations are in a perpetual starvation cycle. Counter-intuitive finding: Social organizations with robust infrastructure — including sturdy information technology and financial systems, skills training, fundraising processes, and other essential overhead — are more likely to succeed than those without KEY COSTING PRACTICES Be aware of the difficulty to estimate fully loaded overhead costs (percentage certainty) Honestly assess the overheads expenses against the short term and long term benefit needed to your stakeholders and social mission (intangible aspects, timing of impact) Allocate overhead by beneficiary outcome based costing linked to your funder goal for the grant حقيقة 1 : معظم المنظمات الاجتماعية لا تنفق ما يكفي من المال لبناء القدرات والنظم لأن هذه التكاليف العامة مكلفة حقيقة 2 : معظم المنظمات الاجتماعية في دائرة الجوع الدائم. الحقائق غير بديهية : المنظمات الاجتماعية مع بنية تحتية متينة -- بما في ذلك تكنولوجيا المعلومات قوي والنظم الماليةوالتدريب على المهارات، وعمليات جمع التبرعات، والنفقات الضرورية الأخرى -- من المرجح أن تنجح من دون تلك الممارسات الرئيسية بتكلفة يكون على بينة من صعوبة تقدير تكاليف النفقات العامة محملة بالكامل بصراحة تقييم النفقات العامة النفقات ضد فائدة قصيرة الأجل وطويلة الأجل اللازمة لأصحاب المصلحة الخاصة بك والمهمة الاجتماعية (الجوانب غير الملموسة، وتوقيت الأثر) تقدير التكاليف على أساس ربط تخصيص النفقات العامة من قبل المستفيد نتيجة لهدف ممول للحصول على منحة 21

Role exercise: social – funder constructive conversation:

Role exercise: social – funder constructive conversation Divide yourself in group of 4 with two people on one side as social organizations and the other two as funders Start conversations about the money and costing challenges you face and the expectations from funders Have this conversation for 15 minutes taking notes of: Perspectives and gaps in expectations Benchmarks/tools used by each part to assess the expectations Reverse the roles for another 15mn Debriefing of the major findings and lessons learned/stories experienced الفجوة نفسك في مجموعة من 4 مع شخصين على جانب واحد عن المنظمات الاجتماعية وغيرها من اثنين الممولين البدء في محادثات حول المال والتحديات تقدير لكم الوجه والتوقعات من الممولين وهذه المحادثة لمدة 15 دقيقة أخذ الملاحظات التالية :ثغرات في التوقعات المعايير / الأدوات المستخدمة من قبل كل جزء لتقييم التوقعات عكس الأدوار لمدة 15 mn استخلاص المعلومات من أهم النتائج والدروس المستفادة / شهدت قصص 22

Thank you for your attention and best of luck! شكرا لاهتمامكم وحظا سعيدا!:

Thank you for your attention and best of luck ! شكرا لاهتمامكم وحظا سعيدا! www.hannibalprep.com Email: hannibalprep@gmail.com

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