What Is Organic Farming and Organic Fertilizers

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What Is Organic Farming and Organic Fertilizers Organic Farming is another method of farming which uses organic fertilizers for farming. It aims to cultivate land and producing the crops in such a manner that the soil is moist and healthy. In this method use of vermicompost manures crop rotation and biofertilizers. Organic farming includes:  Protecting fertility of soils and maintaining the organic levels.  Providing nutrients to crops and keep them healthy.  Offers self-sufficient nutrients.  Controlling pest and diseases that can harm the crops.  Healthy rearing and breeding and ensuring nutrition to animals to get healthy manure.  Protecting the environment as it eliminates the use of environment. Organic farming started in early 1990s and has grown rapidly. Today farmers are encouraged to use the organic farming as mode of farming. This farming helps in getting good yield and hence gives good income return as well. It also reduces the loses that farmers incur due to damage of crops or diseases that the crop gets due to use of chemicals.

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What is Organic Fertilizer Organic fertilizers are derived from animal and vegetable matter and animal and human excreta. Soil that have a lot of organic material remains loose and airy it holds more nutrients and moisture substitutethe growth of soil organisms and help healthier plant root growth. Organic fertilizers are widely used by organic farmers. Since these fertilizers do have any chemicals in them the plants also do get chemicals inside them making them safe to be used. Today organic products are highly in demand. Some of the sources of organic fertilizers are:  Minerals  Sources from animals such as animal manure and residues.  Decomposing residue from crops.  Sewage sludge such as biosolids. Natures Nutrients promotes organic farming and use of organic fertilizers by manufacturing and selling organic fertilizer under their brand name Nutri-Go.

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