Yemeni Sidr Honey – Its Benefits. Why Sidr Tree is Sacred!


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In Yemen, beekeeping has always been a traditional one. No chemicals, drugs, machinery are used. Everything is processed using simple tools, knives, and a little smoke. The harvested unheated and raw honey is then poured into containers which preserve its enzymatic constituents! Yemeni Sidr Honey promotes health and well-being with its characteristic nutritional values. Find the best in the market at For more call us at +447446966178 today. Free Shipping For Orders Over £ 99.


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Yemeni Sidr Honey – Its Benefits. Why Sidr Tree is Sacred Yemeni Sidr honey is the most distinctive honeys in the world. Its cure-all properties can be used to eliminate a wide variety of ailments and diseases Sidr Honey comes from the Sidr Tree. Before knowing the benefits one might need to take a peek at the sacredness of the Sidr Tree. The Story Behind the Sacredness of the Sidr Tree The Sidr tree is known by many names:  Lotte Tree  Christ’s thorn and  Jujube The Sidr tree is an ancient tree. Prophet Adam ate the Jujube fruit when he descended to earth. Also Pharaohs used this tree to build palaces and temples. Now coming to its sacredness – the Sidr tree is mentioned in the holy Quran 4 times They are as follows:  It is mentioned as an Earth tree in Sura Saba and referred as a Paradise tree in other Suras.  Allah mentioned this tree as a symbol of strength beauty and grandeur – Najm 7-18 Waqia 27-33 Saba 15 16  The Sidr tree is a sturdy deep rooted tree. It withstood the floods of Eram at Ma’arib. Saba 15 16

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A tree in the religious texts can’t be a simple one. It must have some excellent reasons as well. Let’s look at them. Medicinal Values of the Sidr Tree Each and every part of the Sidr tree aids to some medicinal values.  Leaves are used as an herbal shampoo treats dandruff lice swollen eyes and obesity  Leaves mixed with warm water: used to clean the body – acts as a disinfectant  The oil from the resin acts as a deodorant  Its wood ash treats snakebites  Its fruits have massive energy values  Seeds are rich in protein and leaves are rich in magnesium calcium and iron Apart from that the root and the bark also have high use in medicinal preparations. With so much about the tree let’s now look at the benefits of Sidr Honey. N.B.: Different honeys differ in taste color and benefits. As per the UN FAO Food and Agricultural Organization Sidr Honey is expensive than others. It is because of its distinctive medicinal and nutritive benefits. Benefits of Sidr Honey Here are some of the distinctive benefits that only Yemeni Sidr honey can aid the best. It is because every drop of sidr honey holds the spark of life. It can aid relief to: 1. Liver problems 2. Stomach ulcers 3. Respiratory infections 4. Diseases resulting from malnutrition

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5. Digestive problems 6. Constipation 7. Eye diseases 8. Infected wounds and burns 9. Surgical wounds incl. caesarian Sidr Honey is also used to: 1. Promote speedy recovery after childbirth 2. Facilitates menstruation 3. Strengthen immune systems 4. Promote general health and vitality It serves as an antioxidant. Thus it helps you look younger and also helps fight arterial diseases and cancer. Sidr Honey’s antibiotic properties are excellent. Thus it helps in faster healing. Apart from the benefits Yemeni Sidr Honey tastes delicious. Also its flavor is richer and better than others. Thanks to the Yemeni soil. It is richer and this influences the taste of honey. Buy pure Sidr honey and start promoting better health. Stay tuned for further updates. Until then Have a Great Day Ahead

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