6 small changes to reduce carbon footprints in 2018

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The presentation explains the importance of nature and how we can prevent it from more pollution.


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6 SMALL CHANGES to reduce your carbon footprints in 2018:

6 SMALL CHANGES to reduce your carbon footprints in 2018 Things you can afford and will find worth implementing for you and your future generation. By: Nature House Green

Now is the time.:

Now is the time. We are now currently noticing global warming which is a result of increased carbon footprints and all the pollution which we are doing on this planet earth. The situation which we are facing now can only be controlled by preventive measures and that too if taken now only. If made collective efforts, only a slight change in our day to day life also creates a very big difference in conserving nature.

1) Driving on Low Emission :

1) Driving on Low Emission This year make a resolution to rely for transportation only on vehicles which are making less pollution or no pollution at all, which is better. Government also encourages for electric fueled cars. If possible use public transportation and avoid vehicles like SUV’s and performance cars doing high pollution. Lets contribute to earth on which we drive.

2) Insulate Your Home:

2) Insulate Your Home The insulation practice will definitely not regret you in any weather, no matter it is cold or hot outside your house will considerable consume less electricity in maintaining the desired temperature. Insulation also helps protect your interior also, you will not have the adverse effect of extreme cold or hot weather outside, and even moisture will not do damage to your paint or wallpapers inside your house.

3) Taking care of Home Appliances:

3) Taking care of Home Appliances We always have a tons of electric appliances running at our home, all we need is to, make sure we switch them off if not needed. There are some appliances, if not serviced properly eats lots of electric juice. Waste of any resource now a days leads to increase in carbon footprints which gradually increase pollution, we thinks it as a little mistake but it creates a chain in which environment gets affected.

4) Adopting Led's & Solar Lights:

4 ) Adopting Led's & Solar Lights There are electric appliances available which are low on electricity consumption and more preferable as from eco friendly perspective. LED’s consume less electricity as compared to traditional CFL and HID, which ultimately lessens the impact on nature. There are outdoor lights available which are equipped with a solar panel and battery which charges throughout the daytime and powers the light at night.

5) Switch to Biodegradable utensils:

5) Switch to Biodegradable utensils We all know plastic is the biggest cause of environment pollution and It causes a great damage due to its property of being non biodegradable, it takes a whole lot of around 1000 years to get decomposed. Marine life gets affected due to the plastic pollution in sea and beaches, people just carelessly through plastic utensils anywhere and it gets collected in the marine waters.


Cont.. We all should understand and avoid such use of plastic, instead use biodegradable cups & biodegradable utensils which can easily get decomposed in the environment and even it is beneficial as it increases the soil fertility. Biodegradable utensils are made from natural resources only like sugarcane Bagasse, which is a left over pulp from sugarcane and it is used in making sugarcane plates , sugarcane bowls and many utensils.

6) Prefer Eco Friendly Hotels:

6) Prefer Eco Friendly Hotels Each and everyone should at least encourage and support who takes initiative to something better in life. You should also do support Restaurants and Hotels which are going green and using means through which they can reduce their carbon footprints. You should visits that places, and also teach people around you to go green because this will eventually going to benigfits our future generation only.

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THANK YOU Be Responsible this year To Preserve Nature For Your Future Generation REDUSE. REUSE. RECYCLE Website: http://www.naturehousegreen.com/ Email ID: customercare@naturehousegreen.com

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